Brandon Boone

Principal Software Engineer
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Brandon Boone is a professional software developer. He considers himself a JavaScript (ECMAScript) evangelist & has dreams of building a realtime (COMET/WebSockets), cross-platform (Desktop & Smart-Phone), enterprise web-application with a Node.js backend... now if only he had a really good idea.


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Principal Software Engineer

December 2013 – Current

• Introduced RabbitMQ to facilitate dynamic messaging queues for distributed processing.

• Introduced a new front end application stack with ASP.Net MVC, Backbone.js, handlebars, when.js, browserify, less, jslint, csslint, and grunt.

• Modified our AMC (Automate Measure Calculation) reports to export a differential report based on the numerator and denominator results, allowing administrative and physician staff to more accurately discover and correct any shortcomings in meeting the numerator requirements of each AMC report.

• Adjusted our patient vitals application to collect coded data (SNOMED) regarding Diagnostic Studies, Physical Exams, Functional Assessments, & Reasons Declined for use in exporting CCDA (Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture) files and for computing Clinical Quality Measures.

• Worked with my team to revamp our patient diagnosis application to serve ICD-10 codes alongside SNOMED, ICD-9, & US-SNOMED codes. Interfaced with a TCP/IP based API, provided by Intelligent Medical Objects (, that allows physicians to quickly find results based on the more common ICD-9 terms and then easily filter down to a specific ICD-10 code.

Senior Software Engineer

February 2013 – December 2013

Promoted to senior and given the privilege of representing my team and the responsibility to ensure the quality of our work and its timely completion.

• Designed and implemented a custom JavaScript find control that traverses targeted areas of the DOM and highlights the found text in order to meet a specific government certification requirement. In IE8, the control outperforms the native search feature of the browser.

• Helped build and design a public facing web application that facilitates interactions between patients and doctors and provides patients access to their health records.

• Took part in the general development effort to meet the government's Meaningful Use Stage II certification requirements.

Software Engineer

July 2009 – February 2013

Transitioned to a full time position on the CSD team which shortly after was merged together with our Core development team.

• Took initiative to create a proof of concept plugin architecture for one of our frequently customized web applications. This spurred the interest of our department head who re-architected the project and oversaw my work in implementing the design. The project has since become a department standard for reusable and hot swappable components within our web architecture.

• Participated in phone screening applicants, reviewing test projects, and helping conduct on site interviews. 11 of the candidates that I screened or personally interviewed became full time employees.

• Was asked to join the first cross-team work group responsible for the design and maintenance of our reusable web components (custom JavaScript based UI controls and utilities) and the applications that minify, package, and serve them.

• Independently spearheaded the design and implementation of a css sprite image generator using an open source rectangle packer and image quantizer.

• Took part in the general development effort to meet the government's Meaningful Use Stage I certification requirements.

• Helped implement an initial comprehensive collection of 2487 unit tests for our JavaScript based custom control library.

• Helped conduct extensive research on the performance of the DOM in regard to large data sets (tables over 1000 records). Created a proof of concept implementation and presented it for review (see attached "ViewPort Grids" presentation).

• Created and delivered a Silverlight application in 3 days with no prior experience using the technology.

Software Development Intern

May 2007 – June 2009

Worked with the Custom Software Development (CSD) team to create unique solutions for our clients while also dedicating time to internal tool development.

• Created an ASP.NET application to generate digital prescription templates for new clients, enabling tech support to assume 100% responsibility for their creation rather than development hand crafting each one.

• Engineered a Windows Forms (C#) plugin that integrated with a web camera, allowing the receptionist to add profile pictures for registering patients.

• Worked independently with a client and his vendor (White Plume) to gather requirements and implement a solution for the seamless integration of his billing software with our system. The process took several months to complete and resulted in a reusable product which continues to be resold or bundled with new client installs.

• After our technical lead joined the Core team, I assumed responsibility for assisting my manager with estimating the development cost of new projects, writing specifications, and working with third party vendors to understand integration requirements.


Information Systems Management
Bob Jones University

2005 – 2009

Society Officer - Accountant - Phi Beta Chi 2008-2009

Worked remotely from my dorm room as the first remote intern at SRSsoft.

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GitHub, Dec 2013

Converts XML to formatted HTML.

Wrote this for a friend and then decided to use it as a first small contribution to the open source community.

GitHub, Jul 2014 - Current

JavaScript wrapper for the Autotask SOAP API

Created this to facilitate faster time entries for our development department.

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