David Conde Marin

Lead Developer at Intechnica, and Senior .NET Developer at Intechnica
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I'm a passionate developer, failed photographer and a very self driven and curious person. My main interests are about software development at every stage of the process, although I enjoy anything that requires thinking and a brain in general.

I've worked on the Natural Language Processing field, which is my other investigation branch and how to integrate such techniques in today's systems.

I currently split my time into several things:

  • Working (a lot!) on MVC projects
  • Leading a small dev team at my work place
  • Working also on personal iPhone/iPad projects
  • Working also on my Lucene2Objects project

Although I work alike with PHP or C# / MVC, in the last 4 years, I've been mostly focused on .NET and iOS and my PHP skills have gotten a bit rusty.


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Lead Developer

July 2013 – Current

As a Lead Developer in Intechnica I have many responsibilities, ranging from the development side of projects to the architectural side and also taking care of possible issues that may occur along the process. Some of these are:

  • Management of junior developers and assigning tasks to each and peer reviewing after
  • Creating technical architecture documents for projects
  • Calculating development estimates for projects
  • Providing according feedback to line managers about specifications

Senior .NET Developer

July 2012 – Current

Working as a part of an awesome team, I joined the folks at Intechnica on helping to make some really awesome apps. Mostly my responsibilities range from writing .NET applications, working with the Umbraco CMS for .NET or writing iOS applications to interact with our API's. On January I joined on site to the team and have been working closely on several projects.

My responsibilities range from being the senior developer on the project or working as part of a development team interacting with other developers and with various different roles. Up to this date, I've worked on several projects ranging from the company's own website, to maintaining applications previously built and working as part of team when starting new apps.

iOS Developer
Compsoft Plc

2008 – 2012

As a developer in Compsoft I get several responsabilities all of them involving actual development on iPhone apps for several customers. We are currently using an Agile team with a lot of highly motivated and energic folks.

I learned many things involving team work, remote working and especially how to maintain the level of attention to detail expected on any iOS app. For project handling we used Pivotal Tracker and had a very agile process for managing projects.

Software Engineering professor
Universidad de Matanzas

2008 – 2012

I've been researching on applying object oriented technologies to web development, specially using C# and MVC 3 as development language, altough I also teach PHP to allow students to have several choices for tackling projects.

Also, I have been working on NLP projects, most recently on extending the NCrawler project to index intranet data in the university campus.

.NET / PHP Developer

2003 – 2011

Working as a freelance developer, I've had to play my role from UI designer, to slicing photoshop deesigns.

In the last few years, I've come to grow as a developer and now I only code the fun part which is the whole business layer of the applications I undertake. As a part of my work, I've had to create tools to make my work faster and more effective by making code generators and designing my own hierarchies for business layers.

Also, when time allows, I like sharing my experiments with other developers with my blog and in some cases people seem to find what I write helpful.

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Degree on Information Science
University of Matanzas

2007 – 2011

I had to move from Computer Science to my hometown's university and started studying Information Sciences (very similar to Software Engineering) and started integrating the Natural Language Processing group.

Currently I'm on my last year (5th year) and I've been teaching to several other years Sotfware Engineering, Data Structures, Web Development and Advanced Web Applications Programming courses. I was accepted as a professor due to my experience as a freelance developer and my research on Design Patterns to teach as a regular professor without even having a degree.

B.S Computer Science (Dropoff)
University of Havanna

2004 – 2007

I got my career by classifying into the national programming contest and started as part of the Artificial Intelligence research group. I was among the "7 pick" which is a small group of students that don't have to make the final programming test due to their performance on the whole course.

I did some heavy programming on computer graphics at that time and learned some OpenGL and DirectX using C++ and some time later using XNA with C#. Also, I had to dig into IIS entrails to work on a project to implement MVC on ASP .NET early days ( Framework 1.1 )

Bachelor in Sciences
IPVCE Carls Marx (Preuniversitary Institute of Exact Sciences)

2000 – 2003

Got the 16th positionof my province out of 107 positions for 3000 applications for this school which is the most advanced science school in Cuba.

Classfied as part of the national Programming Contest Team. I started doing programming at this part of my life having only 15 years old and eager to learn everything I could. I learned about algorithms using Pascal (Turbo Pascal 7) I started learning about data structures like Queues, Stacks, Lists, Trees and Graphs. Learned some pretty neat algorithms like QuickSort.

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Bitbucket, Jun 2012 - May 2013; followed by 3 people

Main repository for the Lucene2Objects project. Lucene2Objects is a simple interface into Lucene for those developers wanting to incorporate search annotations into the domain model.

I'm currently the sole developer working on Lucene2Objects and have made all the contributions. Lucene2Objects is being used on a couple of real projects made by me and I continue to update it to the mainstream whenever time abides.

Hopefully it may turn to be useful to other with time.

Bitbucket, Mar 2012

A collection of scaffolders for the SharpLite project

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Using Propel with CodeIgniter

My Personal Blog

Step by step explanation on how to properly integrate the know framework CodeIgniter with one of the best ORM tools for PHP: Propel

Using Sharp Lite with Fluent nHibernate

David's blog

Blog post explaining how to setup a S#arp Lite project using Fluent nHibernate

Automatically building FluentNHibernate mappings

David's blog

Quick intro to writing scaffolders to generate database mappings on nhibernate projects using MvcScaffold.

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Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications (paperback)

This was a highly influential book in my development as a programmer. Grady Booch makes a detailed introduction on the concepts of Object Oriented Programming and it's a required read for anyone interested in working on OO environments.

Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software

Design Patterns

Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software

Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson, John M. Vlissides

After a few years working with OO technologies, this book was indeed a life changing book, because I learned of how to integrate my applications with widely tested and accepted solutions.

Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture

The complement book for design patterns, what you may learn with Erich Gamma and the ramaining GoF, you'll polish it with Martin Fowler and the PoEAA

Joomla! 1.5 Development Cookbook

A really nice book for creating Joomla extensions, a straight forward book, one example after the other and many references... Quite the best of the field.

Head First Design Patterns

Head First Design Patterns

Elisabeth Freeman, Eric Freeman, Bert Bates, Kathy Sierra

The head first design patterns book is another nice introduction to the patterns world, another nice complement to the GoF book.


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