Adeel Ansari

Staff Engineer
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I'm a software craftsman of increasing skills and responsibilities in all development life cycle phases. Serving several organizations in various roles awarded me 8+ years of sound experience and wide exposure to a variety of technologies applied to business processes in various domains, such as; healthcare, telecommunication, aviation, customer services, application frameworks etc..

I am an active team player/leader with quick learning capabilities and plenty of initiatives. One can say I've got a knack for noticing when something isn't right. I'm able to grasp the true complexity of the world, both in its details and in a more abstract form -- that's right. I thrive on learning and applying bleeding edge technologies quickly and effectively, whenever it seems befitting. However, I have a balanced attitude by a determined pragmatism. My commitment to build quality systems and deliver solutions, creates exceptional business values.

I'm a fan of; XP, TDD and BDD -- also approve DDD, but doesn't have much experience with that.

I hate few words, such as; Agile, Scrum, Architect, etc.. Because people are abusing these words, a lot, in popular culture. Otherwise, being agile is a good thing, and Scrum is a pretty nice framework.


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Staff Engineer

November 2015 – Current

Development Technical Lead
Cheetahmail, Experian Marketing Services, Malaysia

October 2011 – October 2015

Leading the development of multiple application modules. Practising and making everyone else practice Scrum, the right way.

My team has successfully completed a SaaS module using Java and related technologies and frameworks. The module is built to serve high traffic efficiently. We also completed another module, in Clojure, to sanitise SQL queries. That was func indeed, I mean fun.

Senior Developer
Vedel IT, Malaysia

September 2010 – September 2011

Worked with SEB (Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken) on there e-Pension system. The application consisted of two parts, corporate portal and private portal.

Corporate portal is providing a way to grasp and implement all the practical, administrative tasks by corporate pensions. Private portal is a unified interface for employee's pensions. There are several wizards and tools available to make the job easier.

Worked on Java platform with heavy IBM stuff, and Oracle database server. Exploit multiple web frameworks, actually it was quite a mix of legacy and new code.

Senior Consultant
iMocha Consulting, Malaysia

July 2008 – August 2010

Built software solutions for banks and insurers. My core responsibilities as a consultant were; assessing business processes, providing solutions and recommendations, and communicating with users.

And as a developer, my responsibilities were , developing web and business components, driving the adoption of TDD, reviewing and continuously inspecting code, and supervising my juniors.

Worked on Java platform; EJB 3.0, Glassfish, Websphere, Oracle, DB2, Toplink Essentials, Hibernate, Spring, Struts2, and various other minor APIs.

Senior Software Programmer
Aerocom Systems, Malaysia

May 2006 – May 2008

Worked on company's flagship product, 'W-System'. The application is a technical and operational management of Air Carriers, General Aviation Companies, Aircraft and Component Maintenance Stations.

My job was to, add new features/enhance features, refactoring the legacy code, or possibly bringing that in the new code base. Tried XP practices for the first time and gained a lot of knowledge and experience. Started writing unit tests, used code coverage tool, performed code reviews and did continuous inspection and integration.

Analyst Programmer
Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates, Pakistan

May 2005 – April 2006

Worked on code generation tool that suppose to generate web application skeleton for insurance and banking domain. Successfully, drove the adoption of “better, faster, and lighter” Java in the team.

Some of my tasks were customizing JSF components, cross-browser compatibility, developing business components, integrating validation framework (client-side + server-side) and develop new validation functions.

Software Engineer
Ideal Solution, Pakistan

May 2004 – April 2005

Designed and developed, Biomaterial Tracking & Management System, a J2EE web application. The system was a research tool for tracking information on patients' comprehensive clinical information and their fully annotated samples. It consists of several sub-systems. I was fully responsible for requirement gathering, designing, developing, testing, deploying, and documenting the application.

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Bachelors in Computing
Staffordshire University, UK

1999 – 2003

Awarded with 2nd class hons. degree.

MSc. in Mathematics
The Open University, UK

2013 – 2018

Passed following modules

  • Calculus of variation and advanced calculus
  • Analytic Number Theory I
  • Applied Complex Variables

more to come....


Certified Scrum Master, Scrum Alliance


Sun Certified Java Programmer


Oracle Certified Professional, Database Administrator


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GitHub, Mar 2014 - Dec 2015

Demos of few algorithms, using randomness, in JavaScript

GitHub, Jan 2014 - Mar 2014

Clojure library of arithmetic functions.


Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code


Improving the Design of Existing Code

Martin Fowler, Kent Beck, John Brant, William Opdyke, Don Roberts

Test Driven: TDD and Acceptance TDD for Java Developers

Test Driven

TDD and Acceptance TDD for Java Developers

Lasse Koskela

Effective Java (2nd Edition): A Programming Language Guide (Java Series)

Effective Java

A Programming Language Guide

Joshua Bloch

The Joy of Clojure: Thinking the Clojure Way

The Joy of Clojure

Thinking the Clojure Way

Michael Fogus, Chris Houser