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Our focus

At Vena our mission is to help smart companies better manage their data, spreadsheets and files in the cloud.  To summarize, our product has three main components: 

  1. A pure JavaScript front-end that allows a company to build out beautiful visio-like flow charts showing how data and files flow throughout the company.  We call one of these flowcharts a process.
  2. We treat spreadsheets as the window to your data.  Using a small but powerful C# .NET Excel add-in we transform Excel into a tool for good.
  3. On the server-side we manage not only the execution of the process but also all the data.  To do this we've built our own in-house Cube that quickly aggregates data on the fly.  Technically speaking this is called an OLAP In-memory Cube.

These three components combined provide a one-stop-shop for companies looking to get control over their data and files.

Our bleeding edge stack

Front-End Development

  • Backbone.js (
  • Bootstrap (
  • Handlebars (
  • Require.js (
  • Modernizr (
  • Underscore.js (
  • Lo-Dash (

Server-Side Development

  • Jetty (
  • Google Guice (
  • Google Guava (
  • Jersey (
  • Jackson (
  • Dropwizard (
  • Mongo (

VSTO Office Development

  • C# .NET VSTO
  • Excel Interop/VBA
  • LINQ
  • Lambda Functions
  • JSON-based Web Services
  • Parallelization

We have great benefits

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Our open jobs

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