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on Dec 7, 2013

Daniel Imms

Seattle, WA, United States

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Currently Software Development Engineer at Amazon.

Computers have been a very large part of my life since I was around 5 years old. I quickly mastered the DOS commands on the family IBM 286 to navigate folder structures, and install and run games like Commander Keen and Prince of Persia.

I enjoyed gaming so much, at 10 years of age I investigated how I would go about creating them. So I hit the internet and came across game development tools like RPG Maker and GameMaker. Eventually I started to feel confined by the limits that these tools imposed on me and wanted more control, this naturally led me to more sophisticated platforms like VB, Java, C, C++ and later C#. When I entered high school, any classes on computer programming seemed trivial to me and I'd always score top with very little effort.

Since then my career focus has largely been towards .NET and web development. At home I actively practice Java and Android development and try to keep up to date with anything HTML, CSS and JavaScript related.

It's my philosophy that a software engineer can never know enough about languages that are not their primary language, it just widens your thinking. One of the things I'm most appreciative from my university career was how harsh the courses seemed to be when introducing new languages, this taught me the ability to pick them up very quickly.

Since 2012 I have been posting on my blog (Growing with the Web) on a weekly basis, recently I've also become active on Stack Overflow. I use these as platforms to continue learning and revising my existing knowledge on all things software development. Growing with the Web is primarily focused on web development, software engineering and computer science topics.


Experience show all

Software Development Engineer, Amazon

September 2013 - Current

Senior ASP.NET Developer, ACT Government

December 2012 - September 2013

  • Enhanced an application used to collect and report on year 11-12 students' school performance.
  • Enhanced an application used to create and manage development applications.
  • Gave technical presentations to other developers on CSS, SASS and ASP.NET MVC.

.NET Software Developer, F1 Solutions

June 2010 - December 2012

  • Worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from single person to a team of 5 developers in size.
  • Worked on a large range of technologies.
  • Proposed, designed and implemented a responsive solution for the ATSB’s website.
  • Wrote the companies’ C# coding standards.
  • Developed F1 Solution's new website.
  • Gave technical presentations to other developers on HTML5, CSS3, SASS, meeting WCAG, responsive web design, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript, jQuery, Coded UI Tests and other various topics.
  • Investigated and set up an automated regression testing suite for F1's largest product.
  • Conducted prospective employee technical interviews on .NET and web development.
  • Setup and ran several code reviews.
  • Was involved in several sales pitch presentations.

Software Engineer, CEA Technologies Pty Limited

December 2009 - February 2010

  • Developed several projects written in C++ using the Qt SDK.
  • Developed a radar simulator for testing purposes.
  • Developed a program that updated XML files with old schemas to new versions of the schemas.
  • Extended the application that was written during my ANU project.

Web Developer, Canberra Institute of Technology

June 2007 - June 2007

  • Extended the application that was written during my CIT project.

Education show all

Bachelor of Information Technology, The Australian National University

2007 - 2011

  • Received a HD for the year long software engineering project which was a configuration management tool written in python and C++.
  • Worked at CEA Technologies for 3 months while uni was on break.

Diploma of Information Technology, Canberra Institute of Technology

2005 - 2007

  • Earned a scholarship going into my final semester at CIT for consistently high performance.
  • Was offered paid work after achieving a HD in the 6 month long software project.

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GitHub, Mar 2013 - Jul 2013; followed by 2 people; forked 2 times

A JavaScript library that enables a table's header to scroll with the page.



GitHub, Oct 2012 - Apr 2013

A demonstration of the A* pathfinding algorithm that I made it for my blog.



GitHub, Sep 2012 - Apr 2013



GitHub, May 2013

Some JavaScript that transforms a piece of text at a breakpoint while also maintaining a screen reader version.


Apps & Software

Korean Vocab Widget

This is a widget that will show a word from the Korean language with the appropriate English translation.


Writing (6) show all

Growing with the Web

My blog on software development and the web.

Algorithm: Quicksort

Growing with the Web

An explanation of quicksort with an implementation in Java.

Data structure: Binary heap

Growing with the Web

An explanation of the binary heap data structure with an implementation in Java.

Data structure: Red-black tree

Growing with the Web

An explanation of the red-black tree data structure with an implementation in Java.

Start using System.Threadng.Tasks.Parallel now!

Growing with the Web

Talking about some really easy to use features in the new Tasks library to enable concurrency in .NET.

Triangles in CSS

Growing with the Web

A detailed tutorial on how to create triangles in CSS and how they work.

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286 PC

Visual Studio