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David Luu

San Jose, CA, United States

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Currently Software QA Engineer at Shutterfly, and Software QA Engineer at Tiny Prints.

I consider myself sort of a Jack-of-all-trades with experience in multiple areas such as software/web development, QA/testing/automation, technical writing, IT/tech support, media creation & editing, and databases.

My philosophy, adapted from a mentor, is better to have a breadth of knowledge that may come in handy when necessity calls rather than a depth of experience in only one or a few subjects.

My technical interests revolve around API usage & development, test/task automation, building test/config tools, exploratory testing, systems & application integration, web services & web applications, multimedia, mobile computing, and information management. I prefer R&D work over being given project specifications to follow but can do both types of work.

I'm also a contributor to and collaborator on open source software (ask me for more details), and develop basic software once in a while as a hobby.


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Software QA Engineer, Shutterfly

June 2011 - Current

Working under Tiny Prints division.

Software QA Engineer, Tiny Prints

June 2011 - Current

Test & automate workflow from front end website through back end order management system. Assist with running manual smoke & acceptance tests.

Automate with Selenium RC, Eclipse, and PHPUnit. Migrating automation to WebDriver, Eclipse, and Java/JUnit. Contribute to test framework design and assist QA Engineers with debugging automation issues.

Design & execute load tests w/ JMeter against REST APIs & HTTP request simulation of browser activity. Website performance profiling with Keynote, Selenium, Firebug, and JMeter.

Assigned to card & stationery photo/text customization group that includes testing photo/text rendering. Developed automation prototypes to validate proper photo & text rendering within workflow using Selenium, AutoIt, file hashing, and image recognition tools (Sikuli).

Community support contributor and collaborator, Experts-Exchange

March 2000 - August 2009

Assist users with their software applications development, test automation, and computer problems at online technical forums. Was able to help some users with their problems by thinking “out of the box”.

Collaborated on numerous forums including: Various Google groups like Selenium and Robot Framework Various LinkedIn groups

You can view some of my solutions for Experts-Exchange by downloading a Windows HTML help file from this site:

QA Test Engineer, Vertical Communications, Inc.

May 2006 - June 2011

Develop and maintain test tools, test framework, automation scripts as QA automation lead. Developed a VoIP/SIP automation prototype using custom scripting, tone detector, audio relay, and softphone to test IP PBX phone system. Investigated use of sipp for VoIP/SIP automation. Developed Python and .NET/C# based XMPP instant messaging load test tool to drive load on PBX. Researched new automation framework for integrating various test tools in attempt to consolidate individual test suites and offer true automated integration tests. Performance tested PBX using telecom hardware call generators.

Work with QA team on test planning & development. Assist with manual testing of PBX. Drive QA testing efforts and help establish processes on new projects as QA lead.

Engage and mentor offshore QA team members, interns, and new hires on test scripting, product training, and test documentation and processes.

Review product documentation and corporate training material for appropriate content as a QA subject matter expert (and former Technical Writing staff member).

Technical Writing Intern, Vertical Communications, Inc.

August 2004 - May 2006

Responsible for updating product documentation for InstantOffice Releases 6.1 SP1 to 7.0, and compiling and single sourcing documentation for the releases. Documentation was published as PDFs stored on a documentation CD for distribution as well as in the online help of Vertical’s software products. Revision work included content updates and document layout modifications. Collaborated with technical writers and subject matter experts within the company.

Webmaster, San Jose State University

April 2001 - May 2006

Developed and maintained Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE) department website using PHP, CSS, Javascript, and HTML. Worked with College of Engineering webmaster in developing and maintaining the website. Was involved in website layout design and creation of website graphics. Implemented streaming media versions of ISE-related videos on the website, consisting of Windows Media, Real Video, and Quicktime.

QA Intern, Quippe Technologies

June 2000 - January 2001

Validate the integrity of and standardize data coming from supplier catalogs to be imported to Quippe's web portal catalog.

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BS, Computer Engineering, San Jose State University

2000 - 2006

TA for Technical Writing for Engineers class.

TA for SJSU-HP Mobility Project, June 2003 to June 2006, focusing on mobile applications development for community projects using .NET Framework, Tablet PCs, and PDAs.

Reed Magazine staff member, Fall 2005 to Spring 2006.

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GitHub, May 2012 - Jun 2013; followed by 4 people; forked 6 times

Selenium Webdriver bindings for PHP (fork of original on Google Code)

Forked original project adding minor feature enhancements & implementation, and adding a WebDriverBackedSelenium and WebDriverBackedSeleniumTestCase (for PHPUnit) classes.

Microsoft SQL Server Profiler XML Trace Converters

CodePlex, Feb 2009; followed by 2 people

This project aims to provide tools to process the XML trace files generated by the Microsoft SQL Server Profilers into other standard formats so that other applications can make use of the trace data. Uses XSLT and/or XML DOM, XPath navigation & parsing.

Sole developer providing initial proof of concept XSLT stylesheet for converting Microsoft's SQL Server Profiler XML trace output into a more usable format by other tools.



"Yet Another Do-It-Yourself (Test) Automation Framework" specification. Use or modify one of the existing software implementations (hosted/referenced here), or implement the framework yourself. Download and read the spec for more details.

Designed yet another test automation framework specification, and created this project to host and share the specification.

DTMF detector library and/or application that reads in the specified audio file and returns/outputs whether DTMF detected and/or list of detected digits. May have GUI and command line interfaces.

Created this project using public domain DTMF detection library to implement a command line client to detect DTMF from audio files.



A Java J2ME/CLDC Midlet client to the online music locker using the Oboe API. Also can be a standalone MP3 stream player (for radio stations, MP3 files on the web, etc.)

Created project to create a J2ME client for java enabled phones to access MP3Tunes.


Google Code, ; followed by 4 people

Various clients (browser extensions, plugins, etc.) for AutoSMS

Developed and ported AutoSMS client example to other browser and OS/widget/gadget platforms.


Google Code, ; followed by 2 people

A generic remote library server Java implementation for Robot Framework

Created project as sole developer to provide a Java version of remote library interface to Robot Framework, and as an alternative to using Jython for Java support on Robot Framework. Project has now been forked on GitHub.


Google Code

A generic remote library server Perl implementation for Robot Framework

Created project as sole developer to provide a Perl version of remote library interface to Robot Framework


Google Code

Hyper-V virtual machine management test library for Robot Framework

Developed library as sole developer to provide Hyper-V programmatic access to Robot Framework.


Google Code, ; followed by 7 people

A generic remote library server .NET implementation for Robot Framework

Created project as sole developer to provide a .NET version of remote library interface to Robot Framework, and as an alternative to IronPython for .NET support in Robot Framework.


Google Code, ; followed by 4 people

Simple wrapper library for Sikuli for Robot Framework and command line interface to Sikuli

Sole developer creating easier to use interfaces to Sikuli tool.


Google Code, ; followed by 70 people

Selenium Webdriver bindings for PHP

Supplied code patches for feature enhancements and to implement missing features. Later forked code on GitHub to provide WebDriverBackedSelenium functionality.


Google Code, ; followed by 2 people

Telecom tool libraries for Robot Framework

Sole developer collection of collection of tools and scripts for use to do telecom automation via Robot Framework.


Google Code

WatiN library for Robot Framework for web application testing

Sole developer working to provide Selenium alternative browser automation library for Robot Framework.


GitHub, Jun 2013; followed by 3 people

PHP remote library server for Robot Framework


GitHub, Aug 2014; followed by 4 people

A simple example of page objects implemented as resource file for Robot Framework, converted from a Java test example


GitHub, Jan 2015 - Current

a webdriver-compatible server for use with desktop GUI automation via AutoPy library/tool


GitHub, Jan 2015 - Current; followed by 3 people

a webdriver-compatible server for use with desktop GUI automation via AutoIt library/tool


GitHub, Jan 2015 - Current

a webdriver-compatible server for use with desktop GUI automation via Sikuli library/tool

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Generic 486 PC with 4MB RAM 100MB HD VGA no sound card

Sublime Text