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Bill Paetzke

New York City, United States

Currently Principal Software Engineer at Velocify.

Think it through. Get it done.

The bulk of my experience has been back-end web dev, console apps, and background services for B2B SaaS companies.



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Principal Software Engineer, Velocify

2013 - Current

  • Launched a(n) (re-)enrollment activation for new and existing customers.

  • Launched without any major bugs.

  • Automated account creation process (client and billing metadata and database creation).

  • Prepped the automation of contract and credit card capture and billing charges (due Jan).

  • Diagnosed and fixed an inconsistency in a dashboard report.

Software Engineer, Media X

2012 - 2013

  • Took spec from PM and did features end-to-end by self or with another.

  • Worked with three engineers and one product manager.

Example Projects:

  • planned quantity by zip & by publication
  • queued ad version quantities

Other Details:

  • Designed database tables, relations, and indices for new features.

  • Wrote SQL from scratch to create, read, update, and deploy data and tables.

  • Designed controllers and action methods for features.

  • Did a bit of front-end development.

  • Wrote unit tests for complex form validation.

  • Helped refactor codebase into a service-provider-data paradigm.

Software Engineer, Velocify (formerly Leads360)

2007 - 2011

  • Grew with the company from 35 to 75 employees and $3mil to $30mil rev.

  • Worked on features by myself, or with one engineer, or with two others.

  • Worked with at least one QA person and product manager on most features.

Example Projects:

  • call center agent scripting
  • custom report scheduler
  • performance filters on distribution
  • performance metrics analytics and charts
  • xml poster
  • email engine

Other Details:

  • Grew in ranks to have four direct reports.

  • Grew in ranks to lead interviewing and hiring of engineers. (Hired six).

  • Started our tech team blog in Aug 2011 (

  • Led a major email integration with a 3rd party vendor.

  • Created an internal API wrapper for said integration.

  • Designed database tables, relations, and indices for new features.

  • Wrote SQL from scratch to create, read, update, and deploy data and tables.

  • Developed back-end webpage functionality for features.

  • Wrote complex custom SQL reports from scratch for our largest customers.

  • Championed the switch to a modern bug manager (FogBugz).

  • Championed the switch to a modern source control (Mercurial).

Software Engineer, Xerox

2006 - 2007

  • Made a parts-management web app.

  • Created an API to read from two different database vendors.


B.S. Computer Science, University of Southern California

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GitHub, May 2013

Translate one word to all languages supported by the Google Translate API

I did all the work here.

I want to query a single topic across all countries/cultures and investigate its importance.

For example, I could translate the word: moped. Then query a day's worth of the global Twitter stream sample for those ~50 moped words. Then rank word frequency by language and/or location. Then noodle over that and draw conclusions (e.g. top 10 countries for moped usage).


GitHub, Jun 2013

Makes a word frequency list of the top "n" most popular words in a given Twitter stream.

I thought up and made this app.

I wanted to create a "top 100 words" list for the Spanish language.

With this app, it's as simple as:

  1. python es > es-stream.txt
  2. (Wait a few minutes while it collects tweets)
  3. CTRL-C (to stop collecting)
  4. python 100 es-stream.txt > es-100.txt

Works for all languages that separate words with spaces!
(like Spanish, French, Portuguese)

Coworking Spaces

GitHub, Apr 2013 - Jun 2013

Find coworking spaces near you. I had this online for awhile; no longer is. But its source lives on at github.

I thought of and made this web app front to back.

I am interested in the "mobile/remote worker" lifestyle, languages, and traveling. I thought this would be a worthwhile project with which to sink my teeth into Python and Django.

It has four main screens: home, list view, detail view, and add-new view. I am using Django ORM and a Sqlite database for now. Uses Google Maps API.

This web app works on both desktop and mobile. I used Bootstrap to get the desktop version running and added a css media query to tweak for mobile view.

I am entering the data myself via googling coworking spaces in each city. I want to get the dataset to a critical mass before crowdsourcing or outsourcing.

Sys Admin:
The app is running on python, django, nginx, gunicorn, amazon ec2, sqlite3, ubuntu.


Commodore 64


I got into programming via the TI-83 graphing calculator in high school.

In fact, I got so good at creating math programs that I would create some during math tests to check my work.

I put all those math programs online for other students to download.

I optimized the website for SEO and added Google Ads to it. (Spent 24 total hours on this).

The website ranked high on Google (like #2) for the main keywords. The ads netted me $1000/year for five years straight!

I took down the site since the popularity of the TI-83 had waned.

That's my story! :)