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Health Information Exchange software platform and applicaitons

Our software actually matters.

CareEvolution's Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform creates better patient outcomes. Our exchanges ingest clinical data from a wide variety of sources - claims, admissions, orders, labs etc. - and supply interfaces by which client applications can consume, modify, and aggregate that data in all sorts of interesting ways. 

In the US alone, our exchanges house clinical and claims data on tens of millions of patients. We're small (60 people) - all technical folks - and we firmly believe and are demonstrating that a small team of motivated high achievers can successfully compete with anyone.

The problems our Health Information Exchanges fix

One example: visibility across institutions.  Often, patient care is managed across multiple hospitals, clinics, and practices. Our platform allows caregivers (and patients) to access a patient's complete medical history across all institutions in the exchange. In other words the physician can see everything that's happened to the patient - cross-institution - on one screen.

Another: the prevention of Never Events. One frequently-occurring Never Event is when a certain type of catheter is left in a patient for too long, in which case the infection risk increases. If that happens, insurers will refuse to reimburse the hospital - and so the hospital must pay for the care in addressing the infection, which can be tens of thousands of dollars per patient. It is in the financial interest of the hospital to identify which patients are at risk, and to take corrective action. In this case - as is often the case - the financial story aligns with the mission of creating better patient outcomes. CareEvolution has leveraged many different components of our stack and leveraged all sorts of interesting data - labs, orders, nurse notes, financials, etc. - to create a solution to this problem.

There are many other use cases for exchange, but - in short - any opportunity in which we can create better patient outcomes is the business that we want to be in, and the business that we find ourselves in.

Visit to learn more - or contact us - and we'll better explain what CareEvolution is all about.

The CareEvolution HIEBus Tech Stack

The core is written in C# with an SQL datastore (commonly MSSQL, but can be others).  Data drivers (adapters) are often written in C#, Python, Java... whatever the right tools are to do an integration.  Our architecture is service-oriented, in that it is a cluster of Windows services that run as web services.  The main client application that sits atop these services is a set of web-based clients (ASP.NET, C#, MVC3 and the usual HTML stack including Javascript, JQuery, etc.,) but we also have standalone apps and mobile apps that consume the WSDL and interact with the services.

We have great benefits

Terrific Ann Arbor officeWork from anywhereCompetitive Salary401K & Defined BenefitStrong PartnershipsFlex TimeHackathons every 8 weeksTalented coworkersBiweekly post-work get-togethersThis work actually matters

Our open jobs

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Healthcare ETL Specialists

Ann Arbor, MI (allows remote) (relocation offered)

Note: this job is open to US Residents only. CareEvolution's Health Information Exchange (HIE) platform…


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