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I am a web developer located in Houston, TX looking for a challenging position as a Software Engineer.

I graduated in 2002 from Texas A&M with a Masters of Computer Science. I have been working as a software developer ever since working on projects ranging from Windows clients, EDI and Data Exchange Backend Systems to web applications.

My first computer was the IBM PC Junior and I have been actively programming and working with computers ever since.

I work with Java, PHP and Rails on daily basis. In my current day job I work with Java, PHP, JQuery and MySQL. I have worked on several side projects in Ruby on Rails, including Carzula.


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Software Developer
BDP International

August 2008 – Current

Data Integrations with Customer Systems

EDI, XML, Web Services - We use Java for these programs. I help in the planning, data mapping, developing, testing and maintenance of these applications.

Developed Support Site for Main Application

I developed an internal support website to help manage and monitor our primary internal application.

The site helps monitor Data Integrations, Servers, and internal applications critical to the company. It also allows the support staff and managers to do maintenance and run custom reports.

This site used PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML and JQuery.

Application Developer
Lonestar Turnkey Systems

March 2003 – August 2008

Lead Developer on SQL Server Integration (WinDebt XL)

  • Responsible for creating data access layer to allow WinDebt XL to use either VFP database or SQL Server Database.
  • Designed abstraction layer so that a single code base could be used on either database and hide differences in database within that layer.
  • Gained knowledge in SQL Server, API design and documentation.

Project Manager/Lead Developer (FastLicense)

  • Created web-based application, implemented using PHP and MySQL, to automate and manage the State License Applications that Collection Agencies must fill
  • Tracked documents needing to be filed, when to file, follow ups, State information
  • Automatically fill in PDF Forms.
  • Gained valuable experience in project and requirement management, OOP and database design

Project Manager/Lead Developer (WinDebt)

  • Coordinated development for WinDebt
  • Trained and managed two other developers.
  • Responsible for integration of the StrataSoft VC2 Dialer into WinDebt
  • Implemented a Java-based SOAP client to exchange information with other system. Development Team Member (Web Prototype)
  • Helped design and implement a web-based collection system with PHP and MySQL.
  • Gained experience in database design and OOP, as well as, web development.


Masters of Computer Science
Texas A&M University

2001 – 2002

B.S. Computer Science
Texas A&M University

1997 – 2001

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GitHub, Jul 2008

Starling Message Queue - please contribute if you want commit access

GitHub, Jun 2009 - Dec 2010; followed by 11 people; forked 3 times

erubis rails helper to make erubis work with rails 2.3

GitHub, Jul 2010 - Sep 2010

ruby wrapper for the GroopBuy API (use DailyDealr instead)

GitHub, Aug 2010

TODO: one-line summary of your gem

GitHub, Sep 2010

example rails application using the groopbuyr gem




Projects and links


Carzula - local used car search engine

  • built the ruby on rails front end for Carzula.
  • The Rails application communicates with MySQL and SOLR backend to retrieve the listing results.
  • used JQuery
  • developed a specialized web crawler for extracting used car listings from several websites.
  • The crawler extracted key information from the listings and built a feed file for our SOLR instances to consume.
  • Configured linux web server for deployment of the Rails Front End and Crawler.
  • Created mobile version at m.carzula.com as well.


  • built with Rails, MySQL, JQuery
  • This site allowed organizations to create sign up forms and sale tickets to events.
  • It was setup on a monthly recurring fee instead of per event basis. This was to focus on organizations, like churches, that have lots of smaller events that typically are free or low cost that want online registration but without the typical cost.


  • built with Rails before 1.0 release
  • integrates with Amazon Web Services
  • site is still available but not actively developed on

Open Souce

Erubis Rails Helper

link to source: http://github.com/elkinsware/erubisrailshelper

This is a fix for Erubis integration with Rails 2.3. It is a drop in replacement for the rails helper in the Erubis gem.

The code makes a few tweaks to the Erubis 2.6.4 Rails Helper along with the Generator class. The main issue with getting Erubis and Rails 2.3 to work together is to replace "buf" with "@outputbuffer" in the generator code. Rails 2.3 relies on for "@outputbuffer" to be used in the generated code to make helpers like capturehelper.rb work properly.

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