Omada Health

More Science. Less Fiction.
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What We're Doing

We’re on a mission to inspire people to change the specific habits that put them at risk for serious but preventable disease. And to do so in a way that is as effective, engaging, and affordable as possible.

We call it digital therapeutics, and it’s an innovative new class of medicine that gives every participant access to the world’s most effective behavior change therapies, enhanced with smart technology, and delivered directly to their fingertips or front door.

How We Do It

We are an agile shop where we test-drive our code and pair-program regularly. You will be intensively collaborating with other engineers to solve significant problems in healthcare.  

We believe in healthy habits, including working at a sustainable pace.  Your pairing workday starts at 10am and ends at 6pm.  The office is stocked with healthy snacks like fruits and nuts, and we review our work regularly over relaxing beverages.

Rails is Working For Us

Our CTO stands with Google and other vendors who do not support legacy browsers.

We have great benefits

Time Off As NeededCompetitive SalarySane Working HoursMenu of Health PlansGenerous EquityErgonomic WorkstationsBest Colleagues EverHealthy Snacks


455 Market St, #1670
San Francisco, CA 94609