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Lets Go Holdings

  • 11-50 employees
  • VC Funded
  • Founded 2011

Hello & Welcome to Let’s Go Holdings

We’re a group of three, highly creative and technologically advanced, London-based businesses built on the belief that people want brands to strengthen the relationships between them and their friends, in a way that’s truly fun and fair.

Specialising in brand advocacy in the tech and media space, our group is comprised of three distinct businesses: Yourvine, Freemavens and The Physical Network.

YOURVINE: Yourvine is a social technology platform that lets businesses, communities and causes create missions and experiences for their fans – online and in real life. Adventures boost brands’ and fans’ value to each other. Brands magnify their fans’ power; fans have fun, and earn rewards.

FREEMAVENS: Freemavens is a consultancy business that uses creative technology to identify, analyse and activate brands’ advocates, or ‘mavens’. With their bells, beliefs and behaviours aligned, the real courtship of brands and their enthusiasts can commence.

THE PHYSICAL NETWORK: The Physical Network (TPN) is a 21st Century sales force of incentivised promoters who create a buzz around music festivals, live tours and brands. The thrill of events is shared amongst those taking part in them.

Tech to Get Excited About

Yourvine Needs You!

  1. We're building a real life game engine that is 'there with the user' as she/he completes our challenges. That's pretty hard and pushes tech to the limit - especially in the browser.
  2. We're building a system right now that works for brands, but we want to open it up and make it available to everyone that wants to engage their community: charities, causes, big brands
  3. We're using fairly cutting-edge systems but with a purpose. E.g. angular.js, a browser-based framework developed by google -which means our 'web app' is almost as fast as a native app, which is good for users. Or grunt and node, which are tools to cut out a lot of grunt work for us.
  4. We don't have to support legacy browsers like IE8, so you can spend time solving big problems not finding stupid work-arounds for old systems
  5. We build in a heavily service-oriented way, with an API client. If you're into APi response optimisation, NOSQL etc we have something for you that most other start-ups wouldn't.
  6. We cut out photoshop mock-ups entirely, and prototype directly in the browser. That way we can focus on functionality vs design perfection
  7. Our Front-end is about serious javascript (e.g. angular, testing w/ dalek.js) - not about HTML and CSS. That's neat because it means developers who are traditionally back-end can get involved closer to the user experience - and our front-end is serious development, not just design-by-code. Which is quite special, for a (grown-up) start-up.

Great Platform - We're using a sophisticated stack

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1 Ravenscourt Park,
Moving to Oval soon!