Make your bed smart with Beddit sleep tracker

Build something new with us

At Beddit, we are making a new kind of sleep tracking device and mobile app. We have developed a contactless sensor for measuring ballistocardiogram in bed. The sensor, along with algorithms running on mobile device, can measure movements, heart rate, respiration, and sleep quality.

Now you can join us in building a new product. We appreciate good quality code and getting things done.

About Beddit

Beddit is a Finnish business specialized in sleep and wellbeing. As a part of the booming mobile health market, our vision is to help people understand more about their health, well-being and sleep and to encourage them to make an effort.

We have developed sleep measurement for several years and Beddit Pro device has been on the market from 2012. Currently we are bringing consumer version of Beddit to the market, making the technology more scalable. Thanks to our success in crowdfunding now we are building up our production.

Tech stack

Beddit works with both iOS and Android devices. We are also developing Beddit Cloud, which will provide data synchronisation, web API, and more. Some of our algorithms are implemented in C++ for cross-platform compatibility and efficiency.

We have great benefits

Flexible working hoursHigh-end computerChoose your devicesGreat team!Free gym downstairsNo bureaucracy

Who you'll work with

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