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Aurelio De Rosa

London, United Kingdom

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Currently Self-employed at De Rosa Aurelio, and Technical Writer at Freelance, and Co-founder at Audero Team.

I'm an Italian web and app developer who have a bachelor degree in Computer Science and more than 5 years' experience programming for the web using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP. I mainly use the LAMP stack and frameworks like jQuery, jQuery Mobile, and Cordova (PhoneGap). My interests also include web security, web accessibility, SEO and WordPress.

Currently I'm self-employed working with the cited technologies. I'm also a regular blogger for several networks (SitePoint, Tuts+, FlippinAwesome) where I write articles about the topics I usually work with and more. Some of my articles have been highly spread, cited by the Zend Developer Zone and also translated in Chinese.

I came mainly from a University background since I've been working for more than 2 years at the University of Salerno as a developer and previously I did a four months stage at the University of Naples "Federico II". During this period, I wrote a paper, together with the professor Francesco Cutugno, titled "Nuove funzionalità per il portale CLIPS" for the AISV 2010 conference. The abstract of the paper can be found in the abstract booklet, while the full paper is included in the conference proceedings. I have been chosen as a speaker for the conference too. Currently I'm part of the organizing committee of the SLI 2013 international conference.


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Self-employed, De Rosa Aurelio

September 2012 - Current

Thanks to the experience gained in the last years, I decided to work as freelancer starting a personal business which focuses on development , consulting and training. Currently my major commitment remains at the University of Salerno, where I have been working for more than two years.

Technical Writer, Freelance

September 2012 - Current

I'm a regular blogger for several networks (SitePoint, Tuts+, FlippinAwesome) where I publish articles on HTML5, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery Mobile, Cordova (PhoneGap), Zend Framwork and more. Some of my articles have been highly spread, cited by the Zend Developer Zone and also translated in Chinese.

Fellow graduate, University of Salerno

February 2010 - June 2012

I was a successful candidate for the award of a postgraduate scholarship, for the term of 28 months, concerning research to develop at the Department of Language and Literary Studies, University of Salerno. I worked on FIRB project "Perdita, mantenimento e recupero dello spazio linguistico e culturale nella II e III generazione di emigrati italiani nel mondo: lingua, lingue, identità".

My role was to create and manage the website and develop the tools to query and search the data of the corpus VoLIP that is available on the website. The tools developed ​​allow to extract statistical data, in an automated way, from the database that consists of transcriptions of spoken language.

Co-founder, Audero Team

December 2009 - Current

I have created, with Annarita Tranfici, the Audero team. The team, consisting of several young graduates, focuses on the development of solutions. Specifically, we deal with the creation of customized software, websites, consultancy, search engine optimization and web marketing.

Consultant and Web developer, Fismar s.r.l.

January 2006 - July 2012

I have been conducting consultancy, software development and occasionally hardware manutency. More specifically, I developed the company's website, where now I act as a webmaster, and their newsletter system. In addition, I have dealt with their online campaigns and several SEO activities.

Web developer,

November 2009 - December 2010

I worked (occasionally) on the maintenance of their website and development of additional functionalities for e-commerce used.

Stage, University of Naples "Federico II"

March 2009 - June 2009

I worked in computational linguistics, applying my IT knowledge, at the LUSI laboratory at University of Naples "Federico II", under the direction of prof. Francesco Cutugno. I created the website of the corpus CLIPS and software for the analysis and study of statistical data on production of Italian. These programs are used to extract different information about the corpus (lemmatization, POS tagging, counting time and words, etc ...).

Account Manager, Planet Service

January 2006 - March 2009

I was account manager at Planet Service, a company that deal with web hosting and housing . During this experience I gained a lot of ability to interact with clients and with colleagues trying to create a peaceful working environment.

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B.S. Computer Science, University of Naples "Federico II"

2005 - 2009

During these years, I worked as a collaborator at L.U.S.I. (Language Understanding and Speech Interfaces) laboratory. The interest area ranges from Automatic Speech Recognition to Semantic Contents Extraction and Emotional Speech Recognition. The group is involved in several projects concerning XML native databases oriented to the design of Linguistic Corpora and Spatio-Temporal Data-model.

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Audero Wav Extractor

GitHub, Apr 2013 - Jan 2014

Audero Wav Extractor is a PHP library that allows to extract a chunk from a wav file. The extracted chunk can be saved on the hard disk, can be forced to be prompted as download by the user's browser or returned as a string for a later processing.

Creator and owner


GitHub, Jan 2014 - Current; followed by 75 people; forked 16 times

HTML5 API demos is a collection of demos that allow you to play with the functionalities of some of the APIs introduced in HTML5.

Creator and owner


Annarita is a very lightweight and adaptable theme based on HTML5 and CSS3. It lets you to create custom menu, sidebars, header image, background and support for featured images and it shows a special ribbon for "sticky" posts. It has the support to customize some settings of the theme. The sidebars can be hidden by the users with a click and this status can be persistent (if the admin enables the relative setting saving the preference using cookie in the Settings page). Basically it supports related posts and microformats as hcard and hreview (using a custom post type). For the reviews the theme has a custom widget to best show them. Annarita has two dedicated areas to publish advertisements, one above the header and one in the footer.

Creator and owner

Currency Converter

GitHub, Apr 2013

Currency Converter is a simple application that helps you convert from a currency to another.

Creator and owner

Audero Unified Placeholders

GitHub, Apr 2013 - Jun 2014; followed by 7 people; forked 3 times

Audero Unified Placeholders is a very lightweight cross-browser jQuery plugin to emulate the HTML5 placeholder attribute on browsers that don't support it.

Creator and owner

Audero Context Menu

GitHub, Apr 2013 - Jun 2014; followed by 2 people; forked 2 times

Audero Context Menu is a cross-browser jQuery plugin that allows you to show a custom context menu on one or more specified elements.

Creator and owner


GitHub, Jan 2014; followed by 4 people

Audero Shared Gettext is a PHP library that allows you to bypass the problem of the translations, loaded via the gettext function, that are cached by Apache.

Creator and owner

WP to Twitter automatically posts a Tweet from your WordPress blog to Twitter using your URL shortening service to provide a link back to your post from Twitter.

Italian translator

Where I Parked My Car

GitHub, Apr 2013; followed by 4 people; forked 17 times

Where I Parked My Car is an application for mobile devices that lets you bookmark where you parked your car, and then find a route to return to it.

Creator and owner


GitHub, Jul 2013; followed by 7 people; forked 2 times

Audero Smoke Effect is a jQuery plugin that let you create a smoke effect for one or more elements, usually images, on your web page. You can create the effect of a little smoke puff, cloud or anything else you want that appears from the elements you chose.

Creator and owner

HTML5 environmental thermometer

GitHub, Apr 2013

HTML5 Environmental Thermometer is a simple and adaptive environmental thermometer created to show the potentiality of the union of some of the brand new web technologies as HTML5, CSS3, geolocation API and others.

Creator and owner

Audero Text Changer

GitHub, Apr 2013; followed by 2 people

Audero Text Changer is a very lightweight (minimized version is less than 1Kb) jQuery Mobile plugin that allows you to easily change the text of all the elements of your pages without breaking the enhancements made by the framework.

Creator and owner


GitHub, Jul 2013

Audero MD5 Rainbow Table is a precomputed table, made of 11.110.097 entries, for reversing strings encrypted using the MD5 hash function.

Creator and owner


GitHub, Apr 2013

CsvToTextGrid is a PHP class that lets you to convert a Csv file into a TextGrid, both in the long or short format.

Creator and owner


GitHub, Oct 2013; followed by 4 people

Audero Feed Reader is a very basic feed aggregator to keep in one place all the news and the articles you care about

Creator and owner

Audero Flashing Text

GitHub, Apr 2013 - Jan 2014; forked 3 times

Audero Flashing Text is a cross-browser jQuery plugin that creates the effect of a flashing, randomly-placed and randomly-sized text inside a given HTML element (tipically a <div>).

Creator and owner

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CLIPS is a corpus of spoken Italian and it is part of a project financed by MURST, then MIUR. This project, as shown by its Italian acronym (CLIPS - corpora and vocabularies of spoken and written Italian) aimed at tweaking the instruments for the general study and the automatic treatment of Italian, both in its spoken and written forms.

My role was to develop a portal for the project and several software to allow statistical analysis and labeling of this corpus in order to facilitate the study.

Site Seeker is a software which makes you know the exact position of your web site on the most famous search engines. This software helps you to analyze the SERP's (Search engine results page).

Creator and owner

Picasa Backup is a free web service which allows you to backup and share with your friends your photos stored on Picasa. Need no software installation. let you share your photos stored on Picasa even if your friends haven't a Google account.

Co-Author and Co-Owner. I developed the whole programming side (server and client)

Anemolif is a software which allows users to manage their universitary carrier (for italian people only).

Creator and owner

Napoli Fan Quiz

Napoli Fan Quiz is a free quiz game on the Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli. The quiz consists of 70 questions, each game have 8 questions and for each of them there are four choices but only one is correct. Test your skills and try to increase your score by answering questions as quickly as possible


The Italian Challenge is a funny quiz game (italian only). It have 15 levels, 900 questions of increasing difficulty and 6 subjects (Literature, History, Geography, Movies, Music and Sport).


The Italian Challenge - Logic Edition is a quiz game based on logic and mathematical questions. It have 150 questions and 15 levels of increasing difficulty.


The crypter allows you to save in a safe mode your private data. The crypter is an app which encrypts your data and organizes them in different kind of cards, i.e. website password, credit card code, lock combination and so on. Your private and sensitive data, stored using The crypter, will be safe and protected from prying eyes. Thus, you have not to store them in strange ways on your mobile phone (i.e. credit card code with a strange name in your agenda). All the data will be protected by a password that our software will encrypt for better security. The crypter uses two different algorithms to encrypt your information, one of this is SHA1.


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