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on Jul 27, 2012

Ariel Rodriguez Romero


Currently a student. Most recently Software Developer Intern at Jose Marti International Airport.

I love being challenged, there's nothing like discover something new every day.

I'm good on what I do, and I'm sure is because I really enjoy it.


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Freelance Software Developer

2010 - Current

As a freelance programmer, I work with clients to build great apps to solve intresting problems and create compelling user experiences.

Software Developer Intern, Jose Marti International Airport

June 2012

Worked on the UI developing algorithms (with high performance) for the local traffic control application.

Software Developer, Sagerion, LLC

January 2012

Wrote XAML code that meet the needs of the clients, all based on the designs of Tom Ollar.

Software Developer Intern, Jose Marti International Airport

January 2011 - June 2011

Developed modules to parse standard messages.


BS Computer Science [in progress], Universidad de la Habana

2008 - Current

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GitHub, Jul 2012

This code was produced in my internship of June 2012, it proves that force directed algorithms can be used to distribute labels on screen without collapsing. The hard part is that labels can't move arbitrarly and we get pretty cool animations.


GitHub, Jun 2012 - Jul 2012

Basic, web based minesweeper game.

This is my first web application, I did it just for fun.

Tiger Converters


Tiger is a small languaje based on expressions, so it's perfect for writing the body of a WPF/SL converter.

Distributed Searchs

CodePlex, Jan 2012; followed by 3 people

A P2P file sharing application using a distributed hash table and WCF.

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After the Software Wars

After the Software Wars

Keith Cary Curtis

This book changed the way i see software development. Software is like math, it ideas written in some formal languaje, and some of them must be shared in the good of us all.

jQuery: Novice to Ninja


Novice to Ninja

Earle Castledine, Craig Sharkie

Before reading it most of my programming experience was in WPF/SL and i thought that was the best way to define user interfaces. But now I’m not sure any more, i think that comparing the two technologies is like comparing C# and Python.

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Fabulous adventures in coding

Fabulous Adventures In Coding - Site Home - MSDN Blogs


Visual Studio 2010


I've been programming regularly for the last ten years. i started to program on Visual Basic writing very simple programs just for fun.

Then moved to Pascal because i needed it to participate in the National Programming Contest in Cuba and got good results there.

I started to write serious software when i entered to the University. I love this stuff and am confident I'm quite good at it now.