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Making the human genome practically useful for life-altering decisions.
  • 51-200 employees
  • VC Funded
  • Founded 2007

Make an Impact

Our goal is to make the human genome practically useful for life-altering decisions.

We've invented the Counsyl Test, a breakthrough diagnostic intended for parents planning to start a family. The test won the Wall Street Journal Innovation Award for Medicine, was named one of Scientific American's "Top 10 World Changing Ideas," and was featured in the New York Times. Our test is now prescribed by physicians for more than 2.5% of all births in the United States.

As you might imagine, handling this kind of volume puts us in terra incognita. Our situation is similar to the one faced by Amazon in the 90s, before anyone knew how to scale an operation with such highly interconnected physical and informational components.

To solve the problems associated with scaling the medical genome, we hire generalists rather than specialists. Our engineers are pragmatists who know when to use machine learning and when to use a simple regex, and understand in what sense those approaches are at different ends of a continuum. Many did not have a bioinformatics background before they joined, but all had strong fundamentals in data structures and algorithms.

Experience in general means little to us as genomics is a young field; working code means quite a lot more. If this sounds like your kind of company, we invite you to apply.

About You

You should have a BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science (or equivalent) and significant independent programming experience as demonstrated by Github account, personal web page, or prior employment. 

You should also be a generalist, interested in rotating through the engineering team and working in one or more of these areas:

  • Genomics: design, validate, and optimize clinical genomic assays for rare Mendelian variants
  • Machine Learning and Data Science: extract meaning out of one of the largest clinical genomic datasets in the world
  • Robotics: automate and scale our backend to do more clinical sequencing and genotyping than anyone has ever done before
  • UI/UX: design the first widely adopted user interface for the medical genome
  • Clinical Integration: solve the wide variety of practical issues associated with translating genomics into a clinical context
  • Infrastructure: build and deploy the hardware and software systems that support secure, large-scale computations on genomic datasets

From a skills perspective, you should have familiarity with several of the following technologies. We obviously don’t expect you to know everything on the list, but you should be nodding to yourself by the end of it.

Again, please consider these guidelines, not absolutes. For example, if you know Chef, we figure you can learn Puppet, and if you know Ruby, we figure you can learn Python. 

We have great benefits

On-site gym with classesCatered lunch and dinnerCompetitive compensation and start-up equity packageMacBook Pro, 30" monitor, and all the gadgets you needAdjustable stand-up desksExcellent health insurance

Our open jobs

Software Engineer (Python/Django)

South San Francisco, CA (relocation offered)

Position description Counsyl is looking for brilliant engineers who want to work on a product that will help people…


180 Kimball Way
South San Francisco, CA 94080