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Codility was formed by developers to solve the problem of hiring other great developers.
  • SaaS
  • 11-50 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2009

About Codility

We live in a world where programmers code what we use day-to-day. Everyday software breaks down and programs or systems fail due to incorrect code. We want the world to have better software, as we believe that the quality of our lives depends on it.

Our story started in 2005 when Greg, our founder, was looking for a quick way to recruit the 20 additional software engineers needed by the IT start-up he worked for in China, while at the same time saving time, money and avoiding stress. The result was the beta version of Codility: a tool to filter out the 90+% of candidates who are unable to deliver correct solutions to easy programming tasks. (read the full 'genesis')

Codility is looking to improve the way of hiring programmers so that instead of spending most of their time interviewing the wrong candidates, programmers can focus on what they do best – create software. We create programming tests that automatically assess the quality of the solutions. This is a powerful way for programmers to demonstrate their skills and for companies to test the fundamental competences of programmers being recruited. Currently we have over 2500 customers worldwide using Codility to assess the skills of the people they want to hire. Our customers love our product and the instant feedback they get from the system..

Meet the team!

Get to know Paweł our CTO, Tomasz co-founder and Product Lead, Tomasz (Kos) our Senior Software Engineer, Jacek our Software Engineer, Tomasz, our Senior Software Engineer, more...

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Our Tech Stack

Our tech stack is based on Linux and Python, as well as some C for the lowest-level security code. We use Django as our web framework and automate data processing with Celery. On the frontend side, we have just started to adopt Jasmine and AngularJS, and we adopted SASS stylesheets with great success. We work on the codebase using Gitlab for code reviews and Jenkins for running our regression tests.

We have great benefits

We pay well

Private medical care

We do not count hours and you can work from home

You decide how you want to grow (growth budget + unlimited books)

You pick your hardware and software

Take good care of yourself budget (gym membership, spa, massages)

Cool office with a rooftop garden in the center of Warsaw

We help you move to Warsaw

Who you'll work with

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Dobra 56/66, Warsaw, Poland