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Abtin Forouzandeh

Tacoma, WA, United States

Currently Director of Software Engineering at Spectranetix, Inc..

A dedicated and creative software engineer with professional focus on leading development of computer programs for back-end systems and end-users. Substantial experience working directly with users and management to develop all aspects of applications, including requirements, user interface design, architecture, and implementation. Proficient in many aspects of computer use and programming, particularly in C, C#, and Go. Ability to rapidly adopt and exploit new technologies.


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Director of Software Engineering, Spectranetix, Inc.

August 2013 - Current

Developed radio direction finding web application. Back-end written in Go, controlling underlying hardware and integrating multiple devices, such as a GPS compass over serial. Front-end provides system control options and renders incoming signals on polar plots through extensive use of D3js.

Developed antenna calibration software, written in Go. Long-running process controls many independent pieces of equipment, such as signal generators and positioners, and generates charts and analytics data relating to antenna performance.

Leading development of embedded system software for a low-power mesh networking device using C. Targeting low power hybrid ARM/FPGA core.

Lead Software Engineer, Cylance, Inc.

August 2012 - August 2013

First software engineer at next-generation anti-virus and computer forensics startup.

Led development of CylanceCOLLECT, a complex cross-platform product designed to acquire forensically sound hard drive images. A Windows component captures both memory and hard drive images from a running system, while a heavily modified and rebranded Ubuntu-based live-CD captures images from offline systems. Implemented using C++, MFC, shell scripts, and compiled Python applications. Also implemented supporting RESTful web server with ASP.NET MVC 4, deployed using Amazon EC2 and RDS.

Led development of Cylance Detect endpoint application, an advanced cloud-managed virus scanner for Windows desktops. Responsible for architecture, development, and achieving extremely tight performance and resource usage targets. The resulting virus scanner typically stays under 1% CPU usage. Primarily tools used: ANSI C, C#, sqlite.

Developed highly concurrent tool capable of scanning IPv4 address space for all open host and port combinations. With Linux kernel tweaking, the resulting tool is capable of interrogating approximately 100,000 host/port combinations per second. Developed using Go/Golang.

Developed training materials to help educate other developers about proper git usage, including advanced submodule usage. Also developed git repository strategy to enable effective code-sharing and product segmentation without breaking Visual Studio solution management.

Contributed significantly to CylanceV, a forensic analysis tool capable of scanning a file system for threats. Also capable of identifying all active network connections, tracking down the responsible binary executable, and dynamically assessing the threat level. Primarily written in C++ and C#.

Founder & CEO, Wompt, Inc.

June 2010 - August 2012

Responsible for all administrative tasks, such as incorporation, business plan development, and customer service. Actively worked with customers to identify requirements and prioritize feature development.

Responsible for coding and guiding development of web-based chat service. Used cutting-edge technologies, such as Node.js and websockets, to handle a large number of simultaneous client connections engaged in real-time communication. Used MongoDB as a backend datastore in order to facilitate site scalability. Authentication mechanism built using ruby and OmniAuth. Responsible for server setup and maintenance using Amazon Web Services and Elastic Compute Cloud. Using Simple Storage Service for log archival.

Developed resume creation website using Python and framework backed by SQLite. Built all aspects of site, including account management, front-end web UI, and back-end software using domain-driven design principles. Setup nginx to proxy requests to serve static content and proxy requests to python web server.

Developed a number of applications for computer forensics. Specialized tools are used to fingerprint file systems and identify changes over time, probe machines for malware infections, and extract ASCII and Unicode strings from binary files. All tools built using C++.

Senior Software Engineer, United BioSource Corporation

February 2008 - May 2010

Built an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) platform for use within the pharmaceutical industry. Led development for a critical routing component which handles all calls into and out of the system. Additionally, led development of design documents describing IVR system. Built plug-in system that utilizes only the local appdomain for dynamic loading and live updating of production code. Implemented aspect-oriented programming using PostSharp for logging. Primary audience of this product is other developers. Built using Windows Workflow Foundation, C#, LINQ, and SQL Server 2005.

Responsible for designing and implementing portions of API to be used by other developers for IVR session management. Developed hybrid database schema to support both legacy and next-generation systems.

Led implementation of wiki software (MediaWiki) to facilitate communications and specification development. Extensive experience with SDLC, including vision statements, requirements analysis and gathering, functional requirements development, technical specification development, application development, and development of training materials. Participated in implementation of risk-based testing methodology, used to identify quality risks and allocate testing resources.

Senior Software Engineer, Agilent Technologies (formerly NetworkFab, Inc.)

July 2007 - February 2008

Worked with a team of hardware and software engineers to develop an electronic warfare system for counter-RCIED (Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device) operations.

Responsible for designing and developing client-server communications and control API for third-party .NET based front-end applications. Wrote extensive documentation on the use of the API and the XML communications mechanisms between the API and associated servers.

Responsible for most aspects of a comprehensive reference implementation of client side application including user interface design and application logic. Application developed using WinForms and C#.

Senior Software Engineer, North Coast Medical, Inc.

July 2002 - July 2007

Led a small team in the development of a .NET database front-end. Application was written in C# with an MS SQL Server database. Responsible for all aspects of software, including conception, architecture, design, development, testing, deployment, and ongoing maintenance. Application was initially developed in 4 months and has grown to 40,000 lines of code. Implementation of software directly resulted in a administrative salary savings of $200,000 per year (and growing), while improving sales-team ability to respond to customer requests.

Guided development of a Customer Relationship Management system, which replaced an existing deployment of Microsoft CRM. Application written with ASP and PHP, with a MS SQL Server database. The application allows management to have a comprehensive view of the customer base and improves salesperson productivity by allowing better time management and a unified view of customer information.

Developed printed form-letter generation application, which permit central control and rapid creation of letters. Application written using C# and LaTeX. Application integrates with both CRM, to retrieve customer information, and backend ERP, to retrieve detailed information for attached samples.

Closely collaborated with users to create a FileMaker based application facilitating the creation of new pricing sets for all company SKUs. Application integrated with ERP to retrieve item, pricing, and cost information. Through tight integration with several databases, the application turned a month long pricing process into a 30 minute exercise. Further, each department (International Sales, Domestic Sales, Educational Sales, etc.) now has the flexibility to easily experiment with new pricing strategies.

Lead Software Engineer, UnwiredX, Inc.

November 2000 - July 2001

Started as an intern, but through demonstrated expertise and commitment, was quickly promoted. Primary responsibility was to lead development of VNC-like client software for PalmPilot using C. Regularly coordinated efforts with offshore development team. Involved with all aspects of development including architecture, development, and testing. Key accomplishment was conceiving and implementing a solution to overcome data transmission limitations of Palm.Net.

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B.S. Applied Economics, University of San Fransisco

2009 - 2010

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GitHub, Jun 2013 - Jan 2014

Scripts to install Arch Linux on a ThinkPad W520



GitHub, May 2013 - Jul 2013

An example Go web app using only the standard library.


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Solutions to project euler in Go

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Node.js based embeddable chat rooms.

Product management, some coding.


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