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A game to map the brain.
  • 11-50 employees
  • Founded 2012

Change the World

EyeWire is a crowd-sourced neuroscience game that is rapidly transforming the rate at which researchers map (and make discoveries about) the brain. Anyone can play and you need no scientific background. Over 70,000 people from 130 countries already do. Together we are mapping the 3D structure of neurons; advancing our quest to understand ourselves.

Scientific Revolutions

We’ve landed on Mars, can grow organs, and even skydive from space, yet when it comes to the 3 pound organ behind your eyes, we’re mostly in the dark. Neuroscientists don’t even know how many different types of cells are in the brain. Think about that. We don’t even know how many types of cells are in the retina. And if we don’t know how many types of cells there are, how can we understand how they connect and process information, leading to a thinking, feeling human being? Here at Sebastian Seung‘s Computational Neuroscience Lab at MIT, we’re taking a different approach to neuroscientific discovery: crowd-sourcing. In order to solve the mind’s great mysteries, we need the best developers in the world.

Gaming + Science FTW

Examples of what you might be doing at first include developing infrastructure for competitions, building an external API, enhancing player profiles, enhancing our chat, manipulating 3D graphics, and compiling player reports from the database.

We have great benefits

Geniuses..Everywhere.Loads of free food -- ahh, campus life.Events and lectures from the world's greatest minds happen here everyday.Did we mention Harvard is right down the street?We are a part of MIT Media Laband MIT Dept of Brain and Cognitive Sciences.MIT athletic center is fit for a kingFlexible HoursHealth InsuranceDiscount Transportation

Who you'll work with

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Seung Lab
Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences
MIT, 46-5065
43 Vassar St.
Cambridge, MA 02139