William Charles Cottrill

Senior Software Engineer
AT&T Mobility
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I am a Software Engineer/Architect who has embraced his inner geek.

I am Born to Code! I Love writing software, and I believe that I have found my passion in life, and I really just want somebody who will pay me to write cool software for them.

I have learned that being excited, passionate about your work brings you happiness. I approach my craft with a sense of humility, and I love to find solutions to challenges. I try to encourage others to enjoy their work as well.


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Senior Software Engineer
AT&T Mobility

July 2011 – Current

Contract Software Engineer/Developer with AT&T Mobility, working on location systems, detecting and alerting on fault locations, increasing accuracy of locating handsets. Built Geolocation, subscriber location, Google Earth integration for antenna location verification.

Built system to combine location information from Nelos system to determine and message customers who would benefit from imminent network upgrades.

Contributed ideas and insights toward two patent applications. Investigating Hadoop and MongoDB for BigData.

Senior Software Developer

February 2009 – March 2011

Linux, Perl, Oracle, Javascript/jQuery, HTML, CSS, Mason, Postgres, Telcordia Granite, SVN, shell, Ruby, C/C++... Workflow and Process automation, including network dispatch, network configuration display, spares management, site geocoding and EFM qualification, billing mediation and CDR collection, archive and management. Plus a whole lot more.

Senior Software Engineer

July 2007 – February 2009

WEGENER develops digital audio and video equipment for the satellite broadcast industry; used in broadcast, radio, telco, enterprise and cable networks to distribute video and audio content to millions of people. http://www.wegener.com/index.php

Develops embedded set top and rack mount video and audio store and forward receiver/decoders. Systems based upon custom hardware and run linux using multithreaded, OO software to decode RF signals, store and play audio and video content to multiple decoders. Analyzes new product specifications and designs tailored solutions.

Develops embedded video server, IRD using Linux, C/C++, SVN, Lua, Ruby, sockets, mp2, mp3, pcm, h.264.

Promoted to manage Engineering Test automation group, developing automated test, regression and build unit verification. Trains and mentors, motivates and guides direct reports. Plans, schedules and manages projects for both existing feature testing and new product development.

Software Development Manager

January 2006 – July 2007

As Software Development Manager, Charles is responsible for managing software development and quality assurance. He defines processes and standards, trains and mentors developers, motivates and guides employees. He is responsible for architecture and implementation, schedules and manages projects for existing product support and new product development and integration. He is responsible for systems that provide wired and wireless internet access at over 700 locations in the U.S.

Senior Software Engineer
Scientific Games

October 2005 – January 2006

Software development on Linux/C++ and Windows/VC++. Developed system to transfer XML files from jockey club into Tote system for racing industry.

Sr. Staff Engineer
Telchemy, Inc.

May 2004 – October 2005

design and develop high speed network probe to monitor VoIP call quality.

Sr. Consultant
Peak Resources (for Accenture

August 2003 – February 2004

Software design and development consulting. Developed system to transfer schematics from Engineering design workstations to provisioning system. Used Agile programming methods to build C++/Oracle/Corba solution for client on Solaris Sunfire servers. Consulted with Accenture for Bellsouth Telecommunications.

Sr. Software Engineer
Glenayre Electronics, Inc

July 1997 – May 2003

Software development team lead, project manager. Design and develop telephone switch control system, Prepaid wireless control system, voice mail account migration subsystem, messaging infrastructure, application specific language for telphone callflow control. Sun Solaris, Linux, Hp, Aix, Tcp networking, Agile development, UML, Rational Rose, Purify, Clear Case, Clear Quest. C/C++/Java development, Oracle.

Senior Software Engineer
Enterprise Network Applications

1996 – 1997

Built graphical network management system in Java 1.1 (team of 3, 6 months).

Sr. Software Designer
Bellsouth Advanced Networks

October 1988 – September 1994

Software development team leader for several projects, including client-server computer systems for data network access, billing, x.25 and tcp/ip networking, credit card authorization, information service provider access. Extensive experience using case tools for system analysis, design, project management. Mentored, interviewed, hired, managed team of software engineers. Experienced with C/C++, SunOs, Solaris, Hp-ux, Aix, Sybase, Oracle, and Informix. telecommunications network access, billing, information service provider access, et al.

Software Engineer
South Rand Corporation

1987 – 1988

Software Engineer
SRX Corp

1987 – 1988

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BS - Computer Science
Kennesaw State University

1981 – 1991

Post-graduate study in Computer Science and Mathematics, additional topics beyond undergraduate study. Compiler construction, algorithms, forth and postscript programming.

BS Mathematics
Kennesaw State University

1980 – 1985

GPA 3.8/4.0, Magna Cum Laude, GRE Math 800, GRE Math Subject 800, Directed studies in compiler design and construction, wrote lisp interpreter in C, built floating point routines for 6502 in forth, scientific calculator in 808x assembler. Student Government Senator, Math Club President, Computer Science Club VP, Chess tournament 2nd place.

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