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Daniele Bailo

Rome, Italy

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Currently EPOS European Project Managment Office: e-Infrastructure deisgn and development at INGV.



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EPOS European Project Managment Office: e-Infrastructure deisgn and development, INGV

July 2011 - Current

WEB Developer of RIDE (

Collaborating with Keith G Jeffery at the design and development of the e-Infrastructure of the EPOS project integrated services (

Managing a team of developers to set-up the e-Infrastructure engine.

Teacher of Informatics and Electronic Systems, Istituto tecnico Commerciale Arangio Ruiz ROMA

January 2011 - July 2011

I led the class until their final exams.

Temporary Research Associate at CNR - ISM, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) - Istituto di stuttura della materia (ISM)

2005 - 2008

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PhD in Material Science, Unversità degli studi "La Sapienza" di ROMA

2008 - 2011

I succesfuly discussed my thesis "In-situ Structural/Morphological study of polymer-based active materials for Organic Photovoltaic devices: bulk, surface and interface properties and aging effects".

I wrote the following articles (list may not be complete):

2012, A hybrid Angular/Energy Dispersive method to improve some characteristics oflaboratory X-ray diffraction, A hybrid Angular/Energy Dispersive method to improve somecharacteristics of laboratory X-ray diffraction, V. Rossi Albertini, D. Bailo, A. Generosi, B. Paci, Modern Instrumentation, 1 (2012) 1-7

2011, Structural/morphological monitoring approach to stability and durability issues ofphotoactive films for organic solar cells, B. Paci, A. Generosi, D. Bailo, R. Caminiti, R. deBettignies, V. Rossi Albertini, Chemical Physics Letters (2011)

2011, Enhanced Structural Stability and Performance Durability of Bulk HeterojunctionPhotovoltaic Devices Incorporating Metallic Nanoparticles B. Paci, G. D. Spyropoulos, A.Generosi, D. Bailo, V. Rossi Albertini, E. Stratakis, E. Kymakis. ADVANCED FUNCTIONALMATERIALS, vol. 21 (2011); p. 3573-3582

2010, Assessment of Three Spectroscopic Techniques for Rapid Estimation of Calcite inCopper Ore, P. Escarate, A. R. Guesalaga, V. Rossi Albertini, D. Bailo, Instrumentation and Measurement, IEEE Transactions on July 2010 Volume: 59 Issue: 7 pag. 1911 - 1917

2010, Discriminating bulk, surface and interface aging effects in polymer-based activ materials for efficient photovoltaic devices, B. Paci, A. Generosi, D. Bailo, V. Rossi Albertini, R. deBettignies, Chemical Physics Letters Volume 494, Issues 1-3, 9 July 2010, Pages 69-74

2010 Selective energy dispersive diffraction peak fitting by using genetic algorithm.A Brunetti, D Bailo, V Rossi Albertini in Journal of Xray science and technology 2010;18(4):339-52.

2009, Angular calibration in energy dispersive X-Ray diffraction by using genetic algorithms,A. Brunetti, V. Rossi Albertini, D. Bailo, Journal of X-Ray Science and Technology, Volume 17,Number 3 / 2009, 253-264

2009, Simultaneous in situ AFM/EDXR techniques for thin films time-resolved morphologicalstudies, B. Paci, A. Generosi, R. Generosi, D. Bailo, V. Rossi Albertini, Chemical Physics LettersVolume 483, Issues 1-3, 24 November 2009, Pages 159-163

2009, Effect of disturbance induced by the electronic noise on the Energy Dispersive X-rayDiffraction patterns collection, V. Rossi Albertini, A. Brunetti, D. Bailo et al., Nuclear Instrumentsand Methods in Physics Research Section A, Volume 610, Issue 2, p. 566-572

2009, Remote Laboratory System: A Model Proposal and Implementation on X-Ray LaboratoryMachines, D. Bailo, P. Escarate, V. Rossi Albertini, A. Brunetti, Int. Journal of Online Engineering,Vol 5, No 2 (2009)

2009, Energy dispersive X-ray diffraction spectroscopy for rapid estimation of calcite in copperores, P. Escárate, D. Bailo A Guesalaga, V Rossi Albertini, Minerals Engineering Volume 22, Issue 6, May 2009, Pages 566-571

2008, AFM for diagnosis of nanocrystallization of steels in hardening processes, G. Pompeo, M.Girasole, G. Longo, A. Cricenti, D. Bailo et al. Journal of Microscopy, Volume 230, Number 2, May 2008 , pp. 218-223(6)

Master to Become a Teacher in ELECTRONIC & INFORMATICS (SSIS - Scuola Superiore per Insegnamento Secondario), Università degli Studi Roma tre

2006 - 2008

Thesis “La didattica ermeneutica nell’insegnamento tecnologico” (Hermeneutics Didactic in teaching Technology).

Degree Information Technology (Italian five years degree), Università degli Studi Roma tre

1997 - 2003

Final thesis mark: 110/110

Thesis subject: inverse cinematic algorithm for the estimation of mobility of injuried people

maturità scientifica, Liceo Scientifico "G. Peano"

1992 - 1997

Graduated with the maximum marks 60/60

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R.I.D.E. ::: Research Infrastructure Database for EPOS

An HTML5/javascript/backbone.js based portal for a European Research Project (EPOS @ It is a database of all research infrastructure joining the project, and allows to visualize them on a map, and to carry on some stats.

I designed, implemented, tested it. The only thing I didn't do was data entry.


GitHub, Jun 2013; followed by 11 people; forked 3 times

Bash command line scripts to dump a couchdb database and/or to restore it.

Created this nice script to dump/backup and restore a coucdhb database

Apps & Software

Research Infrastrucure Database for EPOS - RIDE

Database of Research Infrastructures Joining the EPOS european project.

I created this web app for presenting the Research Infrastructures joining the EPOS project

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Gli stancocchi

Gli stancocchi

Daniele Bailo

Articles & Blogs

Fare scienza nell’era dei social media | :: Daniele Bailo ::

:: Daniele Bailo ::

A deep analisys of the new challenges for science in social media era

Google: il Rocco Siffredi della tecnologia (EGU#2) | :: Daniele Bailo ::

:: Daniele Bailo ::

How google presented the googlearthengine @ EGU 2013


CouchDB: The Definitive Guide: Time to Relax (Animal Guide)


The Definitive Guide

J. Chris Anderson, Jan Lehnardt, Noah Slater

I learnt how to use couchdb

Unix Power Tools, Third Edition

Unix Power Tools, Third Edition

Shelley Powers, Jerry Peek, Tim O'Reilly, Mike Loukides