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I first started programming with batch scripts, back in the early to mid ninety's.
I mostly learned by reading the installation scripts that came with the computer that I was using at the time.

Soon after I started writing VBA scripts on MS Word, and Excel.

I started writing Perl, at around the turn of the century. After it was mentioned in Windows Magazine.
At first I used ActiveState Perl under Windows. Now that I have switched to using Linux primarily I usually compile my own perls.

I find that whenever I want to automate something I am always turning to Perl for the task.




October 2009 – October 2009

I extended a feature of Perl so that:

while( readdir(DIR) ){...}

gets converted to:

while(defined( $_ = readdir(DIR) )){...}

This makes it so that it works reliably when, for example, it comes across a file named "0".

To get this feature added, I had to do some digging.

  • I first had to find out where in the Perl source the feature I wanted to extend exists.

    As it turns out it was in "op.c".

  • Then I had to figure out how the feature I wanted to extend works.

    It works by adding two ops to the optree.

  • I then figured out how to add the new feature, without breaking the original functionality.

    It turned out to be fairly simple, all I had to do was change the condition to match OP_READDIR in addition to OP_READLINE, and OP_GLOB.

That was only the first obstacle.

  • I then had to write tests to make sure that it worked like I wanted it to work.

  • I also had to send a message to, with the Patch as an attachment.

This Patch got committed on Thu, 22 Oct 2009, by Rafael Garcia-Suarez

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Open Source

GitHub, Feb 2011 - Current

Use any version of JSON RPC over any libwww supported transport protocols.

I created JSON::RPC::LWP to ease the use of JSON::RPC::Common::Marshal::HTTP with LWP::UserAgent, after I saw how they were being used together in Games::Lacuna::Client.


Strings: Characters vs Data

I’ve been thinking, why is it that Character strings, and Binary strings are mostly the same in Perl. If you read in a binary file, why would you want it to behave as if it were a Character file?



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