Curoverse, Inc.

The distributed platform-as-a-service for biomedical big data
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Curing Diseases with a Universe of Biomedical Data

Next-generation genomic sequencing is driving an explosion in big data that poses unique challenges for bioinformaticians, computational biologists, and the IT teams that support them. At Curoverse, we’re addressing those infrastructure challenges with a platform that makes storing, organizing, and processing these data faster, easier, and more affordable. (We’ll be launching in 2014.) 

Powered by Open Source

Curoverse is entirely built with open source software. At its core, Curoverse uses a free and open source system called Arvados that was first developed for the Harvard Personal Genome Project. Arvados is designed to address the unique data management, computation, and sharing requirements driven by genomic and biomedical data.

Tech Stack

The Curoverse system is built from free/open source software (FOSS). The core of the system is based on the Arvados platform (, but it also integrates a variety of FOSS infrastructure. Today we use a mix of Ruby, and Python, but we are adopting Google Go (sometimes called Golang) for performance-critical components . 

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