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Brian Surowiec

Howell, NJ, United States

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Most recently Lead Developer at Paramax.

I'm passionate about programming and enjoy the challenges it provides. I'm always trying and learning new technologies regardless of what I do at work. Most recently I've started moving away from ASP.NET in favor of NancyFX. With this shift I also started contributing to open source projects. The contributions range from simple documentation fixes to new features. I also spend a fair amount of time on JabbR.

My first open source contribution was to the Kudu project which added support for Kiln. This was before it supported Git, but the feature remains and I continue to use it. Since then I've contributed to JabbR, Nancy, LinqToQuerystring, and DefinitelyTyped.

Lately I've been working on a website for gardening. The project started out as a simple site to keep track of my vegetable garden and then quickly turned into something I could use to play with new libraries and frameworks. Currently it uses Nancy as the backend with LinqToQuerystring providing OData endpoints. The front-end is being built with AngularJS and TypeScript. It's also built to run on OWIN so there's no dependency on System.Web. This has lead to me creating additional projects such as Raygun.Owin, Cassette.Owin, Nancy.Validation.DataAnnodations.Extensions, and my own database migrator called Rove. I've also setup Hyper-V VMs with web, database, build server, and deployment server roles. I use TeamCity for the build server and Kudu for the deployment server.



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Freelance Web Developer, Roxie Rose Music Promo & Design

2010 - Current

Designed and built a custom portfolio website to showcase her work.

  • The development process uses a continuous integration server running on TeamCity and Mercurial/Kiln.
  • Unit tests are written using NUnit & Moq and cover most of the code.
  • Site content is provided using markdown.

Freelance Web Developer, Paramax

July 2014 - Current

  • Ongoing maintenance of websites and servers

Lead Developer, Paramax

December 2003 - June 2014

The Awards Marketplace

The Awards Marketplace is an incentive rewards catalog containing a variety of vendors such as, Best Buy, InComm, and Sears. The product selection consists of gift cards, travel options, and merchandise.

In charge of all development for The Awards Marketplace. Recently the site was updated from a mix of ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC to Nancy and .NET 4.5.1 and uses an SQL Server backend. The CI server is TeamCity and Kiln is used for source control.

Key Technologies

  • LINQ 2 SQL
  • MS SQL Server
  • NancyFX
  • NUnit
  • StructureMap
  • TypeScript
  • WCF

Prior Technologies

  • ASP.NET WebForms

3rd Party Integrations

  • - merchandise and giftcode vendor
  • Best Buy - merchandise vendor
  • InComm - giftcard vendor
  • Sears Holdings - merchandise vendor
  • Fog Bugz - customer service integration

Areas of Responsibility

  • Client website
  • Administration website
  • Server components for data processing
  • Internal API for order integration
  • 3rd party integration with Amazon, Best Buy, and Sears

Achieva Suite

Achieva Suite is an incentive rewards platform used for internal sales and recognition programs as well as consumer based loyalty programs.

Lead numerous product cycles and version updates. This includes keeping the product's framework and dependencies up to date as well as adding new features and bug fixes. Most recently the platform was updated to .NET 4.5.1 while numerous subsystems were rebuilt or refactored for increased performance and ease of development. The development process was updated to closely match that of The Awards Marketplace.

Key Technologies

  • ASP.NET WebForms
  • LINQ 2 SQL
  • MS SQL Server
  • NUnit
  • StructureMap
  • WCF

3rd Party Integrations

  • Stripe - credit card processing to allow participants to purchase points
  • Bridge 2 Solutions - catalog integration for point redemption
  • Maritz - catalog integration for point redemption
  • Fog Bugz - customer service integration

Areas of Responsibility

  • Client website
  • Administration website
  • Server components
  • Documentation
  • Client and 3rd party integrations

Custom Client Work

Along with The Awards Marketplace and Achieva Suite development I also lead, and worked on, client projects. These consisted of customizations, new plugins, and 3rd party integrations with Achieva Suite. My responsibilities included:

  • Project planning
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Team Management

3rd Party Integrations

  • Stripe - credit card processing to allow participants to purchase points
  • Bridge 2 Solutions - catalog integration for point redemption
  • Maritz - catalog integration for point redemption
  • Fog Bugz - customer service integration

Notable Projects


Prior to the start of development I made numerous changes to the Achievea Suite architecture in preparation for an above normal data load. These changes included bug fixes, performance enhancements, and new plugin hooks to allow for more flexible and complex plugins without the need to customize full pages of the software. I also provided guidance to the development team working on the project.


This was built on the work done to Achieva for the GE project and included even more changes to support their expected data and user load.

Lead the development of a custom sales program using product and sales data feeds. Built custom user and profile importers, various reporting/data export tasks, custom reports, and custom themes.

The program runs in both English and French. Development has spanned over 2 years with the bulk of it being done by myself, while also managing two other developers at various points of high workload.

Embassy Suites

Custom recognition program for hotel employees. Included the ability to purchase points using Stripe for credit card processing, and custom award redemption via a 3rd party catalog.


Lead the upgrades of four legacy sites from .NET 1.1 to .NET 4.5. These were highly customized versions of Achieva which could not be updated to the latest version. Built custom reports, and multiple order processors using sftp and ftps.

Sysco Canada

Lead the update from a legacy .NET 1.1 instance to .NET 4.5. Built custom themes, reports, and admin functionality.

The program runs in both English and French.

Over the years I've worked on similar projects for companies such as Alcoa, Caterpillar, Comex, Cooper Electric, Dole, GAF, Glatfelter, Herr's, Manpower, Mattel, Pfizer, Sprint, Staples, and Waste Management.

Other Responsibilities

Server/Network Management

Setup and maintain our office network which includes an Active Directory/Domain Controller, WSUS, Hyper-V VMs, numerous web and database servers, as well as TeamCity.

Have experience installing and setting up Windows Server 2000-2012R2 for a range of roles, and SQL Server 2000-2012.

At various points I've also worked with Symantec Antivirus and a number backup services.

I've also run network cabling, setup switches, routers, and firewalls from SonicWall, WatchGuard, and 3Com.

Freelance Web Developer, Paramax

2005 - 2007

  • Designed and developed an internal defect tracking application that better fit the business needs compared to the existing commercial offerings
  • Application ran on top of Achieva Suite to better integrate into the company's internal website

Freelance Web Developer, Langeveld Bulb Company

May 2007 - December 2007

  • Designed and developed a corporate catalog to allow retail customers to place product order requests for in-store inventory
  • Site included multiple catalogs, shopping cart and administrative order reporting and downloading
  • Produced two interactive catalogs in HTML that were mailed to customers on CD along with their print catalog that mirrored the online catalogs

Freelance Web Developer,

2002 - 2003

  • Designed and developed a site which allowed users to view nightclub and party information and to then sign up for guest lists
  • Site included an image gallery and music download section for local DJs to add their music to
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Computer Science, Monmouth County Vocational School District

2001 - 2003

Received my A+ certification, C-Tech Cabling certification, and prepared for the Cisco CCNA certification.


CompTIA A+


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GitHub, Sep 2013 - Dec 2014; followed by 2 people

Owin middleware for

I'm the author of the project.


GitHub, Mar 2014 - Current

.NET 4.5 Data Annotation support for Nancy

I'm the author of the project.


GitHub, Aug 2013 - Jan 2014; followed by 4 people; forked 2 times

Owin middleware for Cassette

I'm the author of the project.


GitHub, Jan 2014 - Current

Lightweight, low-ceremony, framework for building HTTP based services on .Net and Mono

  • Documentation
  • Validation bug fix
  • Validation enhancements


GitHub, Feb 2014

A lightweight subset of oData querystring conventions that works with any IQueryable

Added date and time filter functions


GitHub, Sep 2014 - Nov 2014

Sql projection library

Added support for additional data types such as Date, DateTime, DateTime2, and Money.


GitHub, Aug 2013 - Current

The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions.

Contributed or updated definitions for

  • AngularJS
  • Angular UI Bootstrap
  • bootbox
  • jQuery
  • marked


GitHub, May 2013

Kudu is the engine behind git deployments in Azure Web Sites. It can also run outside of Azure.

Added support to allow deploying from Fog Creek's Kiln.


GitHub, May 2014 - Nov 2014

NuGet package for Angular UI Bootstrap

This repository is used for the Angular UI Bootstrap NuGet package which I maintain.


GitHub, Jan 2014 - Current

NuGet package for Angular UI UI-Utils

This repository is used for the Angular UI UI-Utils NuGet package which I maintain.

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Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations

Here Comes Everybody

The Power of Organizing Without Organizations

Clay Shirky

The Design of Everyday Things: Revised and Expanded Edition

The Design of Everyday Things

Revised and Expanded Edition

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AT&T Am286 & i486

Visual Studio