Alexander Melnikov

Senior Software Engineer
Commercial Software Product Company
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The unstoppable researcher and creator, I started with IBM XT and programmed just about every PC after that one oldie.


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Senior Software Engineer
Commercial Software Product Company

April 2009 – Current

Project lead, new features implementation, releases preparation. Participation in code reviews, close work with QA , support and documentation teams.Providing direct support for users in complex cases.

Software Developer
Data Dynamics, Ltd.

November 2006 – March 2008

Worked as as software developer and Scrum Master, on the ActiveReports 2.0/3.0 reporting component, also participated in development of the company's product licensing system.As a Scrum Master I was reponsible for team planning meetings involving local team members in Russia and the U.S. team, daily meetings and for removing obstacles to ensure the team’s goal was accomplished. As a developer I worked on new product features as well as ongoing maintenance.

Software Developer
Axmor Software

March 2005 – November 2006

A software developer on many desktop and mobile projects, in teams and solo. My resposibilities included project analysis, estimates, technical proposals and final implementation.I was also doing a lot of research in new IT technologies and practices to help and consult other development teams.

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M.S. Computer Science
Novosibirsk State University

2003 – 2007

Got the dimploma with grade = Excellent. research issue was "Software for ADP equipment and computer-based systems"

High College of Informatics formed by Novosibirsk State University

1999 – 2003

got a diploma with grade=Excellent research issue was "Software for estimation of the electric energy quality indicators in independent electric networks"

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started with IBM XT at mom's workplace and later got a 286AT



I love high-end computers and laptops(especially macs) loaded with powertoys.I Like biking and sport in general, new places, travels, nature.And to have everything done.