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Doug Daniels

Senior Software Engineer at Zynga
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As a game developer my interests lie in developing real-time, scalable server technology using Java. In the past I've worked with 3D client technology, tool development for games, military simulations and military network monitoring/management tools.

Recently I've been working on building scalable Java server technology as well as Flash/Flex/Actionscript client network technology at Webwars. I was an integral part in releasing Weblings, a casual multiplayer collection based browser game. Additionally, we have released the beta of Weblords, a PVP territory conquest game.



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Senior Software Engineer | Zynga

November 2010 – September 2012

  • Developed tools and technology to support designers making facebook games
  • Developed and supported massively scalable server technology to support millions of daily active users

Lead Software Engineer | Electric Bat Interactive

September 2008 – October 2010

Lead Software Engineer at Electric Bat responsible for developing core server technologies used in browser based massively multiplayer online games. Managed team of engineers responsible for developing core server technology.

  • Launched Weblords a realtime multiplayer game based on conquering websites (
  • Launched Weblings a casual collection based multiplayer game (
  • Principal architect of Java webplatform and gameplatform technology from initial concept to full implementation and production operation
  • Participated in all aspects of development from software architecture and team culture to automated build/release process using maven and operations support of production servers
  • Developed JSON based server-push (COMET) messaging system used in Flash, iPhone, Javascript clients
  • Developed strongly typed Actionscript code generation to serialize Java objects between the Java server and Flash clients using JSON (with the capability to support other protocol formats like binary AMF)
  • Developed scalable persistence layer using Hibernate and automatic versioning and optimistic concurrency to provide scalability in a highly concurrent transaction environment.
  • Created web admin tools using Google Web Toolkit (GWT) that leveraged existing Java object model to implement a web based client to support developer stress testing and customer service needs.
  • Built and maintained Maven build system to make development and deployment of game client/server technology easy to maintain and run

Software Engineer | NCSoft

October 2007 – September 2008

Software Engineer and key contributor to multiple game development projects including a Java based MMO and a browser-based Civilization strategy game at NCsoft a leading MMO game developer.

  • Worked on an unannounced MMO project using Java jMonkeyEngine client technology connecting to a refactored Guild Wars server
  • Developed a turn-based civilization game, including client side applet and server side java technology
  • Contributed to client side multithreaded 3D Java engine using the jMonkeyEngine (
  • Developed Java applet technology to communicate with JSON and XML web services as well as hook into AJAX web pages to send and receive data.
  • Defined an XML Schema for a binary network messaging protocol to communicate between cross-language client and servers (similiar to Apache Thrift or Google protocol buffers)
  • Developed functionality for a world builder tool that allowed designers to create terrain based zones with 3D props and global illumination
  • Integrated path finding system from the existing Guild Wars server code into the client for use in client side path prediction.
  • Refactored the server code base to support new client technology, network messaging and a new combat system

Software Engineer | General Dynamics C4S

January 2004 – October 2007

Software Engineer on multiple internal research projects used to win future government contracts as well as key developer on Naval network monitoring/management web based application.

  • Developed an updated network management system for the Navy's ship to shore network operation centers using JBoss application server, PHP, and AJAX technologies
  • Developed a prototype 3D visualization tool that captured a network simulation of a CAS (Close Air Support) Air Force mission over a HLA (High Level Architecture) simulation interface
  • Developed a uniform reusable inheritance based build process, using Apache ANT, for use on multiple projects allowing easy creation and integration of new projects
  • Ported a Unix and Java based battlefield network monitoring and planning application to Windows. Experience using CORBA, MySQL database, JMTK Mapping toolkit
  • Developed prototype map based network management software using CJMTK and ArcGIS products

Software Engineer | Bay Computer Associates

June 2003 – August 2003

Software Engineer Intern at Bay Computer Associates where I worked on embedded device development building a TCP/IP stack and HTTP web server for an embedded device, as well as working on web based ASP.NET applications.

  • Developed a TCP/IP Protocol stack for use in embedded micro-controller devices, utilizing Open Source software.
  • Developed an Outlook Mail Scrubber application in C# that allows customized filtering of contact lists that are then exported to Excel for use in mailing lists
  • Developed BAIT (Bug and Information Tracking) application to track Bugs, and feature requests, for software projects. Used SQL Server, stored procedures and ADO.NET to communicate with an ASP.NET presentation tier
  • Created technical documentation, diagrams, and presentations for fellow engineers

Software Developer | Integrated Design Partners

January 2002 – May 2002

  • Created .NET workshop that covered, .NET, C#/VB.NET, XML, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, XML Web Services, Object Oriented Programming and Design
  • Developed VB/ASP to manage and display documents over the internet
  • Wrote VB tools to help refactor existing SQL stored procedures and schema to a new standard

Web Contractor | Syntheon LLC

February 2001 – August 2001

  • Constructed Syntheon LLC website (
  • Designed and implemented a web presence for the bio-medical device company using Javascript and DHTML
  • Constructed an easy to use navigation system based on multiple design iterations
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B.S. | University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

2002 – 2006

  • Summa Cum Laude (GPA 3.93)
  • Created and ran the UMD Game Development Club
  • Ran the Linux User Group at UMD

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