Ben Swayne

Software Developer
Frozen Mountain Software
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I am a software developer and life long techie who lives in Langley, BC. I have a broad range of experience and a passion for technology in business. I often refer to myself as the perfect balance between the geek in IT and the strategist in business management. I enjoy both the thrill of getting a newly developed solution online and the challenge of business development.

I have been programming since grade 6 at about 12 years old. My path from grade 6 to today looked something like this: QBASIC/BASIC->VB5->Win32 ASM->HTML/JavaScript->C/C++->C#. I've always enjoyed computers in general. I also love hardware having dabbled in robotics throughout high school. I have a deep understanding of computer functionality down to the electrical level which I believe makes me a better programmer at the higher levels. I enjoy optimizing network level packets and bandwidth usage. I enjoy working with specialty hardware peripherals like RFIDeas RFID related hardware devices and Delcom Products indicators, switches and other devices. I like working with smaller companies where I can be a significant part of any given project or task I'm involved with.


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Software Developer
Frozen Mountain Software

Mai 2011–Aktuell

My role is to maintain and develop new features for Frozen Mountain's flagship product WebSync. WebSync is an implementation of the Bayeux protocol (aka "Comet") for the Microsoft technology stack (Windows, SQL Server, IIS, I'm currently working on optimizations for high scalability with client counts into the 100,000's. While I was hired for my experience with C#/JavaScript/MS SQL, I have since finished their client implentation in Java (yes I still strongly prefer C# to Java) as well as some contracting with PHP integration (yes I still strongly prefer to PHP).

Since I wrote the first paragraph, I have been a key developer in two large contracting projects we took on at work. Both are web based apps using ExtJS 4.1 with MVC for the client side while working with a Json REST api on the server side. In both projects my strengths show in both data modelling and UI design.

Software Developer
Advanced Nutrients Ltd.

Oktober 2010–Mai 2011

My primary role at Advanced Nutrients was to develop an internal CRM application to replace the expensive subscription service. With the size of their sales team, the cost of the subscription CRM service was beginning to look like a programmers salary and didn't provide many significant benefits other than convenience of access. By developing our own inhouse solution it greatly simplified our ability to write new reports, perform better analysis and integrate with a variety of other systems such as Sage MAS500 accounting software. My solution was based on an application framework from Developer's Express called XAF. XAF inturn was built on a data layer/model called XPO. These technologies allowed rapid development of a full featured CRM application in about 3-6 months (of course there were other daily responsibilities that prevented 100% attention to this project).

Senior Solutions Developer
CipherLab Co., Ltd

März 2007–Mai 2010

Developed custom mobile device and desktop software for CipherLab embedded data collection devices including windows and non-windows mobile devices and barcode scanners. Performed VAR programming support for CipherLab windows SDK. Regularly attended and presented products at both Canadian and American industry tradeshows. This telecommuting position required exceptional team work and communication skills.

Lynx System Integrators Ltd.

Dezember 2008–September 2012

This was my own business start-up during college. I sold barcode and RFID related equipment online and did some ecommerce development projects part-time. I also built an inventory and labour tracking system for industrial equipment manufacturing and servicing.

This job also taught me lots of real world lessons for business management. Having "jumped through all the hoops" to setup my own business I know what it takes to setup and run a company. I believe this real world experience increases my value to any "day job" employer as I have an appreciation for the intricacy of business and how all the pieces must fit together to keep it running. I have experience dealing with all the various government and regulatory agencies, hiring employees and laying off employees, balancing the books and doing reconciliations, dealing with the banks, payment processing, shipping carriers and more. While I may not have made my millions (yet), this experience kept me very well rounded and experienced outside of a strictly technical skill set as a programmer/analyst.

As life progresses (first baby on the way!) I've closed this business and decided to just focus on being the best I can be at my current "day job" which already demands plenty from my passion for business and technical innovation.

IT/Business Administrator
Advance Engineered Products Ltd

2005–März 2007

Developed custom database software with MS Access and to help manage data entry for inventory and time cards using barcode and RFID technology. Managed Windows Server and network of 8 workstations and 3 printers. Also performed daily tasks with SAP ERP system.


Bachelor of Business Administration
Langara College


Graduated with Distinction (GPA > 3.67). Founding participant of the Langara Business Association.

My studies focused on business management, project management, and eCommerce & distribution. For electives I took a combination of computer science courses and philosophy.

The Langara Business Association was formed out of a desire to create a strong and positive reputation for graduates of the business management programs at Langara College. Most "older" universities have such business groups to affiliate with; however Langara is a younger school having only started offering bachelor degree since around 2007 or so. Our intention is to start building a bit of a legacy and to encourage new younger students entering the business programs towards excellence through a variety of social networking events, guest speakers and alumni involvement.

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Open Source

GitHub, Aug 2012

Open-source implementation of Markdown for JavaScript and C#

I fixed up the markdowndeep jQuery editor to have pixel perfect sizing within variable width containers (including percentage widths like 100%). Prior to this contribution each element was sized 100% but also included padding/margins which threw everything off and resulted in a mildly unprofessional appearance. I chose to fix this using the classic "wrapper divs" as it would have the widest browser compatibility and most flexible styling options (instead of CSS3 box sizing which is unsupported by Opera 9 and IE6/7 and doesn't provide as much CSS flexibility for styling).

I also had to modify the jQuery plugin to "discover" any DOM elements if they existed or inject them if they didn't. The jQuery sizzle selectors also required a little work as a result of the slightly deeper DOM hierarchy after adding the wrapper divs.


Tandy TRS-80 model 100 "Micro Executive Workstation"

Visual Studio and Notepad++