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Dmitri Lebedev

Novosibirsk, Russia

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Currently Python Developer at, and Web Programming Teacher at Sukhorukov Recruitment Agency.

Self-learning programmer (Python, Javascript, PHP, SQL), self-learning polyglot: advanced Italian (+certificate), Spanish, Portuguese, fluent English. Master of economics (economist-mathematician) degree.



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Python Developer,

November 2012 - Current

Mostly focusing on frontend (Javascript, CSS styling), optimized CSS

Python Team Lead, Albatross Communicos

June 2012 - November 2012

Designed the architecture and integrated payment gateways into a payment integrator system.

Web Programming Teacher, Sukhorukov Recruitment Agency

July 2012 - Current

Developed the course to teach an experienced PC user to code HTML & CSS, use web hosting, then to program in Javascript, Python (Django) and PHP

Python and Javascript Programmer,

May 2010 - March 2012

  • Developing applications in Django (Python)
  • A lot of UI programming in Javascript
  • Test cases for Django and Selenium
  • Pair programming with EtherPad, Emacs (Rudel) and Screen -X


Bachelor & Master of Economics, Novosibirsk State University

2000 - 2006

Won a prize at a local scientific conference with a work on transport routes competitivity, had 2 publications on that matter.

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Bitbucket, Oct 2011 - Apr 2012; followed by 32 people; forked 2 times

Fast Django project installing and packaging; Debuggers; Haml & Sass; Useful apps.



Bitbucket, Aug 2011 - Nov 2011; followed by 3 people

Allows using the same views and templates to both output the whole page and update it partially with ajax.



Bitbucket, Sep 2011 - Nov 2011; followed by 4 people; forked 2 times

An inline editing framework for Django models



GitHub, Oct 2011; followed by 3 people

A converter of HAML like templates into Django templates.


Apps & Software


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Course textbook in an hour with Python-Sphinx (Russian)

Я веду курс веб-программирования. Когда учишь людей, поговорка «сапожник без сапог» к тебе относиться не должна: ты должен делать всё без видимых усилий и быстро. Учебник должен делаться легко и...

Mock module: fake objects used in testing (Russian)

Mock на английском значит «имитация», «подделка». Модуль с таким названием помогает сильно упростить тесты модулей на Питоне. Принцип его работы простой: если нужно тестировать функцию, то всё,...

An omnipotent Makefile for Django projects (Russian)

Make — одна из базовых утилит Юникса, есть на каждой юниксовой машине, и, к сожалению, неизвестная многим веб-разработчикам. В этой стате я покажу, как она может упростить работу, а сначала —...

Fly on Budget! — Spaceflight on Budget in KSP and real world (English)

Rocket science and maths explained on Kerbal Space Program

An invitation to go out in the city (Russian)

An interview with architect Kristian Villardsen of Gehl Architects, on their work, livable cities and cold climate.

"Pedestrian movement" initiative, Novosibirsk (in Russian)

A group of activists doing city studies, writing recommendations and promoting the demand for livable and walkable city. We do pedestrian traffic researches, draw detailed plans and schemes of city improvements, and write articles for media.

European courtyard for a Soviet building (Russian)

A set of guidelines on how to reorganize a modernist Soviet living block in a fashion that invites to go out, stay in the yard, feel responsibility and have a sense of community. All made by me: photographs, 3D graphics, text and formatting.

No miracles

Interview with a manager of Curitiba Integrated Transport Network. +my own video.

3 more


Soviet multiseat 8-bit mainframe with 48k RAM



Projects and links
  • One Giant Leap, a photogallery of Apollo Program with comments in Russian. (I modified FancyBox.js for flexible comments display.)
  • Pedestrian movement, a grassroots initiative website (built with Sphinx and some shell scripting)
  • Django Partial Page, a Python and Javascript framework to leverage History.pushState in Django or other web frameworks.
  • Osm2Python, a Python converter of OpenStreetMap files into anything.


I programmed as an amateur and freelancer since year 2000, but without a CS degree had to make a long curve before I got a real developer position.

Nel dicembre 2004 cominciai a studiare l'italiano, e tra 1 anno e mezzo passai l'esame CILS al livello 3C (avanzato). Non sono mai stato in Italia, e mi mancano alcuni vocaboli, ma del resto il mio italiano è affluente.

Estudio el español desde marzo 2008 por pasión sin abrir un manuál. Puedo escribir, leer y oir, pero aún me cuesta hablar por falta de práctica (nunca he estado en países hispanohablantes).

Falo o português brasileiro um pouqunho, escoutando a rádio e lejendo os saites brasileiros.

  • TOEFL 633/660 pts (paper-based)
  • CILS livello avanzato 3-C (superato)