Dan Glegg

Senior Software Engineer
Riot Games, Inc.
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Hi! I'm a full-stack polyglot engineer and leader of technology teams. I work with gaming and the web.

I like building products that are meaningful from both a human and a technological perspective - my ideal project is one that pushes technology boundaries while having genuine value to the people who use it.

Leading engineering teams is a great passion of mine. I love driving quality through solid development practices, and empowering teams to ask questions, make great decisions, seek feedback and level-up their craft mastery.

I have a deep and abiding love for the open source community, web standards and open culture in general. Wherever possible, I contribute my work back to the community in the hopes that my ideas can be used, critiqued, and improved.

Outside of engineering I enjoy the weird, curated sociologies of massively multiplayer games, and watching bad movies. Deliberately.

Specialties: Web UI, Scaling engineering teams,

HTML5, Javascript, CSS3 and all things web. Ruby, Python and all things scripting. Java, Scala and all things JVM. MySQL, MongoDB, Redis and all things persistent.


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Senior Software Engineer
Riot Games, Inc.

Oktober 2013–Aktuell

Senior Software Engineer (Contract)
Riot Games Ltd.

April 2013–Oktober 2013

Chief Architect

November 2006–April 2013

Responsible for long-term architectural decisions, and delivery of core products to the Integration team, as well conceiving new features and tools to extend the company's core offerings.

Most recently; added comprehensive CSS3 rendering capabilities to our Flash video player, allowing UI customisations to be cross-deployed between Flash and HTML5 applications. Allowed the Videojuicer Player to run custom javascript applications, allowing customers to integrate any web service of their choosing with the player UI.

Angry amoeba ltd.

Februar 2004–April 2013

Angry amoeba ltd. is the entity through which I manage arrangements with employers who engage me as a contractor, rather than as an employee. It is also the umbrella under which I spent roughly 4 years as a full-time freelancer, working on a broad range of projects from websites and bespoke content management systems all the way to games, platform development and architectural consultancy.



I was a programmer with no professional experience beyond some tiny freelance jobs, thrown into an environment where I was required to create systems to meet the UK government's then-new online democracy initiatives.

We came up with a pretty great system for broadcasting local government meetings to the internet, complete with archival, slideshows and accessible content systems. Looking back, I can see in that system prehistoric versions of all the video technology we now take for granted - where we now have live streaming over 3G, we then had bonded satellite phone connections and portable generators. Where we now have emergent standards for web video, we then had RealPlayer.

Easily the most valuable lesson gained from this position was how to remain somewhat nimble as a development team when dealing with process-heavy outside organisations.

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GitHub, Mai 2012 - Jun 2015; 315 Follower; 19mal geforkt

A query language for Javascript objects, styled on XPath and intended to provide a jQuery-like distinction between declarative selectors and imperative APIs.


GitHub, Aug 2010 - Mai 2012; 44 Follower; 7mal geforkt

Style Actionscript 3 interfaces using CSS3. Supports the full box model as well as many modern features such as box-flex, border radii, and even animated transitions.

Co-creator. I've seen things. Terrible things.

GitHub, Apr 2011 - Sep 2012; 22 Follower

A stab at solving the single-page architecture problem for Javascript+your_server_here applications


GitHub, Mai 2012 - Okt 2012

My continuing work on solving the Project Euler puzzles (http://projecteuler.net)

Bumbling amateur mathematician


A List Apart: Articles: A Dao of Web Design

I find this article most neatly aligns with my own feelings on the join between markup, styling, and user freedom. It's a fantastic read.


BBC Micro

Sublime Text 3. Nice and configurable. And, I use three operating systems. It runs on all of them.