Adam Nemeth

UX Designer at , and Founder at Nearby Project
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An Interaction Designer who knows how to code and how to lead development teams.

When I was a child, I was drawing plans to run a car with my electric modeling kit (I was about 8, I didn't know things about performance of a 9V electric motor) on my mother's drawing board.

Ever since then, finding out and designing applications was more of my cup of taste while I viewed programming as a necessity to learn in order to be able to deliver end-to-end solutions, not just design.

I did the best engineering school available for that. I did study technologies like Java EE and ASP.NET, and applied the knowledge of academic level thinking and technologies to such professionally abandoned languages as PHP or JavaScript.

I was leading development teams since i was 15.

In all through my professional carreer, I was to solve people's real-life problems through cleanly written software. You can't have a lipstick on a pig. There shouldn't be a break between code and design: for the user, the whole experience matters: the bugs, the speed of development, the responsiveness of the system, and its perceived functionality.


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UX Designer

September 2012 – Current

Transforming one of the oldest digital agencies of the country to a post-UX world. is more than a decade old. With its founders participating in the daily life of Hungarian Online Media since the turn of the century, it was time for them to start working towards a more digital age, where interaction matters and where there aren't just webpages, but webapplications as well.

Not much is visible yet, but I was designing interactions for multiple clients, creating marketing strategies, made wireframes, and sometimes even visual designs. Oh, and user testing, user interviews, requirements gathering...

Nearby Project

March 2012 – Current

Nearby is an online travel site for those who have a specific destination within a city (a conference, a concert, etc) and are willing to use public transport.

We offer you the best hotels in the best areas with easy reach to the city center, to the pub crawling walks, to the restaurant streets and to the place you want to visit.

Offering heatmap analysis of pubs with an algorithm that represents real-world use cases better than usual heatmaps, and a specially designed 1-to-N routing algorhythm to find you the best accomodations within easy reach.

UX Designer, Senior Backend Engineer
CognoLink Ltd

January 2012 – April 2012

CognoLink is an "expert network" company. What it means it seeks experts and organizes consulting hours with them.

It's a mix between an HR Agency, a consulting agency and a call center.

When a request comes in, they use a search system to find the most relevant candidates for consulting.

I was to redesign and reimplement this search interface.

I did user interviews with 8 key users (out of 200), recorded their needs, created a functional prototype, solved server-side issues.

UX Designer, Senior JavaScript Engineer
Big Finnish Mobile Company's German Cartography Subsidiary

October 2010 – June 2011

Was responsible to bring two features to life as well as to design the interfaces of a few other tools.

I was a one man development team doing project management of my own project, designing technical architecture and defining user experience, all while implementing it sole-handedly.

I was discussing the issues with the deployment, the data source, and the cartography teams.

The beauty of that job was that every single line of code is there because it has to be there. Each of them is supported by either a requirement or a technical constraint, while being fully readable, even by the cartographers (although for them, it was usually "coffee-scripted").

That's when the design and development of a software doesn't separate, and where true harmony can be achieved between user needs and computer constraints.

Technical Architect, Senior Java Developer
EPAM Systems

September 2008 – September 2010

I was "the" dynamic language guy at EPAM Systems Hungary. My team usually handled the "java backend, PHP frontend" kind of projects and javascript-based application programming.

I was leading first a team of about 10, then in the next project, I became a technical architect of a team about 20.

Designed internal tools and workflows, did the interviewing of candidates, implemented security-oriented modules and development tools, while overviewing development, doing code reviews and handling junior apprenticeship.

Co-Founder, User Experience Designer, Technical Project Manager

March 2006 – August 2007

My first startup was a social google maps mash-up in 2006: together with 3 of my schoolmates we set on to create Hungary's first javascript web application.

The system was simple: you were shown a map, you could "like" places on it (without the option to dislike), you could comment on them or you could add new ones.

You could add friends and select wether some of your places were available only to them.

UX prototyper, Social Media Consultant
Inda Labs

November 2007 – August 2008

As an expert on social media and web technologies, I was to help integration between different inda services (photo sharing, blog, phone, chat, e-mail) possible, and to show what was achieveable, I created interactive prototypes of mashups.

Some of the mashups centered on how the interaction between a blog's sidebar and photo albums should work, or how easy it should be to embed a photo from the photo sharing system to the blog (the latter one was implemented).

Others centered around how chat should be integrated into the main site (much like FBChat is integrated nowadays into FB).

Also others centered around how to use OEmbed in chats and e-mails.

Apart from that I implemented an OAuth-like API authentication system's prototype which later became my thesis' codebase.

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M.S. Software Engineering
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

2003 – 2009

The world's oldest University of Engineering, and certainly the best and hardest Engineering University of Hungary (there are several, even at Budapest).

I survived, with a good GPA.

I studied my M.S. on Applied Informatics, where we learnt about Design Patterns, Distributed Systems, Java EE and UML. In one occasion, we had a test of 90 minutes, where we had to write a 200-lines WinAPI application by heart on paper, and then finish the other 7 tasks of the tests (half of them involved programming)

I participated also in Student Life, as a tutor in the Simonyi Karoly Special College: held a course of 2x2 hours per week on Web Technologies and tutoring several students in a master-apprentice relationship.

We later started our first startup together

My MS Thesis was titled "Theory and Practice of Web Services", where I tried to synthethize a mix between the scientific achievements of SOAP and its RPC-predecessors and the easiness of REST-like interfaces.

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GitHub, Jun 2012; followed by 5 people

A presentation about Map Engines with code samples in HTML5

A sample map engine written by me along with its corresponding presentation I held at Budapest JS Meetup

GitHub, Feb 2012

A natural control flow library for JavaScript

My control flow library for asynchronous programming on the clientside or in node.js, it's like step, or similar libraries but shows a try-catch style pseudo-syntax instead

Google Code, ; followed by 43 people

OEmbed-compatible PHP Embed proxy/Framework

Was the first PHP library to add oembed support.

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Architect Things: The Beauty of MVC

An essay about why I find the classic MVC a natural solution

Architect Things: Archive: Software Engineering as an engineering discipline

Software is Engineering, I still believe that. I still believe I'm an architect of a virtual space, and I try to do everything to show that.

Architect Things: Archive: Testing legacy web applications using a black-box method

Testing is always possible. Even if I didn't join the BDD bandwagon, there are some situation where automated testing is a tool to have. Still, I believe array.push shouldn't be tested on every occassion...

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Commodore 64

Vim, OmniGraffle