Alexander Galkin

Software Development Engineer
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I have been passionate about programming all my life.

I wrote my first complete program when I was 8 years old. This program was about 25 lines long, written in Focal for Russian computer BK-0010 and its purpose was to perform multiplication of long integers "stepwise", as it was required at school (the default operator in Focal provided me immediately with the result, but I needed all intermediate steps).

I learned OOP at school while playing around with a snowfall algorithms in Turbo Pascal 5.5 (the first to support OOP).

I learned HTML4/CSS, JavaScript and Delphi during long years at my Medical School I graduated from with summa cum lauda: I used the "programmist's" approach to medicine and that helped me a lot in my student's life to get good notes and deep understanding of what is going on in human body.

Having spent about 6 years in neuroscience research I noticed that every year my occupation more and more biases away from natural sciences towards computer sciences: starting from simple single-cell models implemented in Neuron, I went through C and C++ implementation of these models down to my own language for experiment design and microscope steering.

In 2006, having spent 8 years (in total) in neuroscience and having five full articles(i,ii,iii,iv,v) among many other publications in pharmacology and neuroscience I decided to give it up and got enrolled as a first-year student in the School of Engineering Sciences at Hamburg University of Technology.

During my student time I was a Microsoft Student Partner for about 5 years, bearing this title from its introduction in Germany until my graduation. As MSP I have successfully passed through about 35 certification examinations and obtained multiple titles, including MCTS, MCITP, MCPD, MCSA and MCT (publicly available transcript is available here, use ID: 827426, password: microsoft).

Being a master student of Engineering Sciences and Computer Sciences in collaboration with Prof. Gollmann and his PhD student Maryna Krotofil I developed a course on Application Lifecycle Management that I successfully taught for 3 years in a row (till and even after my graduation).

I spent three months in the USA working as a software developer intern at the "core algorithmic group" at Microsoft Bing, San Francisco, CA. I was developing algorithms to extract textual content from complex web pages using data mining.

After my graduation I worked for Eurofins Information Systems for one year where I was a Senior Developer responsible for developing internal software for user rights management using WPF, Apache Active MQ and MS SQL Server.

In July 2013 I ultimately obtained a H1B visa and in November 2013 I moved to Bay Area to work as full-time employee at Microsoft Bing.


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Software Development Engineer

Dezember 2013–Aktuell

I am currently a software developer (SDE) at the Bing User Experience group (former Tools & Metrics Team), working on internal software that allows one to measure the quality of Bing.

Senior .Net Developer

November 2012–Oktober 2013

I was responsible for development of an internal LOB application using WPF and Visual Studio Integrated Shell. We had a complex IT landscape with data sources distributed over multiple countries and data centers and we used Apache ActiveMQ (with .Net wrapper) to sync the data about users.

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Diplom Engineer (eq M.Eng.)
Hamburg University of Technology


As a student of Engineering sciences and Computer sciences I participated in multiple seminars dedicated to software verification, compiler constructions, reverse engineering etc. I was asked by the University to teach several courses for Bachelor students, including my self-developed course on Application Lifecycle Management and an introductory course on C++ programming.

Microsoft Intern
Microsoft Bing, Algorithmics, Whole Page Relevance Group


During my internship at Microsoft Bing I have successfully developed and implemented an algorithm for extraction of textual information from complex web pages using speed visual pre-rendering of them and machine learning algorithms to identify the content and its structure. As a recognition of my efforts during internship I was offered a full-time position upon its completion.

MD Child Medicine
Kazan State Medical University


I have a complete medical education from Russia where I graduated from a medical university with the title "Pediatrician". Besides the practical aspects of medical education I have been the chief computer specialist of the Student Society, responsible for website development and maintenance etc. As a part of my student scientific work I implemented several mathematical models for synaptic transmission using Monte-Carlo and kinetic equation approaches.


Microsoft Certified Trainer


3xMCITP: MS SQL Server 2008 DBA, DBD and BI


MCPD: Enterprise Developer for .Net 4.0


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Open Source

CodePlex, Feb 2012; 2 Follower

A basic App template for sightseeing tour apps. Just fill in some sights into the XML, change resource names and you're ready to publish.

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Scheduler for TechEd conference in Berlin, taken place in Nov 2010

I am the principal developer (along with Eike Kortz)

XKCD Comics Viewer is a simple viewer for the popular comics of by Randall Munroe. The app initially only stores the information about comics to provide you with instant search option, the images are downloaded on-the-fly from the comics webpage. You can store every comic image locally for offline browsing or download all images to your computer. The app provides support for common Windows 8 integration features, so you can easily share the comic content via email or pin it as a tile on your main screen. Besides, you can store the comic image to your image library. The animated live tile of the application shows the latest comic. If you allow the application to run in the background, the tile will be automatically updated with the latest online comic every 60 minutes, unless you don't have an internet connection or are using a metered one. All views (overview, year group view, individual comic view) support snapping mode. You have the full support for navigation while snapped, but must unsnap the app to get the zoomed view on the comic picture. You can zoom out on the overview screen for a better view for single year groups.

I am the principal and only developer of this app.

Revoluzzer is a simulation game (in German) where you can play for a big software company and try to convince people use your software.

I was the major developer of the app, teamed up with Tamay Gündüz.

Tourist application features sightseeing places in Leipzig, Germany, with short information to every sightseeing location.

I was the principal and only developer.

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From neuron to brain. Translated from English / Ot neyrona k mozgu. Perevod s angliyskogo

I was one of the main translators of this legendary book into Russian language.

Artikel & Blogs

Managed meets functional | Why C++ is not good as the first programming language

Why C++ should probably not be the very first language taught in college.

Benchmarking the Performance of Embedded DB for .NET: SQL CE 4.0 vs SQLite - CodeProject®

CodeProject® - Your Development Resource

Provides a sample code for a simple test bench application and compares the performance of two most common embedded databases for .NET: Microsoft SQL CE 4.0 and SQLite

Inferring Alias Contracts in VCC using Separation Analysis.

This is my bachelor thesis (Studienarbeit) submitted in May 2011 at the Hamburg University of Technology where I implement an extension for Vcc (verified C compiler) to detect memory aliases in C++ code.


Real World Functional Programming: With Examples in F# and C#

Real World Functional Programming

With Examples in F# and C#

Tomas Petricek, Jon Skeet

Cracking the Coding Interview, Fourth Edition: 150 Programming Interview Questions and Solutions

Cracking the Coding Interview, Fourth Edition

150 Programming Interview Questions and Solutions

Gayle Laakmann


BK-0010, ZX-Spectrum