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a big data predictive analytics solution for marketers
  • 1-10 employees
  • Privé
  • Founded 2010

What we do.

tinyclues builds and operates a cloud-based predictive marketing SaaS platform that delivers immediate and provable impact. In live A/B testings run by our clients, it has systematically outperformed competing solutions by a margin of 25% to 40% (additional revenue generated under identical constraints).

Who we are.

Located in the heart of Paris (in haussmannien style offices), tinyclues is truly startup culture at its best (at least we think so). Not only is our team hard working (creating unique and disruptive data crunching technologies, using and developing advanced predictive algorithms, SCRUM framework, etc.), but it also prizes having fun and working in a laid back atmosphere (weekly team breakfasts, monthly dinners, startup events, no dress code, etc.).

disruptive data-crunching technology.

Behind the scenes, our platform incorporates the latest advances in machine-learning. Rather than looking for naive categories ("this product is for middle-aged men") or deterministic rules (retargeting), our system bases its predictions and recommendations on a database-wide consolidation of all the relevant bits of information. Our technology finds the tiniest clues and picks up low frequency patterns:

 Behind such results, imagine gazillions of interns manually entering all the right values. Or, more accurately, advanced algorithms sifting through high-volume raw data, detecting correlations and learning the implicit semantics. What we do with emails and pseudonyms, we also do with all the data available in your database, from user data to IP logs, from purchase graphs ("who buys what") to navigation patterns. 

Another series of mathematical tricks allow us to package this multitude of patterns into reliable predictions and actionable insight.


So when you are recommended a product, it might be because of a completely different item you clicked on a year ago, because of your first name, because of your zipcode, because of your browser-of-choice — or, more likely, because of a subtle combination of many such facts.


15 rue du Caire, 75002 Paris, France