A startup journey like no other.
status:VC Funded

Honor and recognition in case of success.

We're on a Shackletonian journey to invent a wholly new kind of learning, one that pushes back the frontier of what's expected of the human mind. We're unlikely to return alive from our mission, but we barely care: this is all about the adventure.

Memrise has so far helped more than 2 million people learn a total of more than a billion words.

Our aim is to create unrelentingly humorous and intelligent learning tools that bring people joy, and help them experience the genius of their minds.

Our work culture is experimental, prototype-driven and rewarding to those with imagination, chutzpah and gumption.

Our ship (currently in Bethnal Green, London) has an AGA, a hammock and a swing.

We hold monthly film nights. In the summer of 2015, we're all getting on the Membus to take a tour round Europe, go inspect the place.



We have great benefits

Epic and improbable missionLow wages.Safe return doubtful.Constant danger.Long months of complete darkness.A hammock and a swing.An AGA oven.Generous options packages.

Our open jobs

Joyful iPhone developer

London, UK (relocation offered)

London. We’re looking for someone to lead our iPhone team, building an app that will reach millions of users.…

Joyful Senior Android Developer

London, UK

London We’re looking for someone to lead our Android team, building an app that makes learning addictive and…


South Sandwich Islands
E2 9DR, London