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Software Developer
Parity Systems
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I am an experienced .Net developer, currently working on a major Enterprise solution (SharePoint, K2, BizTalk) for a UK public sector body.

My key strengths are a positive attitude, strong team working skills, and proven IT experience across a range of technologies. I have experience programming with the .NET Framework (VB.Net, C# and PowerShell), SharePoint (2003 and 2007), SQL Server (2000 and 2005), Java (J2EE/Struts), VB 6, and classic ASP.

I have experience in both development and support roles. I am equally capable of working within a large team, or on my own initiative. I am also security cleared (SC and CTC level) for UK government IT projects.


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Software Developer
Parity Systems

April 2010 – April 2012

In my current project, I am refactoring a legacy (public facing) web application (VB.NET 2.0) for a public sector organisation. In my previousproject, I worked as part of a team developing a .NET Knowledge Management site and Intranet using SharePoint 2010. I was responsible for developing system components according to the specified design using C# and .NET, unit testing and fault fixing.

I develop custom solutions for customer, working on my own or as part of a small team. I gather requirements, develop technical designs and specifications, and write code to implement the solutions. I also maintain and support existing solutions, and develop changes requested by clients.

Software Developer
Fujitsu Services

April 2007 – April 2010

For my last project with Fujitsu, I was part of a team developing a portal and document repository using a customized MOSS 2007 deployment for a major public sector contract. I was responsible for producing solution components from high and low-level designs, developing and testing customer solutions, analysing and documenting solutions. I also provides application support to the deployed solutions, and dealt with customers queries. I also mentored other developers

In previous projects with Fujitsu, I developed a reporting application for the recently launched Access NI organisation ( that makes use of SQL Server Reporting Services 2005.

I also developed solutions for a major data migration project for the Causeway project,

Software Developer
Kainos Software

2005 – 2007

Analyst/Programmer (Industrial Placement)

2002 – 2003


BSc Computer Science

2000 – 2005

I was one of only four student placements at the three day BCS sponsored IT Directors Forum on the cruise ship, MV Oriania. I won my place there through an open essay competition , followed by a panel interview. At the IT Directors Forum, I benefited from involvement with the various discussion groups, and from listening to keynote speakers. And had a great time!

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A really badly put together Pentium III

Visual Studio/Notepad++


Only started programming in University (I started a Chemistry degree, and had a spare class), and was immediately hooked. I switched degrees at once, and haven't looked back. So many great programming challenges out there, and I have so little time!

After a spell working for a larger organisation, I'm now working for a smaller company. I'm enjoying the freedom from bureaucracy, and the ability to develop quality IT solutions that really answer business problems.