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Daniel Rigby

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Currently Team Lead at Infusion Development.

My Core Beliefs as a Professional Software Developer:

  • Good software development is both an art and science and requires both aesthetics and analysis.

  • Doing the first thing that works isn't enough. It is important to try and find the best possible solution to every problem given the tools, constraints, and context of the issue at hand.

  • A craftsman is only as good as his tools. A developer should maintain an awareness of products which can make them and their team more efficient, agile, and accurate.

  • Being a good developer requires constant learning and practice. Allowing your knowledge to stagnate and lose relevance does not create value for you or your project.

  • People are more important than paper. Taking the time to personally talk to and understand the needs of your clients, customers, and partners is the only sure way to deliver a successful product.

Why I'm Different:

  • I care. I care about what I do professionally and I care about doing it to the best of my ability. I also care about working with people who feel the same way.

  • Software Development isn't just a job to me. It's a career, it's a hobby, and it's a passion.

  • My communication skills don't begin and end at the keyboard. You won't be scared to put me in front of a customer or client to explain to them why our product is amazing and how it works.

  • I'm a team player. I enjoy working with other professionals to solve complex problems.

  • I think readability and maintainability go hand in hand. Despite how clever a chunk of code may be, if no one can understand it, it's not good code.

  • I believe in mentoring and knowledge sharing. While it may be great for job security to be the only person who knows how to do something, the more skills and information team members have, the more efficient and dynamic a team becomes.


Experience (20) show all

Team Lead, Infusion Development

November 2009 - Current

Responsible for a wide range of work across many consulting engagements and with many different technologies.

Specific responsibilities included but not limited to:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Design documentation
  • Work scoping
  • Task assignment
  • Issue tracking & management
  • Code review
  • Mentoring
  • Training
  • Technical interviewing
  • Performance reviews
  • Performance profiling
  • Defect identification and resolution
  • Software refactoring
  • Development of best practices
  • Recruiting events
  • Team management

Senior Consultant, Infusion - Schlumberger

December 2013 - Current

Senior Consultant, Infusion - Pearson

April 2013 - December 2013

Application Architect, Infusion - Internal

April 2013 - April 2013

Application Architect, Infusion - General Electric

March 2013 - March 2013

Application Architect, Infusion - 9/11 Memorial

February 2013 - April 2013

Team Lead, Infusion - St. Clement's School & Microsoft

February 2013 - April 2013

Senior Consultant, Infusion - FGL Sports

September 2012 - January 2013

Team Lead, Infusion - Johnson & Johnson

August 2012 - September 2012

Team Lead, Infusion - Becton Dickinson

July 2012 - August 2012

Team Lead, Infusion - Microsoft

June 2012 - August 2012

Senior Consultant, Infusion - Travelport

August 2011 - June 2012

While on this project I was personally responsible for the following:

  • Defect remediation and resolution across all areas of the application (2 million+ lines of code).

  • Performance tuning and performance regression analysis. Included service call optimization, XAML optimization, and C# code optimization leveraging Snoop, the WPF Performance Suite, JetBrains DotTrace, and RedGate ANTS.

  • Memory leak identification and resolution using SciTech .Net Memory Profiler.

  • Code architecture refactoring including large scale re-implementation of the MVVM pattern in the existing code base.

  • Limited new feature development work.

Senior Consultant / Infusion Team Lead, Infusion - Redknee

February 2011 - August 2011

While on this project I was personally responsible for the following:

  • Development of new Silverlight controls including account and subscription creation wizards, system wide record search, billing package reconfiguration, and account hierarchy display & navigation.

  • Configuration of entities, solution packaging, and customizations deployment for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

  • Developing validation & custom business logic enforcement in JavaScript for CRM forms.

  • Creating custom ASP.NET web services, web forms, and SQL server stored procedures.

  • Development of custom MS CRM 2011 plug-ins in C# offering business logic enforcement and legacy systems integration.

Senior Consultant / Technical Writer, Infusion - Microsoft

January 2011 - February 2011

While on this project I was personally responsible for the following:

  • Wrote technical migration guides instructing end users on how to port their systems and applications from several legacy mapping technologies over to the new Bing maps APIs.

  • Created code samples in several common programming languages (Java, PHP, Javascript, C#, VB) in order to demonstrate specific usage scenarios and features.

  • Edited and enhanced guides created by other resources.

Senior Consultant / Development Team Lead, Infusion - Gore Mutual Insurance Company

August 2010 - December 2010

While on this project I was personally responsible for the following:

  • Assisted in the creation of a functional requirements document detailing a MS CRM 4.0 solution that met client needs.

  • Trained client resources on the design, customization, and deployment of MS CRM 4.0 solutions.

  • Managed defect triaging and work item assignment for a team of four developers.

  • Configured a continuous integration solution to monitor build quality.

  • Built and deployed custom Silverlight controls to facilitate better user interaction, enforce special business requirements, and speed data entry in the MS CRM 4.0 system.

Senior Consultant, Infusion - Keefe, Bruyette, & Woods

November 2009 - August 2010

While on this project I was personally responsible for the following:

  • Migrated the version control system from SourceSafe to Subversion while preserving change history.

  • Provided bug fixes and enhancements to in-house software solutions, including 140+ internally developed web and client based applications.

  • Developed a new WinForms application to replace several legacy applications.

  • Updated and maintained the configuration for the Cruise Control.NET build server.

  • Performed schema modifications, package creation, and writing ADO.NET data access code against Oracle 10g database systems as part of application development.

  • Assisted in the development and maintenance a WinForms based Value at Risk (VaR) calculation tool.

Software Developer, MDI Healthcare Solutions

March 2009 - November 2009

  • Worked as part of a team to develop a new software system to process and audit healthcare claims.

  • System was comprised of a SQL Server backend, Linq2Sql data access layer, a services host which exposed services through WCF, a distributed task engine client which handled automated claim processing tasks, and a windows forms based client for human interaction with the system.

  • Development areas covered (but not limited to):

    • Claim data display and editing.
    • Generation of paper claims based on electronic claim data.
    • Automatic matching of claim data to known member and provider data using a configurable, weighted algorithm.
    • Claim routing through the various task engine processing modules (claim workflow).
    • UI screens for matching claim data when automatic matching could not be performed.
    • Optimization of data access layer components via refactoring Linq queries, specifying load options, utilizing Compiled Queries, and using Stored Procedures when performance required it.
  • Participated in the drafting of software development processes and guidelines for the company which included defect tracking, work item workflow, Quality Assurance tasks, and coding standards.

  • Triaged defects and assigned them to developers with pertinent knowledge of the affected system area.

  • Profiled and optimized code and data access components of the system using the ANTS Profiler and the SQL Server Profiler. Used the profiler results to optimize inefficient code paths and queries in the system.

Software Engineer,, Inc.

November 2007 - March 2009

  • Maintained and enhanced Beeline’s in-house web control and data access framework written in C# which included entity code generation, 2 way data bound controls, string translation, permission control, configurable workflow, and data persistence using a SQL Server 2005 backend.

  • Provided product support, and training on the capabilities and proper use of Beeline’s web control and data access framework to multiple product teams including framework integration into existing products.

  • Maintained and enhanced Beeline’s flagship ASP.NET/C# product, Contingent Workforce Solutions. Product contained approximately 3 million lines of code. Enhancements covered multiple system areas including request creation, request workflow, user validation, security, and dynamic code compilation.

  • Developed a BizTalk 2006 application to provide email integration capabilities to Beeline’s products.

  • Maintained and enhanced a security module for Beeline's CWS product which enabled a large client to determine whether or not a contractor should be granted physical entry to a client's secured site based on a rules engine which analyzed a person's employment status, previous employment history with the client, current day of the year, the contract duration, and several other client specific requirements.

  • Installed and administrated a Subversion source code repository for other team members including training on Subversion usage and best practices (repository layout, branching, merging). This included the use of pre-commit hooks to prevent commits without comments and the integration of work item reference numbers into the commit messages to enable tracking in our project management software.

  • Initiated, and implemented continuous integration projects for each of Beeline’s major applications in order to improve the quality of the builds and responsiveness of the developer team to potential build defects. This includes the use of Hudson and Cruise Control continuous integration technologies and the inclusion of source code analysis tools (FxCop) and build warning tracking as part of the CI builds.

Software Engineer Intern,, Inc.

August 2007 - November 2007

  • Worked as part of a team of interns on the development of a custom ASP.NET application with a configurable rules engine to perform configuration validation on deployments of Beeline’s larger ASP.NET software products.

  • Lead the development of a team of interns in the creation of a win forms application that performed automated code checkout from Visual Source Safe, code compilation using MSBuild, and restoration of a SQL server backup to a configurable destination server using SQL Server Management Objects.

Support Technician, University of North Florida

August 2003 - July 2007

  • Provided technical assistance and support to University staff, faculty, and students in the form of software & hardware troubleshooting, pc repair, virus/spyware removal, system upgrades, and system maintenance.
  • Assisted in audio-visual & computer equipment configuration and installation.
  • Leveraged an issue tracking system to record information about incidents, track progress, and store resolution information.
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B.S. Computer & Information Sciences, University of North Florida

2002 - 2007

  • Awarded “Academic Excellence in Information Technology” for highest graduating GPA in a particular major.

Certifications (14) show all

Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer

2014 - 2015

MCSD: Windows Store Apps

2014 - 2016

MCPD: Windows Developer 4

MCPD: Web Developer 4

MCPD: Enterprise Application Developer 3.5

MCTS: .NET Framework 4, Windows Applications

MCTS: .NET Framework 4, Web Applications

MCTS: .NET Framework 4, Service Communication Applications

MCTS: .NET Framework 4, Data Access

MCTS: .NET Framework 3.5, Windows Presentation Foundation Applications

MCTS: .NET Framework 3.5, Windows Forms Applications

MCTS: .NET Framework 3.5, ASP.NET Applications

MCTS: .NET Framework 3.5, ADO.NET Applications

MCTS: .NET Framework 3.5, WCF Applications

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GitHub, Aug 2014 - Jan 2015

GitExtensions is a shell extension, a Visual Studio 2008 plugin and a standalone Git repository tool.

Occasional contributor. Small bug fixes and enhancements.


GitHub, Jan 2013 - Mar 2014

A Git/TFS bridge, similar to git-svn

Occasional contributor. Bug fixes, documentation enhancements.


GitHub, Mar 2014 - Aug 2014

Jekyll inspired static site generation for .NET

Contributor. Bug fixes.


GitHub, Jan 2012 - Jun 2012; followed by 2 people

A chat application built with ASP.NET and SignalR

Contributor. Added invite feature. Additional small bug fixes and contributions.


GitHub, Apr 2012

XNA Implementation for Mono based platforms

Contributor. Added Visual Studio 11 project templates.


GitHub, May 2012; followed by 16 people

JabIrc is a JabbR / IRC bot that acts as a bridge between JabbR and IRC channels.

Project creator & maintainer.

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Apps & Software

Digital Health Scorecard app for Windows in the Windows Store

Learn more about Digital Health Scorecard by Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc. and download it from the Windows Store

Team Lead, primary developer.

Writing (10) show all

Supported PCL Profiles in Xamarin for Visual Studio 2.0

Xamarin is continuing their rapid development pace and has released several updates to their Xamarin for Visual Studio tools since my last post on PCL Profiles & Xamarin. Here are all of the currently supported PCL profiles in the 2.0+ release.

Notes on Using Various PCL Profiles with Xamarin

Below are some notes that I took today while researching various PCL profiles and their compatibility for use with Xamarin in Visual Studio. It's by no means complete, and the known limitations for Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS still apply.

Enabling NuGet Support in Xamarin Studio

Yesterday we looked how to configure Xamarin Studio to feel a bit more familiar to those of us coming from Visual Studio. Today we're going to take a look at how to install the NuGet package manager in Xamarin Studio.

Xamarin Studio Settings for Visual Studio Developers

If you are like me, a Visual Studio developer just getting started with Xamarin Studio, this new environment can seem a bit alien. Here's a couple of quick settings you can change to make yourself feel much more at home in the Xamarin IDE.

INotifyPropertyChanged, The .NET 4.5 Way – Revisited

I have stumbled across yet another interesting implementation of INotifyPropertyChanged. This implementation comes to us via the C# / XAML Windows 8 Metro application project templates in the Visual Studio 11 beta.

INotifyPropertyChanged, The .NET 4.5 Way

Previously I discussed a novel new way of implementing INotifyPropertyChanged.

Included in the .NET 4.5 Beta comes a handy new feature, the CallerMemberName attribute.

With this new functionality we can code things like logging & tracing routines and INotifyPropertyChanged implementations without having to use string literals, slow reflection code, complex expression tree logic, or code weaving.

INotifyPropertyChanged, the Anders Hejlsberg Way

We’re all pretty used to the standard boilerplate implementation of INotifyPropertyChanged, but it turns out there's a way to implement it that results in less redundant code in your properties.

Automatically Cancelling a Failed Build in Visual Studio

Stumbled across this little tip on how to automatically cancel a build in progress after getting an error. You normally have to wait for visual studio to try to finish building all of the remaining projects before getting a chance to fix an the issue and this can take a few minutes if you have a lot of projects in your solution.

WPF Tools

A good list of all the WPF tools that I know about and use on a periodic basis.

Quick and Easy Google (or Bing) Web Search in Visual Studio

Here is a quick and easy way to add a Search Google (or Bing) link to the context menu in Visual Studio.

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The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master

The Pragmatic Programmer

From Journeyman to Master

Andrew Hunt, David Thomas

Code Complete: A Practical Handbook of Software Construction

Code Complete

A Practical Handbook of Software Construction

Steve McConnell

Managing Humans: Biting and Humorous Tales of a Software Engineering Manager

Managing Humans

Biting and Humorous Tales of a Software Engineering Manager

Michael Lopp

Being Geek: The Software Developer's Career Handbook

Being Geek

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Michael Lopp

The Art of Unit Testing: With Examples in .Net

The Art of Unit Testing

With Examples in .Net

Roy Osherove

Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, 2nd Edition

Don't Make Me Think

A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, 2nd Edition

Steve Krug

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Commodore 64

Visual Studio 2013 + Xamarin + ReSharper



I have lived and worked in:

  • Orlando, Florida, United States
  • Jacksonville, Florida, United States
  • New York, New York, United States
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada