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We make software for the people who care for buildings.
  • 1-10 employees
  • VC Funded
  • Founded 2012

We Take Pride In Our Work

We have enormous respect for the maintenance professionals who keep our buildings heated, cooled, healthy, and safe. They are critical to identifying, fixing, and preventing problems; they are a building’s immune system. We are building software that is designed for them and, if we can help them do their jobs better, we can make buildings everywhere more comfortable for the people who occupy them and less taxing on the environment we all share.

Real Users, Real Work, Real Problems

What we do sounds simple: we replaced the traditional maintenance logbook with a mobile app for inspections and a web app for analysis. But we understand that no job is as simple as it sounds.

When the user's primary focus is a leaky pipe, a broken fan belt, or an unhappy tenant, software must not get in the way. We don't write software to satisfy feature checklists. We write software to solve problems.

Technology We Use To Get Things Done

Our mobile app is a native Cocoa touch application for iOS. Though we would like to be on Android, we think the trade-offs involved with a cross-platform framework simply aren't worth it. We think performance and usability are important when your user has more important things to do than interact with your software.

Our web stack uses Ruby on Rails and a MySQL database. We use Jenkins to automate our tests and deploy to production. Our test coverage is pretty good, but it isn't perfect. Maybe you can help us make it better.

We have great benefits

generous health insurance

Friday company lunch

flexible hours

accessible by public transit

direct deposit



28 W 27th St
New York, NY 10001