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Alexander Galkin

Sunnyvale, CA, United States

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Currently Software Development Engineer at Microsoft.

I have been passionate about programming all my life.

I wrote my first complete program when I was 8 years old. This program was about 25 lines long, written in Focal for Russian computer BK-0010 and its purpose was to perform multiplication of long integers "stepwise", as it was required at school (the default operator in Focal provided me immediately with the result, but I needed all intermediate steps).

I learned OOP at school while playing around with a snowfall algorithms in Turbo Pascal 5.5 (the first to support OOP).

I learned HTML4/CSS3, JavaScript and Delphi during long years at my Medical School I graduated from with summa cum lauda: I used the "programmist's" approach to medicine and that helped me a lot in my student's life to get good notes and deep understanding of what is going on in human body.

Having spent about 6 years in neuroscience research I noticed that every year my occupation more and more biases away from natural sciences towards computer sciences: starting from simple single-cell models implemented in Neuron, I went through C and C++ implementation of these models down to my own language for experiment design and microscope steering.

In 2006, having spent 8 years (in total) in neuroscience and having five full articles(i,ii,iii,iv,v) among many other publications in pharmacology and neuroscience I decided to give it up and got enrolled as a first-year student in the School of Engineering Sciences at Hamburg University of Technology.

I have spent three months in the USA working as a software developer intern at the "core algorithmic group" at Microsoft Bing, San Francisco, CA. After my graduation I am going to move to the US and join the same group I was intern in as a full-time employee.


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Software Development Engineer, Microsoft

December 2013 - Current

SDE @ WPR group at Microsoft Bing (search engine)

Senior .Net Developer, Eurofins

November 2012 - October 2013

Development of an internal LOB application.

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Diplom Engineer (eq M.Eng.), Hamburg University of Technology

2006 - 2012

Microsoft Student Partners' Spot Award in Category "Skills" 2010, Microsoft Student Partners' Spot Award in Category "Skills" 2009

Microsoft Intern, Microsoft Bing, Algorithmics, Whole Page Relevance Group

2011 - 2011

I have successfully completed my internship at Microsoft USA.

MD Child Medicine, Kazan State Medical University

1996 - 2002


Microsoft Certified Trains

2009 - 2014

3xMCITP: MS SQL Server 2008 DBA, DBD and BI

2011 - 2014

MCPD: Enterprise Developer for .Net 4.0

2011 - 2014

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Apps & Software


Scheduler for TechEd conference in Berlin, taken place in Nov 2010

Main developer

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Real World Functional Programming: With Examples in F# and C#

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Tomas Petricek, Jon Skeet

Cracking the Coding Interview, Fourth Edition: 150 Programming Interview Questions and Solutions

Cracking the Coding Interview, Fourth Edition

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Gayle Laakmann


BK-0010, ZX-Spectrum