Billy Moon

Front End Developer
  • Edinburgh, United Kingdom
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My passion is for the web, because I believe the web always wins - whatever increases communication possibilities will always be first choice for business.

Because of this belief, I focus most of my learning around web technology, always looking to keep up-to-date in an ever changing landscape of front end development.

I am always looking to use and extend my knowledge to full capacity in any work I undertake.


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Front End Developer

September 2014 – Current

Develop responsive web app with engaging UI

Mobile Application Developer
AIB (contracting for DELL)

August 2013 – August 2014

Develop customer facing iPad application implemented using phonegap, and responsive web application.

Experience working in agile environment, using both scrum and kanban.

Involved in developing working environment, including installing gitlab on cent-os vm on the corporate network.

Created advanced build system for front end development using nodejs based tools, and Jenkins Continuous Integration server.

Software Development Senior Advisor

May 2013 – August 2014

Work with Liferay framework to enhance functionality of complex web application.

Create custom modules and re-usable components within Liferay’s AUI framework.

Work on issues assigned using agile scrum methodology.

Created front-end build system for use on development virtual machines.

Simplified front-end and service-layer collaboration in both code, and working practice by separating templates by responsibility.

Lead Developer
Just Write™

2010 – 2013

I inherited a writing system that had undergone several years of development, but still had some usability issues that needed to be solved.

I worked with the original inventor, brainstorming solutions, and implementing test versions. Sometimes we would try out up to 20 versions and ideas in a week. Eventually I was able to come up with a new animation and logic scheme that solved all the issues with usability, making the system self teaching, and giving it immediate out-of-the-box functionality.

I also created the website, and assisted in other aspects of the project where my expertise was needed.

Alemayehu Ketema General Contractors


Create network, implement intranet, design website and advise on use of IT to develop company.

IT Support Assistant
Disability And Deaf Arts

2007 – 2009

To develop IT within the organisation

To develop an intranet to be accessible to employees with a range of impairments

To develop the website to be accessible to users with a range of impairments

To train staff in the use of IT

IT Support Assistant
Hendon College (now Barnet College)

January 2000 – October 2000

Answer helpdesk calls, log them in job database, and complete jobs.

Additionally, I would make small changes to the college intranet, make small improvements to the helpdesk database design, and maintain PC's in the PC labs.

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BSc Multimedia Systems
Liverpool John Moores University

2003 – 2007

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GitHub, Mar 2012 - Oct 2015; followed by 105 people; forked 28 times

Stylus Package for Sublime Editor 2

GitHub, Dec 2013 - Jul 2015; followed by 19 people; forked 4 times

Sublime Text plugin for Stylus Snippets (use with Stylus plugin instead of emmet)

GitHub, Feb 2012 - Jun 2015; followed by 30 people; forked 20 times

LoremIpsum plugin for Sublime Editor 2

GitHub, Mar 2013 - Jun 2014; followed by 9 people

Pipe Dream plugin for Sublime Text 2 - Pipes selected text through shell commands


GitHub, Sep 2013 - Nov 2015; followed by 2 people

Simple command line development server

Apps & Software

Breakthrough text input tool for smartphones and tablets, not just another handwriting recognition system

Lead developer and programmer


IBM 386 with black and white CGA monitor

Web Storm