What you need. When you need.

We're dreamers.

We're designers and coders, but we're also dreamers. We grew up with a passion for translating our thoughts into things. We started WunWun because we believe in creating a beautiful, slick interface for everyone to use to enrich their lives. 

We're re-imagining shopping using technology.

We're re-defining the way people get their shopping done. People can use our service to get any product delivered from any physical store. We provide a high-touch, high-quality experience when we go out to shop for our customers' goods.

We're adaptable. We evolve our process rather than strictly pre-defining it. We do what works for us as a team.

We're all about efficiency. We have proper release cycles and we set realistic timelines. We don't deliver based on customer need, we deliver only when our product is a level of quality we're happy with.

We document. We keep track of what we do and we stay organized. Our services, features, and APIs are documented and published internally.

We test. We don't get caught with our pants around our ankles. We adhere to testing strategies when we write code. Continuous integration and deployment helps enforce this.

We ship. We deploy code regularly, we test, and then we iterate. 

We're building technology to enable the automation of same-day delivery logistics. We have fun doing it, too.

Our Tech Stack

We're primarily a Rails shop, but we love new technology. Most of our front-end interfaces are written with AngularJS, and we wire it up to our Rails backend. We don't always stick to what we know. We'll always take into consideration a particular library or technology if it we can confidently say that it will perform the job better. 

We manage our tech stack from the ground up, from server administration to the client-side, because damn -- it's fun.

We have great benefits

Nice, large monitor of your choice.Comfortable chairs and convertible standing/sitting deskSome meals providedA MacBook Pro

Who you'll work with

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4 Russell St, #3R
Brooklyn, NY 11222