Peter H. Bittner

Owner, Co-Founder, CI / CD Coach, DevOps Engineer
Painless.Software, and Owner, Founder, CTO, Internet Entrepreneur
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Believe it or not, I'm a technology chameleon in software development. I love all C-style languages (like Java, C#, PHP), but Python/Django is my favourite. I love cross-platform user interface solutions and responsive design. I'm probably a Linux and open source fanatic, but I'm definitely a usability expert.

I care for optimal work conditions, because a great workplace is where great software happens. I don't just believe in Scrum, I require continuous delivery as a mindset to build a successful product. I go the short way for painless deployments.

I'm your future IT manager, your agile CTO. Hire me!


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Owner, Co-Founder, CI / CD Coach, DevOps Engineer

2015 – Current

not moving fast enough? looking for support? we have years of experience. we can help. call us!

Owner, Founder, CTO, Internet Entrepreneur

2014 – Current

the next generation collaboration platform. for everyone.

Agile Coach & Change Manager, Django Developer
Notch Interactive GmbH

2014 – 2015

management coaching, agile transformation, scrum master, test-driven development (bdd), automation (development, deployment), django and python development

Head of Software Development PIM / eCommerce / hybris

2012 – 2014

enhancing development processes (continuous integration & deployment), introducing agile project management processes, member of the management board

Team Lead IT E-Commerce
HolidayCheck AG

2011 – 2012

member of IT management team, team lead IT e-commerce (6+ team), scrum practitioner, software developer, mobile developer

Software Engineer
IVM Technical Consultants Wien GmbH

2008 – 2011

project manager Remedy solutions at Siemens, application developer Joomla! for (sql, php, xhtml, css, javascript, ajax), software engineer and outsourcing support at Thales (c++, Linux infrastructure setup automation, user interface design and reviews), social media consultant

Senior Consultant
Capgemini Consulting Österreich AG

2007 – 2008

screen design and usability (requirements engineering), software maintainer (php, html, mysql, Linux), software developer (j2ee, jsp, db design, postgresql)

IT Consultant
TeamWORKS Consulting & Engineering GmbH

2002 – 2007

software developer on several projects (java/swing database front-end at Magna Automotive; document management introduction, maintenance, and addon development using c++/mfc, c# and python at KSV; animal test lab software using j2ee/j2se/swing at JSW Research; visual map designer development using c# and visio drawing control at PKE/KSG)

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Dipl.-Ing. (equiv. M.Sc. Computer Science)
Graz University of Technology

1994 – 2003

developed very first cryptography providers benchmarking java gui, extensive coursework in human computer interaction (heuristic evaluation, usability testing, video analysis)

Computer Science
Aston University

1999 – 2000

developed book library db in cgi python and oracle/mysql (portable db design) as BSc final year coursework


Certified Usablility Analyst (CUA, Human Factors Intl.)

2007 – 2008

Web Accessibility (OCG, Austria)

2009 – 2009

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GitHub, Feb 2014 - Current; followed by 18 people; forked 10 times

All-in-one collaboration solution for non-profit organizations, sports clubs or small to medium-sized businesses. Nice, very nice,

founder, maintainer, core developer (full stack)

GitHub, May 2014 - Mar 2015

The mother theme of all themes for django-organice.

maintainer, core developer (full stack)

GitHub, May 2014 - Mar 2015

A django Organice theme with full-page display used by

maintainer, core developer (full stack)

GitHub, May 2014 - Mar 2015

A django Organice theme created for Kreuzlingen Rudolf Steiner school (RSSK).

maintainer, core developer (full stack)

GitHub, Dec 2015 - Current

Supportive data for buying spare parts. Essential for LEGO robotics enthusiasts.

maintainer, developer

GitHub, Jul 2014 - Current

Analytics services for Django projects

co-maintainer, contributor (piwik)

GitHub, May 2015 - Jul 2015

Behave BDD integration for Django

contributor (context helper function, simplify testing using live server)

GitHub, May 2015 - Sep 2015

BDD, Python style.

contributor (configuration files)

GitHub, Apr 2015

A Django plugin for py.test.

contributor (convert django boiler plate functions)

GitHub, May 2014

Smart error pages for your Django website. Enlighten your visitors with helping error pages, use their precious potential: keep visitors on your site, make use of cross-selling.

core developer

GitHub, Feb 2014 - Dec 2015; followed by 5 people; forked 3 times

reStructuredText Preview and Highlighting for gedit 3.8. Original project now stale at


Pyjamas is a python to Javascript compiler, Widget set, Framework and Toolkit for Application development that runs on Web browsers. The developer need not know anything about AJAX: all the AJAX tricks, for all major browsers, are entirely taken care of.


Your users have enough of creating another account - just for your website. Let them log in to your Joomla!-powered website using the credentials of their favorite social service (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, PayPal, OpenID, and many more).

project owner, developer


Diese Projekt ist der Quellcode eines Vollwert-Kochbuchs, ein PDF-Dokument, das auch LaTeX-Code generiert wird. Einer Sammlung von Rezepten aus Österreich und Deutschland. Gesund kochen, gesund essen, gesund leben! Vollwerternährung nach Kollath und Bruker.

original author, publisher

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First working Skype messaging app on Ubuntu phone.

developer, maintainer

Collaboration on Git projects enabled for Ubuntu phone.

developer, maintainer

A sweet radio player app for Switzerland using the platform powering major Swiss radio stations.

developer, maintainer

Austria's official radio, TV and news broadcast packed into an app for Ubuntu phone.

developer, maintainer

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Write Access For Everyone!

Intranets Done Right

I've been telling colleagues for years what's wrong with today's corporate intranets. Usually, they were shocked about my point of view: Write access for everyone! How,…

Die Neue Schule ist gut! – Wann kommt sie?

Brauchen wir Notendruck und Zeugnisse, damit unsere Kinder gebildete Menschen werden? Die grossen Bildungs­reformer des 19. Jahr­hunderts sagen Nein. Die moderne Gehirn­forschung auch.

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Anna, die Schule und der liebe Gott: Der Verrat des Bildungssystems an unseren Kindern (German Edition)

Anna, die Schule und der liebe Gott

Der Verrat des Bildungssystems an unseren Kindern

Richard David Precht

Awesome insights into the problems of the (German) school system. Learn from this book why learning with pressure is a broken idea, and why giving marks is contra-productive.

LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell (In a Nutshell (O'Reilly))

LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell

Adam Haeder, Stephen Addison Schneiter, Bruno Gomes Pessanha, James Stanger

Covers about everything you want to know about Linux, in sufficient detail.

Just for Fun.

Just for Fun.

Linus Torvalds, David Diamond

Much of Linux's success can be attributted to my own personality flaws: 1. I'm lazy. 2. I like to get credit for the work of others. 3. ...

That's Linus: Plain funny! :-)

Articles & Blogs

Release Early, Release Often

"Nothing is real until it's providing value (or not) to your users. Having completed work that isn't released is wasteful." (Nate Kohari)


Epson 8088 MS-DOS PC

vim, Notepad++, PyCharm, PhpStorm, Eclipse


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I started programming when we demolished the operating system of our Christmas present in 1988. The MS-DOS 4.0 DOS Shell was gone, only MS-DOS 3.3 would boot. I figured I had to program a new start menu to get rid of typing the same command over and over again ...