Adam Comerford

Senior Systems Engineer
Riot Games
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Currently looking to build out the systems engineering function in EMEA for Riot Games while getting my hands dirty as an engineer again.

General summary of skills and experience:

  • 15+ Years experience across a broad range of IT fields
  • Principal level individual contributor
  • Management & team building experience
  • Significant operations and On-Call experience
  • Account management and support experience
  • Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal)
  • Technical Training (curriculum development and delivery)

At various points in my career I have been "thrown in at the deep end" and been successful. I enjoy that kind of challenge and have the ability to learn and adapt quickly.


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Senior Systems Engineer
Riot Games

March 2015 – Current

Helping to build out the technical team in Europe, hire more Rioters in general while still delivering value to our players and trying to get better personally at League of Legends :)

I am currently working on multiple projects, usually from an infrastructure, systems and networking perspective. From a tech perspective my most recent work has involved a lot of AWS based wrangling, automation etc. - it has been interesting leveling up that skill set a bit, still plenty to learn.

Still based out of Dublin, Ireland

Solutions Engineer

February 2014 – March 2015

Founding member of the Solutions Engineering team in MongoDB. Our goal was to create reusable assets and collateral that the rest of the company can use and leverage in the field. This will include tools, reference architectures, reference implementations, consulting products, technical presentations, white papers, documentation, and knowledge base articles.

We played an active role in sales, consulting, support, community evangelism and more. Solutions Engineers also serve as subject matter experts within the team, and for the rest of the company.

I also wrote and recorded the first MongoDB University advanced course - M202: MongoDB Advanced Deployment and Operations.

After the Solutions Engineering team was disbanded, I spent a short period of time as a Consulting Engineer for the EMEA region.

Technical Services Manager, EMEA
MongoDB, Inc.

January 2012 – May 2014

I was one of the first technical hires for MongoDB (then 10gen) outside the US and built the EMEA Technical Support team from scratch in Dublin.

Generally, I was responsible for:

  • Hiring and managing the EMEA support team
  • Team development, reviews, coaching
  • Management and technical escalations for MongoDB customers

Initially, I was one of the first dedicated engineers and began my career supporting customers and getting my hands dirty while at the same time looking to hire and build a team. As the team grew over time, this eventually became more management focused, though I did try to keep contributing from a technical perspective (both commercially and with the community).

Additionally, I also created the Dublin MongoDB Meetup Group, spoke at several events and conferences, and helped build up the office in Ireland and the EMEA operation in general.

Technical Relationship Manager

January 2011 – January 2012

I acted as the technical account/relationship manager for the Networking group, EMEA. Our focus was on supporting Netscaler and Branch Repeater Citrix product lines.

In particular I focused on supporting large Netscaler customers in the US and EMEA (from cloud providers to large banks) - the challenges of running large clusters of load balancers at scale in diverse environments are many and varied.

Principal Systems Analyst

January 1999 – June 2010

This job title has subsequently been updated to Site Reliability Engineer, which more accurately reflects the role. I was initially part of the Web Operations team managing the International properties (Apache, Tomcat, Linux administration for the most part). Later moved to the load balancer team to manage the Netscaler and CDN platforms, which is the role I held until taking voluntary redundancy in 2010

Previous roles at AOL over the 10+ spanned multiple disciplines, and countries.


Diploma in Information Systems
Trinity College, Dublin

2009 – 2011

Graduated top of class (Best Overall Grade Achieved Award)

Each year received the highest grade (Distinction) overall.



2004 – 2007

Citrix Certified Administrator - Netscaler 9


ICAgile Certified Professional


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GitHub, Mar 2009 - Jan 2015; followed by 347 people; forked 62 times

snippets of code that might be useful

Fixing minor bugs, added the SSL feature to the setup scripts.

GitHub, Jan 2009 - Current; followed by 8763 people; forked 2477 times

The Mongo Database

Minor contributions - added new help options for SSL, fixed small issues with exit codes in tools etc.

GitHub, Sep 2011 - Current; followed by 390 people; forked 932 times

The MongoDB Documentation Project Source.

Regularly provide reviews, bug fixes, and more to the MongoDB docs

GitHub, Nov 2013 - Current; followed by 24 people; forked 29 times

For support tools to be shared publicly

Code reviews, minor fixes

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Netscaler NITRO API 101: Logging in with Python | Citrix Blogs

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Using Perl to Ping an AJP Service (Jetty) » Adam's R&R

A quick guide on how to use perl to check the health (intelligently) of an AJP service

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MongoDB: The Definitive Guide


The Definitive Guide

Kristina Chodorow, Michael Dirolf

MongoDB in Action

MongoDB in Action

Kyle Banker

Scaling MongoDB

Scaling MongoDB

Kristina Chodorow

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Snail in a Turtleneck » Blog Archive » Controlling Collection Distribution

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ZX Spectrum (48k!)

vim (CLI) or TextMate (GUI)