Bryan Kyle

Senior Software Engineer - Watson Linguistic Products
IBM Canada
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Senior Software Engineer - Watson Linguistic Products
IBM Canada

January 2007 – Current

Bryan currently works in the IBM Watson Group on Watson Discovery Advisor.

Previously at IBM Bryan worked on an internal initiative to streamline sales and opportunity management called SalesConnect, IBM Forms Webform Server, an enterprise scale electronic forms rendering engine and runtime, and Forms Experience Builder.

While working on SalesConnect Bryan was primarily responsible for leading the Business Intelligence team through the implementation and deployment of various systems. Highlights include:

  • Lead the implementation of a large ETL system to provided a cleaned up version of the OLTP database for reporting purposes using DataStage. This work required Bryan to quickly get up to speed on the inner workings of IBMs client and opportunity management infrastructure.

Webform Server is a product that converts XFDL forms into pixel-precise HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that communicates with a server-side runtime via AJAX. Bryan was responsible for making architectural decisions and leading other developers through design and implementation. Highlights include:

  • Designed and built a generic, recursive library to transform markup from one for to another. This library, which included a full CSS parser and CSS selector engine was then used to secure HTML content coming from external sources and to transform arbitrary HTML+CSS into a canonical form that could be printed using a custom print engine.
  • Designed and implemented a functional, reactive markup template DSL (Domain Specific Language) on top of JavaScript. This design reduced the total amount of code and bug counts, as well as improved rendering consistency and maintainability.
  • Worked with other senior developers on the team to develop a strategy to re-design the algorithm used to synchronize client-side and server-side models. The result of this re-design was a much more consistent and robust mechanism that had fewer moving parts to maintain.

Forms Experience Builder is a newer product from IBM that enables line of business users to quickly build HTML forms to collect information. Forms built using Forms Experience Builder can contain a variety of different fields, security restrictions, and workflow stages. Bryan was primarily responsible for the Services Framework which provides an interface for extending the capabilities of forms built using Forms Experience Builder. Highlights include:

  • Built a generic extension mechanism that allows customers and business partners to extend the capabilities of Forms Experience Builder by allowing it to communicate with other software systems. These systems can be backend systems, databases, custom software over custom protocols, etc.
  • Built a generic mapping engine that can build-up and tear-apart various data formats such as JSON and XML. Mappings are provided
  • Built an extension that allows Forms Experience Builder applications to integrate with with any system providing a RESTful interface. This extension is highly customizable so that customers and business partners don't need to write code in order to communicate over HTTP. This extension in concert with the mapping engine provides an extremely robust and capable extension point that comes bundled with the product.

In addition to the above accomplishments, Bryan has also:

  • Filed several intellectual property disclosures resulting in publications and patent filings in Canada and the United States.
  • Implemented a JavaScript/XPath bridge for the open source Ubiquity-XForms library that allowed XPath expressions to call functions written in JavaScript. By allowing XPath expressions to call plain JavaScript functions users can format values and write their own predicate functions without needing to understand the complexities of the XPath engine. Public documentation for this feature can be found at

Intermediate Programmer/Analyst
Pangaea Systems (acquired by CGI Group)

2004 – 2007

During his time at CGI Group Inc. Bryan was responsible for designing, and leading teams of developers through the process of developing and maintaining custom built data entry and reporting applications for the BC Ministry of Forests and Range. These applications were all built using the JavaEE stack with an Oracle database for persistent storage and an in-house developed framework built on top of Jakarta Struts.

Intermediate Programmer/Analyst
Silver Lake Contractors Ltd.

2000 – 2003

While employed at Silver Lake Contractors Ltd. Bryan was responsible for the implementation and design of several JavaEE applications using Oracle for persistent data storage. Among these projects was VitalVision, a vital statistics gathering and reporting application built using a custom XML/XSLT driven framework.


Computer Systems Technology
Camosun College

2004 – 2006

  • Successfully challenged several 1st and 2nd year courses on software development and networking.
  • First Year Computer Systems Technology Achievement Award

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Emacs mode to automatically decompile Java classes

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Emacs inferior mode for JavaScript

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Electronic forms powered by IBM Forms help reduce the time, costs, and problems inherent to paper-based forms processes and help speed process automation.

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