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Let's teach the machines to sing!
  • Mobile Application
  • 1-10 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2012

Let's Teach the Machines to Sing

We’re a small company with big ideas and some awesomely useful, unique technology now in use in 180 countries around the world.

In June 2015 we closed a new round on Crowdcube, raising 188% of our £400K target.

We’re on a mission! We intend to connect all kinds of devices (from mobile phones to PA systems) using sound. There are more loudspeakers on planet Earth than people: what if all of them could send data? That’s the big idea. 

To make the idea of chirping data real, we built some mobile apps.

The first Chirp client was launched in July 2012, and took #1 download spots in App Stores in the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Ireland and China. Chirp for iOS went on to be a Top 20 App in 58 App Stores worldwide.

Chirp for Android was launched in Sept 2013 at London Fashion Week, in collaboration with global fashion retailer Topshop.

Chirp is a super-flexible platform and can be used share any data from pictures to payments to pairing codes.

Chirp has also been used in marketing campaigns by Bacardi, featured at the Opening Ceremony 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, heard live at the Royal Albert Hall, broadcast on air on by the BBC, and is installed on 40,000 devices in California classrooms.

Chirp is led by design, and took Gold Prize for Mobile Innovation (iOS & Android) at the 2013 Lovie Awards and was exhibited in at the London Design Museum, Designs of the Year Award Show, and exhibited in London's Digital Catapult Centre in 2015.

Chirp is backed by UCL Business, the tech transfer arm of University College London and VC funds including Red Gate and GQI.

Sounds good. Now what?

Chirp is a platform. Our next challenge is to open Chirp up to as many devices and services as we can think of. Or – even better – to get as many things chirping as the internet can think of.

We launched SDKs and API access in June 2015. We’re now looking for smart people to help us take on this next developer-centred phase.


Chirp Stack

Chirp sends information over sound by mapping a structured JSON data object to a unique identifier, which is translated to a sequence of audible tones. At its core is a bespoke audio DSP engine (C, with transmission-only implementations in Python, JavaScript, Arduino) and a network API (REST, implemented in Pyramids/Mongo, hosted on AWS with nginx for HTTP proxying). Our SDKs make it trivial to send and receive arbitrary data using the Chirp protocol, with complete implementations for iOS (Objective-C) and Android (Java).

For web projects, we use a variety of JavaScript/CSS/HTML5  frameworks (Angular, Bootstrap, Node), communicating with Python backends (Tornado, Pyramids on AWS).

We have great benefits

Dynamic start-up

Based in Central London

Options available

Varied and interesting projects