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Bauke Scholtz

Willemstad, Curacao Netherlands Antilles

Currently Web Application Specialist at Kizitos.

My strength lies in the area of front-end web development with the emphasis on dynamic web applications. In that area I have more than 10 years professional experience. I have the most experience with Java EE and then particularly JSF/JSP/Servlets. I am highly familiar with Eclipse based development environments. I have worked closely with Tomcat, JBoss and Glassfish application servers and with PostgreSQL, MySQL and DB2 databases. I have moderate experience with PHP, although I would prefer not to fulfill a PHP position.

I am able to design (functional and technical, not graphical) and develop complete three-tier web applications from the zero beginning, including the data model. My focus strongly lies on the user friendliness and the functionality of the web application. Ultimately the readability, reusability, maintainability, efficiency and performance of the actual coding has my great attention. I have experience with working in teams, also by telecommuting. I am familiar with scrum/agile, version control, unit testing and continuous integration.



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Web Application Specialist, Kizitos

January 2013 - Current

Kizitos is the company behind ZEEF is a new way to filter world's information by human knowledge instead of artifical knowledge.

I participate from home in Kizitos' J-Development team. I developed the front-end of a brand new web application from scratch at The UI is implemented using JSF/PrimeFaces/CSS/jQuery based on Adobe Illustrator designs from a web designer. The business logic is implemented using standard Java EE 6 stack with among others PrimeFaces, OmniFaces and Jsoup as 3rd party APIs.

The startup is currently still in progress. The private beta went live after ~4 months of development. Public beta will be released half July, after ~5 months of development.

Web Application Specialist, M4N

September 2010 - December 2012

M4N offers advertisers, media agencies and website-publishers an effective software application for realising online traffic and sales and managing online affiliate-, marketing- and partnerprograms.

I participate via telecommuting in the M4N's J-Development team, working on the current webapplication and backend of Mbuyu - The main technologies and tools used are JBoss AS, JSF, PrimeFaces, PostgreSQL, Eclipse, Selenium, Mercurial and Trac.

So far I have performed the following tasks:

  • Guided and assisted the migration of a ~50K loc webapplication from Java EE 5 (JSF 1.2 on JSP and some servlets) to Java EE 6 (JSF 2.1 on Facelets).
  • Worked on improving/refactoring their codebase and introduced modularization.
  • Lead the project of the split of the webapplication into two modular parts: the stateless (sessionless) public part which is served by http and the stateful application part which is served by https.
  • Being the main UI developer of the project of replacing homegrown JSF table components by PrimeFaces components with slightly customized CSS and renderers.
  • Since the takeover by Zanox, have developed a lot of UI changes to ease a seamless migration of existing users to the new Zanox platform.

Web Application Specialist, ITCA Integrity Services BV

April 2009 - September 2010

ITCA facilitates both software vendors and the users of their software, with services that aim at reducing under- and over-licensing, these services are commonly being referred to as "License compliance" or "License optimization".

I was responsible for the architectural, functional and technical design as well as the development and maintenance of the web application which offers a portal of services. The technologies used are Tomcat, JSP/Servlet, PostgreSQL and jQuery, all in the most recent versions. Besides this I have also developed some related websites using PHP/jQuery based on delivered PSD webdesigns and some related software using Java.

Web Application Developer, AIH Services BV

April 2008 - March 2009

AIH Services NV is a small company residing at the e-Zone of Willemstad, Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles. This company has a lot of small business partners who may be in need for a software engineer for various projects.

I played a role of an all-round software engineer who is specialized in web development. I can be involved in development of various tastes of (web) applications, such as Java applications, PHP/MySQL web applications and even plain vanilla HTML/CSS/JS webpages. As far I have developed a PHP/MySQL web interface for a mobile phone game which includes a Java batch application in the background to process the game based on a Java based AI, developed a few conceptual websites, modified some existing plain HTML/CSS/JS websites and redesigned and redeveloped an existing PHP/MySQL webshop with layout and performance issues.

In the meanwhile I've continued hobbying with Java EE/JSF a lot to keep myself up to date with those technologies.

Web Application Developer, Vicksburg IT Power Providers

January 2006 - March 2008

RDC data center is one of the biggest data centers of The Netherlands and is leader in the automotive branche (90% of the market) in the areas of services, communication and information.

I was involved in renewal of the application infrastructure of RDC. I have developed a variety of web applications which are to be fitted in a SOA infrastructure with web applications, webservices, data services and databases. The web applications are written entirely in JSF 1.2 and several custom components are been used. The webservices are based on Websphere-autogenerated javabean skeletons from WSDLs and are callable by SOAP/XSL. The data services are similar to webservices and interact by EJB2/Hibernate with DB2 servers. There were also a bunch of batch Java Applications written which calls the webservices and data services using JTA/JOTM. Next to this all I have also developed a high-persistence logging framework which makes use of JMS and MQ series. During the development I was also responsible for the maintenance of the rapid application development processes and documentation.

Web Application Developer, BV

September 2005 - December 2005 BV is one of the biggest Dutch Internet communities. It has a big focus on the ICT professionals and hobby computer enthusiasts. Their website and discussion forum are visited by them daily for more than 2 million times.

I was asked to design and develop a new jobs database for their website. In 3 months time I have designed a data model for MySQL and developed a PHP web application where the job seekers can post their CV and search for available vacancies. The employers can post their company’s profile and post several vacancies. There are automatic matches based on a set of predefined input data.

Web Application Developer, IBM Global Services

January 2001 - August 2005

From Jan 2001 to Oct 2004 I worked for the HONE/LINK department which grants support to owners of an IBM server. The owners can request, review, change and order hardware and software configurations of their IBM server using several web applications. Those web applications runs at S390 servers with zVM OS and are been programmed in legacy REXX. Those web applications can process XML as well as HTML as input and output.

I was responsible for maintenance of those web applications. At Q2 2003 IBM decided to move the front-end of those web applications from REXX to WebSphere/J2EE, while the back-end still remains REXX. The new J2EE front-end would temporarily communicate with the legacy REXX back-end using XML. I was involved in writing JSP’s and a bunch of XSLT’s for the new J2EE front-end. Before leaving the department I have educated and supported three Indian developers who were about to take over my activities.

From Oct 2004 to Aug 2005 I worked for the Human Resources department who provides a big intranet web application which maintains personal data of any employee who work(ed) at IBM. The managers can request their personal data, position data, financial data, education data, etcetera. Almost anything of more than 350.000 IBM employees is made available. The web application runs at WebSphere/J2EE.

I was involved in the boring task to change the HTML markup and CSS style of the front end from an older IBM layout to a newer IBM layout. Partly I have also changed and added some new JSP/Servlet based functionality to the web application. Furthermore I was also been a Business Analyst in my “free time” and I also wrote a bunch of prototyped HTML pages and use cases and I did lot of system tests.

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B.S. Medical Biological Laboratory Engineering, Hogeschool van Amsterdam

1996 - 2000

Finished university within time with only self-learning (I am born deaf and didn't make use of a personal translator). For the case one wonders why I didn't do CSI-like lab jobs; during internship in last school year I realized and decided that this wasn't really what I want. Also, at the moment I went into the job market, the dotcom bubble was at its peak and it attracted me more. I also had the benefit that the education was very technical (maths and physics at high degree) and I already have developed some programming skills in private/hobby time since I was 11 years old, starting with C64 Simons Basic. This was for IBM enough to let me in.

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Google Code, ; followed by 147 people; forked 18 times

We have moved to

Main contributor.

OmniFaces Showcase

Google Code, ; followed by 9 people; forked 14 times

Web application showcasing the OmniFaces library

Main contributor.


Google Code, ; followed by 10 people

Facelets .taglib.xml documentation generator

Only developer.

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JSF 2.0 tutorial with Eclipse and Glassfish

The BalusC Code

In this tutorial you will learn how to setup a JSF 2.0 (Mojarra) playground with Eclipse 3.6 SR1 (Helios) and Oracle Application Server v3 (Glassfish).

Communication in JSF 2.0

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Pro JPA 2: Mastering the Java(TM) Persistence API (Expert's Voice in Java Technology)

Pro JPA 2

Mastering the Java

Michael Keith, Merrick Schincariol

I am currently still reading it; I would ultimately like to master JPA as I master JSF.

jQuery in Action, Second Edition

jQuery in Action, Second Edition

Bear Bibeault, Yehuda Katz

I have read it out of curiousity; I quickly realized that jQuery is amazingly awesome.

SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Exam 310-065

This was the latest Sierra & Bates book which I have read; it was excellent as usual.


Commodore 64 with Simons Basic

Eclipse for Java code and Editplus for PHP/HTML/CSS/JS code