Chuck Tuffli

Principle Engineer
OakGate Technology
  • Sacramento, California United States
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Principle Engineer
OakGate Technology

2011 – Current

Developed both driver and application software used in flagship product. Software provides performance characterization, error injection, and directed testing across multiple storage protocols (FC, SAS, SATA, NVM Express) to storage hardware vendors. Primarily responsible for design and implementation of NVMe components including device driver, integration with and extension of appliance-side application, and a suite of directed tests. To a lesser degree, do bug fixing and feature extension of client-side Java control application. Work closely with customers to help debug issues with their products.

Being a startup, other "hats" include maintaining software release scripts / Makefiles, help care for internal servers (Mercurial, SVN, DNS), lead code / design reviews, mentor junior engineers, help QA the product, and provide product support.

Driver Engineer

2011 – 2012

Developed an initiator and/or target driver for current Fibre Channel (FC) and FC over Ethernet (FCoE) CNA. Used internally both to validate firmware releases and measure hardware/firmware performance. Used externally as a driver reference design for CNA customers. Although primarily written for FreeBSD, it contains several modular components designed to encourage wholesale reuse. Parts of the driver are used in products from 3 major storage OEMs. As such, have worked extensively with customers to integrate the reference design into their products.

Technical Lead

2010 – 2011

Designed and implemented a Linux device driver for a SAS controller. Deep integration with other Linux subsystems (SAS, PCIe, DIX, crypto, target) to allow testing under realistic work loads. Included modifications to other Linux subsystems to enhance the ability to perform system level testing.

Sr Software Engineer
DSP Group, Inc.

2006 – 2010

Worked on embedded (ARM SoC) wireless LAN device. Involved in all phases of device software development from FPGA prototype validation and chip bring up to production ready and certified driver. Responsible for the design, development and support of several modules including hardware abstraction, encryption/security, and dynamic rate selection for Linux device driver. Extended an open source application to support a new Wi-Fi security standard required by customers. Created a centralized development environment to simplify development process and increase reproducibility of drivers. Conduct design and code reviews. Represent company at Wi-Fi Alliance in security matters.

Sr. Software Engineer
Sierra Logic, Inc.

2005 – 2006

Software Engineer on Fibre Channel to SATA router. Enhance and debug firmware in a multi-core embedded ARM SoC. Design and implement device driver for an unannounced protocol ASIC with a PCI-Express bus interface.

Technical Lead
Agilent Technologies

2001 – 2005

Technical lead for Tachyon Fibre Channel software. Enhance and debug software development kit (SDK) for protocol ASIC. Wrote demonstration applications and drivers in VxWorks, Linux, and FreeBSD which exploit new chip features or push performance. Provide email and off site customer support for SDK and other software issues.

Design and implement directed tests for PCI-Express in C++ using protocol test card. Familiar with Fibre Channel, PCI/-X/-Express, and SCSI protocols.

Software Engineeer
Intel Corporation

1998 – 2001

Directed functional testing of L2/L3 networking switch. Added software support for Level1's phys in reference implementation. Adapted switch ASIC to an ARM SoC design. Select peripherals and features needed for reference software and debugging. Developed BSP and ported code from MIPS processor. Execute BKMs for software engineering including source control and bug tracking. Mentored junior engineers.

Lead software engineer for telecommunications and networking products. Identified flaw in current testing methodology of a layer 1 telecommunications device and implemented a solution utilizing TCL. Redesigned API to enable reuse as Windows DLL, TCL extension, or library for embedded environments. Added embedded specific functionality such as interrupt servicing, firmware loading, etc.. Wrote applications on embedded system using above code for ASIC testing.

Developed 3D graphics drivers for Microsoft operating systems. Implemented texture memory manager for OpenGL driver. Redesigned OpenGL pixel path code to increase performance. Supported external engineers writing graphics drivers for other operating systems. Established and contributed to a webpage on containing OpenGL example code in response to USENET questions. Designed and implemented a system to decrease build errors, simplify build process, and combine WindowsNT, Windows98, and UNIX build methodologies.

Member Technical Staff

1993 – 1997

Designed, implemented, and maintained code for MIPS R3K based image processing and compression ASIC. Interviewed customers and surveyed industry to establish feature set. Wrote C simulators and assemblers for major chip blocks, verified correctness by writing applications, library interfaces, and firmware for JPEG and OpenGL. Enhanced JPEG firmware codec for 601 rate and resolution video. Accelerated OpenGL to support visual effects in a non-linear video editor and medical imaging application. Provided firmware tools to hardware team for hardware design, verification, bring-up and debug. Managed bug fix releases. Wrote user's guide for Imaging and Compression Engine. Mentored junior software engineers. Presented new technology at international developer's conference as well as to customers and internal developers.

Wrote diagnostic code for video input chip. Tested validity of RAMS, registers, and DMA modes. Used for both chip bring-up and manufacturing acceptance of boards.


1990 – 1992

Wrote applications to verify hardware algorithms prior to silicon. Investigated the interactions between video filtering, dithering, interlacing, and video compression. Assisted with bring up and verification of resulting video board.

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B.S. Applied Mathematics
University of California, Los Angeles

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WiFi Protected Setup supports development of a patch for the wpa_supplicant adding configuration via WiFi Protected Setup.

GitHub, May 2012 - Mar 2014

NVM Express Device Emulation in QEMU

Added additional features to emulated NVM Express device.


Apple II+