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Freelance Objective C, XCode, IOS
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My stint with programs began with Java SDK 1.2 which I used to create an ugly-looking slow-paced pacman on my Pentium 4 in year 2000! Things changed soon as I joined a huge consultancy, worked in US with an insurance client. Never stopped being amazed by Win32 MFC message maps - first UI framework that kept me awake at nights. So much so that I wrote message map tutorials to teach the colleagues!

Later years, I wrote some serious part in Oracle Siebel File upload server, while also writing for community some [algorithms]( just for the sake of fun of it, using quite improved MS Visual C++ IDE!

Mobile revolution provided an upward pull from the lower levels of programming. I got attracted to the amazing stuff I could do with just single line of code: be it page-curl animation or purchase of an app from app store!

iOS is my recent obsession. In just first six months stint with it, I designed, developed and content-wrote a [unique style quiz]( that [makes kids fumble]( volumes of encyclopedias.

And it's not the best I could create, nor an eye-candy! My next aim is to have an app that can leverage iPhone GPS - it's far underutilized. So how about an app that could take people's real-time vote on what events they are attending this weekend. Or how about the one that could simply show them some spicy location trivia (unless, they are driving!).

Aim += An eye-catching layout squeezing Core Graphics - and my model is pulse iOS app. But who knows, what's better than that?


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Freelance Objective C, XCode, IOS

April 2012 – Current

• Developing public security app for iReadySystems.
• This is built on REST-TBXML, iOS GPS, and iPhone addressbook API.

Technical Account Manager

July 2010 – April 2012

• Understand Trilogy outsourcing methodologies and delivery model.
• Gather high level requirements from business liaisons, and converting them to low-level technical requirements for partners to implement.
• Create and Submit RFPs to Trilogy partner channels through standard workflow developed using JIRA.
• Prioritize and Distribute the work as bug fix, optimization and / or coverage projects, depending on requirements.
• Make necessary infrastructure changes to provide platform for partner development.
• Prepare Confluence documentation.
• Ensure quality delivery from partner channels, and fully own the Projects distributed through their completion.

Sr. Software Engineer
Oracle Corporation

July 2007 – June 2010

• Maintained and Enhanced Siebel UI Framework components for Oracle Corporation.
• Enhanced streamed file transfer module in C++ ISAPI DLL.

Consultant at StateFarm Insurance, Bloomington, IL
IGate Patni

March 2003 – September 2005

• Analyzed requirements and participated in design by working closely with client’s Application Steward Teams (ASTs).
• Enhanced VB components/COM Interfaces to incorporate various financial functions.
• Created online tool to test Wage loss calculator functionality that would save almost 80% time for unit testing and impact analysis.
• Coordinated offshore efforts to estimate, perform and troubleshoot automated QA testing activities.

Sr Software Engineer
IGate Patni

July 2000 – June 2007

• Worked as Windows Developer and Tech Lead for Delphi Multi Property Edition (Hospitality product by Newmarket International) Enhancements.
• Created Win32 Dialogs, integrated with DB using Microsoft DNA architecture leveraging COM and ADO.
• Lead teams, Developed quality matrix and defining best practices to improve the same.


Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)
Dharmsinh Desai Institute of Technology

1996 – 2000


Microsoft Certified Professional

2006 – 2007

Open Source

GitHub, Dec 2012

STL C++ Solution to the classic problem - How many coins add up to a dollar. The program profiles performance of the Combination Sum algorithm against that of Brute Force approach.


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NTQZ is a unique style quiz that punishes you for the correct answers, and rewards you for, wait, yes, the wrongest ones! It's no 'no-brainer'! It's sure to make any kid trivia hungry who will not stop fumbling volumes of encyclopedias!

Designer, Developer and Content-Writer

A great educational tool for art teachers, history teachers, parents, students, art enthusiasts, museum lovers, and world tourists alike!

Designed and Developed from scratch.

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Nothing Succeeds than Success

An attempt to theoretize success, to conclude that there is no theory after all!

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Dynamic Programming: Combination Sum Problem

Find the coin combinations that add up to a dollar.


XCode 5.x