M. Adam Davis

Software Engineer
Lear Corporation
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I am passionate about technology, especially revolving around embedded, mobile, internet connected, and location/orientation aware devices.

I straddle the fence between software engineering and hardware engineering (circuit level design, PCB, microcontroller/microprocessor integration, etc). As such I may be designing circuits one day, drivers the next, and internet applications the day after.

I've led a few medium scale projects, and have excellent project planning and organizational skills.


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Software Engineer
Lear Corporation

2007 – 2010

Develop hardware in the loop tester and diagnostic software for ECU using USB I/O peripherals, MxVDev, and Vector CAN hardware.

Implement automated hardware in the loop regression testing.

Develop virtual testbench software to reduce cost of testing and testboxes.

Lead the outsourced development of configuration file management.

Hardware Engineer
Rabbit Semiconductor

2005 – 2007

Responsible for designing and analyzing embedded systems using digital and analog circuits. Created schematics, placed PCB boards, built prototypes, debugged hardware prototypes, and integrated peripherals. Also collected requirements, performed functional bench tests, and wrote test plans for prototypes and final products. Designed compiler library in C and assembly that supported hardware engineering activities, insured backwards compatibility for customer software to run on the embedded system, and integrated new features

  • Project manager for team of 7 for two complete product cycles: directed scheduling and resources, correlated sales and operations, prepared documents for Q&A, testing, bill of materials, and had role of lead engineer.
  • Successfully designed, tested, and orchestrated a USB memory card reader to pass FCC, CD, and UL requirements
  • Maintained up‐to‐date project Wikis to facilitate cross‐team communication and reduce meeting time and meet ISO requirements

IT Manager
Group 10 Entertainment

2001 – 2005

Managed computer hardware and software installations, performed updates, suggested purchases, and performed all maintenance for 16 branch office LANs. Supported office network, internal Access database, and maintained daily reporting and data upload scripts from branch office locations to home office. Proposed and then designed secure website to allow upper management to perform SQL database operations which enabled them to work more effectively with remote access, data analysis and reporting away from main office.

  • Reduced on site support to remote sites by 50% through training and implemented upgrade schedule
  • Proposed comprehensive virus policy to upper management, then implemented proposed solution
  • Trained store employees on site in use of effective problem solving skills


1998 – 2001

Responsible for debugging and maintaining a manual machine balancing software. Researched, wrote proposals for, and presented proposals to upper management for hardware upgrades. Proposed an automated test and calibration system for a manual balancing device. Designed a user interface and translated multi-variable linear algebra and calculus based math to code for the complex data collection and analysis required for a manual dual plane machine balancing procedure. Maintained and expanded existing parts and assembly database and associated user interfaces.


B.S.E Computer Engineering
University of Michigan

2001 – 2005

Graduate cum laude

Completed degree while working full time (in IT industry)

Completed an ultra marathon bicycle race (200+ miles in 24 hours, 1st place in my bracket, 4th place overall)

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Sinclair ZX81

Visual Studio


I've known I wanted to build functional things since age 7, when I couldn't put it into words. My teacher interpreted that as, "Wants to go into construction."

My father has always been interested in electronics and computers, and brought a ZX-81 into our house very early on. This is where my first program - a rocket shooting off the screen - came into being.

I started playing with 8-bit PIC microcontrollers in the early nineties while in high school, spurred on by articles in Radio Electronics and Popular Electronics magazines, as well as influences from Steve Ciarica's Circuit Cellar columns from Byte magazine.

From that time onward software and electronics became two sides of the same coin to me, and I can comfortably operate in both worlds.

I took the cheap way through college. I worked full time as a programmer/IT jack-of-all trades while doing my general studies at the local community college. I then transferred directly into the University of Michigan College of Engineering with a 3.6/4.0, where I graduated with honors while continuing to work full time.