Christopher Harris

Senior Software Engineer
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Software Engineer: Proficient in C# and JavaScript. I meddle in a variety of languages, including Python, Haskell, and lately Haskell. I have SOLID design skills, practical Functional programming skills, and I effectively communicate ideas from both paradigms.

I began developing software as a result of my desire to create games. My desire for games become a passion for well designed software. I have created lighting engines and physics engines for XNA game development, both of which focused heavily on API design and performance.

Game development lead me to Web development, which is where I now spend most of my time. My experience with web development began on the back-end, before front-end development was in heavy demand. As front-end development became it's own classification of development, I honed my skills toward JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. This process lead me full-circle back to what I love: Developing beautiful and usable interfaces for users.

Whether it be back-end, or front-end, I have the skills needed to do the job and the passion to get it done well.


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Senior Software Engineer

February 2014 – June 2014

I developed for devices such as the PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360, using a proprietary layer of device-to-JavaScript libraries designed to increase performance and memory consumption over typical web-based applications. Working with performance and memory constraints was a daily consideration.

I worked on A/B tests involving video merchandising, and helped to promote and educate on the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript, Java, and Groovy.


September 2013 – January 2014

I replaced an old architecture in favor of a reactive design to optimize the performance of a web service automation platform while emphasizing a descriptive, declarative code base.

I took a CPU bottle-necked system relying on synchronous web requests with multiple threads, and upgraded it to a single-threaded reactive system bottle-necked only the capabilities of the external third-party services we automated.

Software Developer

December 2012 – May 2013

I worked on a small agile team of full-stack developers developing a media discovery and playback site. I was co-responsible for everything from database design to video playback debugging.

Our stack was a mostly typical .NET stack {ASP.NET MVC 3, C#, Razor, HTML, jQuery (not a lot of pure JavaScript), with Knockout in some more complex areas of the application.

Software Developer
Sureshot Media & Marketing

May 2012 – October 2012

I create Eloqua Cloud Components: REST based web services which enable Eloqua to extend it's functionality by posting to and getting html renders from external services.

Junior Software Developer
L-3 Communications

August 2011 – May 2012

I worked on a real-time video exploitation suite using C#, .NET, PostgreSQL, Mono & MonoDevelop, XML, UDP and TCP connections, in a semi-agile development environment.

Junior Software Developer

January 2011 – August 2011

I worked on travel-automation systems and internet applications using VB.NET, C#, .NET, SQL Server, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, RESTful services, SOAP, and XML Web Services.

I created a workflow management system to determine a point-of-contact of out-of-office users. If that user has specific responsibilities, the point-of-contact would inherit those responsibilities and related permissions until the responsible user returns. This system works for a hierarchy of any number of users. I implemented this inside of an existing, massive (millions of LOC) travel-automation system.

I created a web application to configure and use the previously mentioned out-of-office system. I created the RESTful API, the views, controllers, HTML pages and JavaScript. I designed the system to scrub all inputs with the Microsoft Anti-XSS library, and use paramaterized SQL queries to ensure no cross site scripting or injection attacks were feasible. I tested the website for use in popular browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome).

Research and Diagnostics Specialist

January 2009 – January 2011

This is the job that lead to my first position as a Jr Software Developer.

I created an intranet site capable of delivering interactive video tutorials and quizes using ASP.NET MVC 2, ADO.NET, SQL Server 2008, HTML, CSS, and jQuery.

I was basically a help-desk attendant, but for customer who implement custom routines in the travel-automation software the company sold. My skills in C#, .NET, SQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript were all utilized during my daily responsibilities. I did not simply "answer the phone." My logic, programming skills, and customer relationship skills were tested on a daily basis. I worked directly with our vendors (Sabre, Amadeus, WorldTravel, Travelport) to connect our customers' code to SOAP Web Services. I wrote code for our customers in VB.NET, and debugged code written by our customers.

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Computer Science / Computer Information Systems
Texas A&M University - Commerce

2011 – 2014

I maintain a high GPA. In the fall of 2011, I was placed on the Dean's list for exceptional academic results. This is while working full time as a junior software developer.

Computer Science
Collin College

2009 – 2011

I maintained a high GPA. I organized a charitable donation among class mates to support third-world housing operations. I also recorded and edited a video to demonstrate both the need and support for such operations.

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GitHub, Jan 2013 - Sep 2013; followed by 22 people; forked 4 times

Push-based MVVM DOM bindings for Reactive Extensions


CodePlex, Jan 2011 - Dec 2011; followed by 77 people

A 2d light engine for XNA 4.0. Krypton allows users of the XNA framework to easily add 2D lighting to their games. Krypton is fast, as it utilizes the GPU and uses a vertex shader to compute 2D shadows, relieving additional stress from the CPU to compute more game-like tasks.

I was the lead developer. I designed, implemented, and supported this project. All efforts (besides a minor texture-generating component) were produced by yours truly.

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Practices of an Agile Developer: Working in the Real World (Pragmatic Bookshelf)

Practices of an Agile Developer

Working in the Real World

Venkat Subramaniam, Andy Hunt

CLR via C#, Second Edition (Pro Developer)

CLR via C#, Second Edition

Jeffrey Richter

Pragmatic Unit Testing in C# with NUnit, 2nd Edition

Pragmatic Unit Testing in C# with NUnit, 2nd Edition

Andy Hunt, Dave Thomas, Matt Hargett

Seven Languages in Seven Weeks: A Pragmatic Guide to Learning Programming Languages (Pragmatic Programmers)

Seven Languages in Seven Weeks

A Pragmatic Guide to Learning Programming Languages

Bruce A. Tate

Test-Drive ASP.NET MVC (Pragmatic Programmers)

Test-Drive ASP.NET MVC

Jonathan McCracken

JavaScript: The Good Parts


The Good Parts

Douglas Crockford

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Follow Them and People Will Follow You (10th Anniversary Edition)

The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

Follow Them and People Will Follow You

John C. Maxwell

The Complete 101 Collection: What Every Leader Needs to Know

The Complete 101 Collection

What Every Leader Needs to Know

John Maxwell

The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future

The $100 Startup

Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future

Chris Guillebeau

Social Physics: How Good Ideas Spread—The Lessons from a New Science

Social Physics

How Good Ideas Spread—The Lessons from a New Science

Alex Pentland

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Articles & Blogs


The Principles of OOD, by Uncle Bob

Introducing the GiANT Engine

Size Five Games

See Krypton, my 2D Lighting Engine mentioned in a top-notch game developer's blog.


Self-built Intel Core 2 Duo rig

Microsoft Visual Studio


I got in to Software Development to develop video games using the XNA framework. Along the way, I fell in love with the computer-science aspect of software engineering, and I started putting my effort into design clear cut, readable, testable, reusable code. I enjoy breaking problems down in to tiny pieces and and showing how seemingly complex ideas are all just combinations of smaller simpler ideas.