We’re a technical agency that specialises in Ruby on Rails. We build big, engaging web apps.

About Red Ant

We’re a technical agency that specialises in Ruby on Rails. We’re not a startup, and we’re not a dinosaur creative agency that suddenly got Digital. We’ve been doing Ruby on Rails since whenever, and we’ve developed a profitable, stable business over 15 years.

Our office is in the hipster end of Surry Hills, Sydney and we specialise in creating large and interesting websites. There are around 35 of us – a mix of Rails Developers, Front Enders, Designers, Content People and Project Managers.

We are totally boring and just do Ruby (in all it's various flavours). We're like that guy at a party who only talks about the one thing. All. Night. Long. 

It's not like we haven't experimented or played around with other languages and frameworks. But we've spent a hell of a lot of time honing our processes and workflow and getting them humming. Adding another type of deploy, CI or testing process would totally ruffle our pyjamas.

So for our developers, they know they can get on with their stuff (meme research and so on) without having to muck around with basic setup and workflow. No argument with some sysadmin (with his pants too high) about ports or whether mssql is actually not that slow. Friends don't let friends go Enterprise.

As well as just Rails/Ruby, we’ve been expanding our expertise in delivering full Javascript front ends using technologies like AngularJS.

Take a look at for more on what we do.

The kind of people we're looking for

Who we’re looking for
We’re looking for an experienced people to join our team. This is an opportunity to work on some interesting projects that get a lot of traffic. 

Some example projects are:


Our ideal candidate

  • experienced with Agile methodologies
  • has great ideas, loves a tricky problem and collaborates as part of a team
  • Lives in Sydney Australia.

Who’ll be…

  • working alongside our team of Rails devs,
  • as well as with our front end team, designers, and our Project Managers
  • building interesting web apps, sites and mobile stuff
  • working on a variety of projects – each dev typically has a few projects on the go

Full time
All of our positions are full time position. We’ve been around for over 15 years, and expect to be going for a while longer. We’re looking for someone that can join our highly experienced team and is looking for a secure, long term gig.

Surry Hills, just off Oxford St. We’re close to trains, cafes, bars and restaurants. Actually we have a pretty good bar (Shortgrain) directly under our office

Is this remote or on site?
On site – although many of us work from home now and then. But say you lived in a submarine off Brazil, this would be a very unsuitable position. All but a few of our team are full time, and this has worked well as we’ve been able to learn and develop the way we do stuff. Incremental improvements +1. It can be difficult to get the guy in the submarine off Brazil into the loop sometimes, but we know his heart is in the right spot.

How much it pays
Well. But this really depends on your experience

The level of the job
We’re not really split up into levels – again it really depends on your experience. Think meritocracy. If you enjoy being a dick you probably won't like working with us. 


We make stuff in Ruby

We test it using Cucumber, RSpec, and a myriad of JS testing frameworks

We use Jira

We have used quite a few different CI tools, but we really like Travis

We monitor using Code Climate, New Relic and PagerDuty

Our coffee comes from Single Origin on Reservoir St, and is the "Yee Haa" blend. It is strong and highly addictive. Our coffee machine is a Jura and it has LED lights on it.

We have great benefits

In the thick of Surry Hills cafes, restaurants and barsClose to train, bus and tramAmazing light filled warehouseBike parkingWell paidComfy Aeron chairs, nice big desks, lots of monitors, great workspace


Level 2, 85 Commonwealth St, Surry Hills Sydney Australia