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Pear Deck

Building an interactive presentation web app for teachers and students.
  • 1-10 employees
  • Founded 2014

This is what we're like

Our mission is to improve teacher's lives by making rich, active teaching easy.

Our official core values are:

  • We improve student engagement
  • We create beauty by keeping it simple, playful, and intuitive
  • We value autonomy
  • We take initiative
  • We have good work/life balance
  • We have high talent density
  • We respect each other's contributions
  • We help each other
  • We are positive and optimistic
  • We are communicative, honest, and frank

With respect to tech, here are some specific differentiators:

  • We put a lot of technical focus on visual design, feel, and completeness, even if it means slowing down a feature release.
  • We come to agreements by discussion and never vote.
  • We spend time revising working code, even if it lowers velocity.
  • We like new tools and new ideas, even if they lower velocity.


This is what we're great at

  • We're a startup with early signs of momentum (200 daily users last week, two weeks after launch).  Our product is great and you should see our users light up when they use it.
  • We have one full-stack dev who is really good at programming.  He has a focus on code craftsmanship.
  • We have one full-time designer who is really good at design and can implement it in html and sass. His focus is UX.
  • We are really fast.  We built and launched a well-designed web app in 10 weeks, at the same time we signed up 12 pilot districts with 80k students between them.
  • Our COO has a Masters in Education and she's really good at strategy and engagement.
  • Our President is really good at business and sales.


This is what we're only good at, and could probably use your help with:

  • We're agile and release code as it's ready, but we could use help with our build system.
  • We're monitoring system performance and can identify bottlenecks, but we could use more expertise and experience here.
  • We can build unit tests for our simple components, but our app relies on many external services that are hard to mock (Drive API, Firebase, Google OAuth) so our e2e tests aren't convenient or convincing.


You are going to flip out when you see how easy it is to use a Google Drive file as a backend for an AngularJS app.

We'd like to add coffeescript but don't have the build system yet.

We have great benefits

Vacation as needed

We're funded and we can pay you.

We optimize for happiness

We optimize for happiness!

Buy equity if you like

Who you'll work with

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316 E Court St, Iowa City, IA
New Jersey