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Axier Fernandez

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Currently Android developer at Irontec: Internet y Sistemas sobre GNU/Linux.


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Android developer, Irontec: Internet y Sistemas sobre GNU/Linux

July 2013 - Current

Currently working on the development of mobile solutions for big accounts like Telefonica, Heineken and Euskaltel.

Backend developer, Init Services

October 2012 - July 2013

Worked as backend developer for Eroski Scoop.

Frontend and Backend developer, inithealth

March 2011 - October 2012

Frontend and backend developments in Groovy and Grails. Product innovation lead involving E-health applications.


Vocational training high degree on Software Development, IFPS Elorrieta - Errekamari

2011 - 2012

I made an user side shopping application for car parts with a module for facturation.

Prices and user info was saved on Access database. It was developed with Visual Basic and Visual Basic Studio 2010.

Not much for a first project but I liked it.

If I could change something about this project, I would´ve made it online and with MySQL, even with a NoSQL database for trying it mostly.


Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems

MongoDB for Java developers

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GitHub, Nov 2014 - Mar 2015; followed by 4 people; forked 2 times

LibreCon App: iOS / Android / Api / Klear


GitHub, Jan 2014

Android OS & iOS Cross-platform app based on Cocos2d-x. Auskalo, Euskara ikasi edo hobetzeko modu berri eta desberdin bat da.


GitHub, Jan 2014

Android OS & iOS. Euskal jaien bira egin nahi al duzu? Jaigirok zure kokapenaz baliaturik, tokiak eta egunak zure mugikorrera urbiltzen dizkizu.


GitHub, Jan 2014

Android OS & iOS Cross-platform app based on Cocos2d-x. Jakina! Euskal tribiala.


GitHub, Jan 2014

Android OS & iOS. Euskeraz Mintzatzen diren tokien sarea.


GitHub, Feb 2014

Android OS & iOS Cross-platform app based on Cocos2d-x. Ikasikusi umeei gure egunerokotasunean gehien erabiltzen dugun hiztegia lantzen lagunduko dien joko buru-hausgarria da.


GitHub, Feb 2014 - Mar 2015; followed by 3 people

Fork of the original project and modified to handle server side implemented errors.


GitHub, May 2014

Integration scafold between Android native app and Cocos2D-x engine.

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Apps & Software

Irontec S.L. - Android Apps on Google Play

Apps I´ve worked on at Irontec.

Android and Cocos2d-x developer

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Android Programming: Pushing the Limits by Hellman, Erik (2013) Paperback

Android Programming

Pushing the Limits by Hellman, Erik (2013) Paperback

Erik Hellman

The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development

How to start programming for Android devices.

The Little Book on CoffeeScript

Making a good application will not make your users to use it if they aren´t amused or adicted to it.

JavaScript Patterns

JavaScript Patterns

Stoyan Stefanov

With this book I learned that following patterns and guidelines gives you the oportunity to buil the best code you can, for you, and for thoose that will come after you.

Maintainable JavaScript

Maintainable JavaScript

Nicholas C. Zakas


Vim and Sublime Text 2